How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

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All new bloggers have only one question that How to rank google 1st page Blog Post. We are here to tell you all the factors of Page Ranking keeping in mind all the new updates coming from Google in 2023. It will help to bring your new blog or website to the first page of Google.

How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

In 2021, there have been many continuous updates related to Page Ranking from Google and you have to mold your blog or website according to these updates, only then you will be able to bring your blog or blog post to the first page and top of Google.

There are about 10 results in the first page of any search engine, but even in these 10, we have to bring our pages to the top because even if your page is ranking at number ten, you do not get much benefit, first second Or we get the benefit of traffic only on the third number.

Now we are going to tell you the things mentioned in the updates from Google for Page Ranking in 2021, in which you have to improve and bring your page to the top. Read more of How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

Google Algorithm Page Ranking Factors 2021

Google Ranking Factors

  • Frequent posting: 26 percent
  • Keyword in title: 22 percent
  • High Quality Backlinks: 16 percent
  • Writing a post on a topic: 12 percent
  • Internal link: 5 percent
  • How long visitors are staying on the page: 5 percent
  • Blog to be Mobile Friendly: 4 percent
  • Blog Page Speed :3 percent
  • Site Security, SSL Certificate: 2 percent
  • Offsite Mentions : 1 percent
  • Schema Markup, having data: 1 percent
  • Main keyword in URL: 1 percent
  • Main keyword in Meta description: 1 percent

Apart from this, there are 18 more factors, but they are not so important as it is necessary to build a website and write a post keeping in mind the factors mentioned in the above table.

Now we are telling all these factors in a little detail so that you can understand it well and follow it.

Frequent posting (26%)

If you are constantly posting posts on your site, then according to the new update of Google, you will get 26% benefit in Page Ranking Factors.

Make a rule to post posts on your site every day, on the second day, on the third day, or on the fourth day and fix 11 times on that day and keep publishing the post at the same time, so that your page will be crawled faster by Google’s Crawler. Do it and save it by indexing the page.

The quality of the post should not be down in the race to publish the post continuously because Google also wants that the quality of the post should be the best whichever page ranks in the top of its search engine. Read more of How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

Keyword in Title (22%)

When we think of writing a post, we first do keyword research for it, for example, how have I brought the keyword of this post Blog Post to the first page of Google or this keyword can also be like this 2021 Google Algorithm Page Ranking Factors.

When you put your main keyword in the title, then it is easy for Google to understand the content written in your post, and also, by looking at the title of your post ranking in the search engine, the user also knows about the content written in your post. I can understand.

Therefore, when you enter the main keyword in the title, according to Google’s new ranking factors, you get an increase of 22%.

High Quality Backlinks (16%)

To get an edge of the remaining 16%, you have to create High Quality Backlinks from High Authority Site. Here is a guide to build high quality backlinks. How to Create High Quality Backlink

Guest posting is the best way to get high quality backlinks. If you want to know what is guest posting and how to do it here is a guide. How to do Guest Post.

Along with the backlink, the quality of your post should also be good so that any visitor who comes to that page gives good feedback on that post, only then backlinks are also beneficial. Read more of How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

Writing a post on a topic (12%)

If you are writing a post on the same niche or topic on your blog or website, then you will get an extra 12 percent increase in your Page Ranking.

Writing a post on the same topic is called Niche Blogging and targeting a single point in one topic is called Micro Niche Blogging.

Google has made it clear in its new update that only one topic blog will be given more preference, many people make their blog slang and write posts on all kinds of topics but it is not right that you are on the same topic. can be experts.

Internal link (5%)

If you do inter linking properly in your post, then you will get an increase of five percent in your Page Ranking.

While writing our post, we link other posts of our own blog in that post so that any visitor who comes to that post of yours will also go to another page through that link.

But the interlinking should be done correctly, in the category in which you are writing the post, link the other post of the same category, do not put the link of the post from other category in this post. Read more of How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

How long visitors are staying on the page (5%)

When we publish a post, Google records the time taken to read the post according to the length of that post.

For example, if you wrote a post of 1000 words, then it takes 5 minutes to read it, then if visitors come to your post and stay for 5 minutes, then you get a 5% increase for the ranking of that page.

Blog to be Mobile Friendly (4%)

If your blog fits into any type of mobile device when you open it, then your blog is mobile friendly and you will get 4 percent in Page Ranking.

Google has given priority to the blog being mobile friendly from the beginning. Few years back there were many themes which could not open your blog properly in mobile but now almost all themes are coming mobile friendly.

Blog Page Speed ​​(3%)

Page Speed ​​also gives us an edge of three percent in Page Ranking Factors. We should keep the loading speed of our blog or website as fast as possible so that our pages are loaded at a faster rate.

If the loading speed of your blog or website is slow then here is a guide to speed it up. How to increase the loading speed of the website, by reading this post, speed up the speed of your site by following the rules mentioned. Read more of How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google

Site Security, SSL Certificate (2%)

If the security of your site is strong and your blog is open with https, then you will get an increase of two percent for Page Ranking.

You can take advantage of Free SSL and Free CDN by connecting your site to Cloudflare

Schema Markup, having data (1%)

We must create and put Schema Data for our side, this makes it easier for Google to identify the content put on your site and it is also a factor in page ranking.

Main keyword in URL (1%)

Whether your blog is on Blogger or while posting a post on WordPress, you can custom the URL of that post and enter the main keyword, by doing this Google gets to know about the content put in that page.

Main keyword in Meta description (1%)

The title and meta description of your post is visible in the search engine, so write the meta description attractive and your main keyword should be in it because this is also a factor in Page Ranking.

Here you can learn – How to Optimize your blog post for SEO 

Note: For the above mentioned page ranking, we have taken the percentage and factors based on our experience and some information from the updates brought by Google.

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Above we have given the main reason for Page Ranking, keeping all these aspects in mind, you can bring your page to the top of the search engine, but the age of your blog also matters.

Your blog should be at least 6 months or more than 1 year old and 6 months or 1 year should be counted in the working day, it is not that you left the blog for 6 months, the number of days you work is the same. Google keeps the day count.

It is said that Google keeps our new blog in the sandbox for 6 months to 1 year and during this time our blog does not rank in the search engine, Google does this to stop spammers.

We hope that you have got the answer of your questions from this post “How To Get Blog Post On First Page Of Google“, if you still have any question or suggestion, then definitely let us know by commenting below.

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