What is Niche and How to Choose a Best Niche for Blog?

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Before starting a blog, it is very important to know about blogging, but there are many people who start blogging without knowing about blogging and because of not knowing about blogging, they make a lot of mistakes. Many people choose the wrong bottom of their blog, due to which they are not able to put their mind in blogging for a long time.

Do you want more and more users to read your blog? So for that you have to know what is Niche and how to choose a best Niche? Do you know how many types of Niche are there? And why is Niche necessary for blogging? No, then I will give you all the information related to Niche in this article.

According to Google, every year about 30 to 40% of bloggers make a mistake in selecting a perfect niche. Due to which his blog is not able to rank properly on Google’s search engine result page (SERPs).

Niche is the most basic requirement after starting any website. Often bloggers make mistakes in choosing the best niche. As a result of which their website has to suffer. If you do not want this to happen with your website. So read this article carefully. This article is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, I will tell you that What is Niche, How to choose Best Niche for Blog Step-by-step etc.

With the help of today’s article, we will give you complete information about what is Niche and what are its types and not only this, we will also tell you how to choose the right niche for your blog? Because niche is very important for your blog and it decides whether your blog will get success or not, traffic will come to your blog or not. Will your blog rank or not? So keeping all these questions in mind, let’s know about the niche in full detail.

What is Niche?

Niche is the first step in writing a blog. It is only through Niche that your users and Google’s bots know what is the main topic of your website. Niche is also called Category or Segment. In other words, writing a blog on a particular topic by any blogger is called Niche.

Mostly it has been seen that new bloggers do not know properly what is Niche called? They feel that the topic they have selected is just right. They don’t do much research about it. And after that they do not get the right conversion. Therefore, to write your website, always select such a niche which is unique and along with that you should also have information about it.

Like if your blog is related to Niche Fashion or Fitness. So your blog will be called Fashion Blogging or Fitness Blogging. But you also need to have the right knowledge about them. You can’t write anything like this. You have to give correct information to the users according to your Niche. Due to which only then users will increase on your blog.

Types of Niche

What is Niche? After understanding this, now it is the turn that how many types of Niche are there. There are mainly 2 types of Niche. Let’s find out who it is.

  • General Niche
  • Micro Niche

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1. General Niche

Now you must be wondering what is this General Niche. General Niche proves to be a very good Niche for all bloggers. Let’s know how? General Niche means to accommodate Blog(Niche) with different categories in the same website.

Like if your blog is related to food, fashion, fitness etc. then this type of blog will be called General Niche Blog. And if all these niches are found in a single website, then it becomes very easy for the users as well.

You must know very well that in 2021 Amazon is a very big website. In which all Variety products are available. Even if it is related to Fashion, relative to Grocery etc., whatever it may be, you will find it all on Amazon. That’s why Amazon is its best example.

2. Micro Niche

As you must be knowing from its name that blogs with Micro Niche are written in it. In other words, Micro Niche is written by doing research within the Main Niche itself. Like if your blog is a blog of fitness. So Fitness Blog will be considered as your Main Niche Blog.

And if you write a blog on a specific fitness topic related to fitness (example how to keep your body fit or what kind of products to use to stay fit), then it will be called a blog with Micro Niche.

One interesting thing in this is that most bloggers use Micro Niche a lot. Because there is a lot of earning from Micro Niche.

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Why Niche is Important for Blogging?

Niche is most important for blogging. Niche is a category of any blog like Digital Marketing, Education etc. Through Niche, users get to know in your blog.

Have you ever noticed that if there is no Niche then you cannot write any topic. A right Niche helps a lot in getting your blog good ranking in SEO.

Like whatever niche you are working on, you should research it. Only then will you have the benefit of creating a blog. You should not write a blog only on the basis of your interest. After writing a blog, you should check whether the topic on which you are writing a blog is proving to be right for your users or not.

If your topic is not of any use to them, then your blog will not be able to rank again. That’s why always research and select Niche. If you work well on your Niche, then it will bring good traffic to your blog.

I hope that now you must have understood so well that how many types of Niche are there? What is Niche? Why is Niche Important for Blogging?

How To Choose The Best Niche: Step By Step Process

While choosing Niche, it should always be kept in mind that whatever category you are taking to make a blog. It shouldn’t be anything like this. In this article, I will tell you step by step process how to choose the best Niche. So let’s start.

1. Through Knowledge and Interest

Whatever Niche you choose for your blog, always remember that you should have good knowledge about that Niche and you should also have interest in that field.

