How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

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Almost all new bloggers have a big question that how to do website SEO because without it it is difficult to rank our pages in the search engine and then in this situation organic traffic does not come to our site. Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization and with the help of this Google places your post in front of the keywords being searched by people.

Website SEO

We have to know before the website how to do SEO what is SEO, when you search by typing any topic in your browser, you get many results, the website which is at the top of them is your post. SEO is done very well only then its post appears at the top.

When you write a post, what topic is your post on, to know all these things what you have mentioned in your post, we do SEO of our post i.e. decorate the keywords related to that post at different places in that post. So that Google can know about your post.

And when a person searches by typing that keyword or topic in the browser, then Google immediately understands that he is looking for the same thing that you have mentioned in your post, only then your post appears at the top or second third number in the search engine. Is.

Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

What are the types of SEO

SEO is mainly of two types, on page seo and off page seo, when you mention the keywords related to the post in the right way inside the title, tag, description and post while writing your post and linking with the old post. This is called on page seo.

After publishing the post, when you share it on different social media platforms, create backlinks for it, write guest post, then where does it go to off page seo.

Now in this series of How to do website seowe will try to know why SEO is necessary for a blog or website.

Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

Why SEO is important for website

No matter how good you make a vegetable, but if you do not add salt to it, then it becomes completely useless, in the same way, no matter how good you write the article, but without SEO, it is of no use.

When we write an article, we put keywords related to that topic in that article, for example, if we have written an article, then we will mention this keyword from title to tag, description and place in the article so that when someone Search this keyword in the browser, then Google will show that article of yours in front of them.

Through on page seo, it is easy for Google to find your pages and through off page seo, Google knows the authority of your page because keywords like you are there in millions of posts but off page seo is your page. Brings up in millions of pages.

Along with off page seo, on page seo helps to bring our pages to the top of the search engine, when we create high quality backlinks from high authority sites, then Google understands that your page should be listed on big websites. Google has supported it, that’s why in those millions of articles, Google brings your article up.

SEO is important for our website, but not too much, we should do it in a way, too much seo can make our pages down in the ranking and Google considers it spamming.

We have to decide how many keywords to put in our article and for this we have to take backlinks from the website which is not spamming and also help to bring our page s up in the search engine.

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Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

How to do Website SEO

Now in website how to do SEO we will first talk about on page seo because SEO of our post or website starts from on page itself.

When we create our website or write an article on our website with on page seo, after that we do off page seo of that website or that article.

Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

How to do On Page SEO

When we want to write an article, first we research the keywords related to that article for that article.

For example, we have to write an article “What is on page seo” then we will do some more keyword research related to this keyword like how to do on page seo, and what is the benefit of it etc.

Now we have to see that in which way most of the people are searching for its word by writing it in the browser because some people can also search by writing in such a way that on page seo karne ka tarika or by writing it in many other ways. Search.

Overall, we have to see which keywords people are using more and more to find this topic.

Because if you have written your article on the keyword “how to do on page seo” and if someone searches for this topic “The way of on page seo” by entering this keyword in the browser, then your article will not appear there.

Now till now you have learned about keyword research, now many tools come to research this keyword, you can research your keywords through those tools. And now we will take some important information about keywords in this series of How to do website seo.

Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

How to put keywords in the post

We have done keyword research but now we have to put this keyword in our article in the right way like in title, tag, description and permalink.

We should try that our main keyword title tag description and permalink should come in all these places as well as mention should be made according to the word inside the article as well.

If your blog is on WordPress, then how many keywords should be in the article of this word, this seo tool like yoast seo or rank math seo will suggest you.

But if your blog is on Blogger, then there is no tool here, you have to mention the keywords according to the word in your article by yourself.

Generally, in a one thousand word article, we should use five keywords, that is, 0.5 percent of the keywords should be in our article.

If you use too many keywords in your article, then Google will put that article in keyword stuffing and then no matter how well your article is written, it will never rank.

Interlinking is also very important in on page seo i.e. do not forget to link your new article to the old article.

When you give a link to the old article which is already ranking in your new article, then your new article is indexed as quickly as possible and the bounce rate of your site is also maintained.

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Learn more about How To Do Website SEO Advance SEO Tips

Use Keywords Research Tool

Before writing a post, we should do keyword research because the SEO of our post completely depends on the keyword itself.

By the way, there are many tools for keyword research, some are free, some are paid, if you are a new blogger now, then you can also use free tools.

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Use keywords suggested by Google

When you type a keyword in Google, then many keywords related to it are suggested by Google below.

You can use all these keywords in your post and in this way we get the option to do keyword research for free through Google.

When you search by typing a keyword in Google and go to the bottom, then other searches keywords related to that search and similar to the same keyword appear, you can copy all of them

Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool is specially made by Google to run ads on Google Ad, but you can do keyword research for your post.

In Google Keyword Planner Tool, you will get to see all the metrics like search volume, competition, CPC etc. of your keywords.

You can use AHRF or Ubersgest Keyword Research Tool for keyword research, although it is paid but you can also use their limited service for free. So now in this post of website how to do SEO we will understand about the length or size of the post.

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