If you have only knowledge in that niche, then you will explain that topic to your users but will not be able to explain it so clearly. Like if you have knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing, then you will explain Digital Marketing to your users, but you will feel that you are performing a duty.

On the other hand, if you have only interest in that niche, then you will explain the topic on the basis of your interest, but that topic will be considered incomplete without knowledge. Therefore both knowledge and interest are important to choose a best Niche.

2. Through Keyword Research

Which Niche you choose for your blog. Always choose by doing Keyword Research. Most of the New Bloggers often make this mistake while choosing the Niche of Blog that they do not do Keyword Research.

The result of which is that their blog lags behind others’ blogs. And then all those blogs that they work hard to write get wasted. Due to which some bloggers stop blogging after a short time due to lack of traffic.

Niche is a topic for your blog, so Niche should never be taken without doing Keyword Research. If you have recently started writing a blog, then you should use Long Tail Keywords for your blog. You can use Free Ahrefs tool or Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research.

If you want, you can use Paid tools for Keyword Research. This will benefit you that you will get very good results in Paid Keyword Research tools.

3. By analyzing Monthly Traffic

If you think that you have both interest and knowledge in the topics that you have selected, then you must analyze those topics. You should analyze your selected Niche on the basis of Monthly Traffic.

With Monthly Traffic Analysis, it will be a benefit to you that you will get to know the researches of those topics, meaning you will get to know on which topic how much traffic is coming Monthly wise. With this it will be that your hard work will not go to waste.

Like if you have selected some niches for your blog like Digital Marketing, Stock Marketing, Fitness Tips etc. then you can go to Google Keyword Planner and check Monthly wise search traffic of these topics. This will give you the correct information.

By which your time will also be saved. When you write your blog by searching the topic through Monthly Traffic Analysis, then your blog will rank well in Google’s search engine.

4. Select a Blog Niche in which 50+ Posts can be Added

One thing you should always keep in mind that it is most important to choose the best Niche that you are deciding which Niche to write your blog. Whether you can add 50+ Pages in that Niche or not. Because if you choose a topic about which you do not have much knowledge, then how will you continue your blog.

Best Money Blogging Niche Ideas

In this article, I will tell you 10 Best Money Blogging Niche Ideas. which is like this.

1 Affiliate Marketing Blog
2 Technology & Reviews Blog
3 News Blog
4 Fashion Blog
5 Fitness Blog
6 Travel Blog
7 Food Blog
8 Sarkari Naukari Blog
9 Stock Marketing Blog
10 Lifestyle Blog


Friends, in this article you know what is Niche? Why is Niche Important for Blogging? Niche is a Valuable Article Area in a way. In this, you select a topic for your blog and then go on adding new pages on the basis of that. Let us understand this in a better way.

In General Niche, many ideas of Niche can be written in a single blog, for which Amazon is the best example. You must have seen in Amazon that many products have Variety or Blog in it. Most bloggers use Micro Niche for making money. In MicroNiche, work is done on micro topics. And you know how to choose the best Niche.

Knowledge, Interest, Keyword Research, Traffic Analysis is very important for any blog niche and at the same time it should also be seen whether you can add more and more pages in that topic or not. I hope that now you have understood what is Niche.


Q1. Which niche is the most profitable at the moment?

Ans. By the way, there are many niches by which you can start writing a blog. Some of which are such niches that are searched a lot in Google’s search engine. And there are some niches that are not searched much. Niche whose searches are not done much, there is no benefit in writing a blog on such a niche. Here I will tell you about the most used profitable Niche in 2021.

  • Beauty Treatments Blog
  • Gadgets Blog
  • Personal Finance Blog
  • Make Money On Internet Blog
  • Self Improvement Blog
  • How to care for your Pets Blog

Q2. Is health a good niche at the moment?

Ans. If you are wondering whether it is right to write a blog on health or not. So let me tell you that this is absolutely true. In today’s time, now every person wants to be healthy. And he keeps on doing something to stay healthy. Staying healthy is very important especially after corona. You can tell your users about Yoga about exercise in your Health Blog.

Q3. Which niche should a beginner blogger start from?

Ans. Let me tell those who are new bloggers that you should choose Niche according to your knowledge and interest in starting. You can also start your blog keeping in mind the Younger Audience. For this, you should research what people of this age like. In the beginning, on which niche you can create a blog, I have given some ideas here.

  • Lyrics Blog
  • Quotes Blog
  • Wishes & Greeting Blog
  • Shayari & Poems Blog
  • Regional Blog
  • Essay & Speeches Blog

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