How to fast index Blog Post in Google

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Today’s topic is How to fast index Blog Post in Google Because sometimes we publish by writing a blog post but it is not even visible in Google for many days.

Why our blog post does not appear in Google, then the answer is that our post is not indexed in Google search council, so Google does not have any information about that post of yours.

And that’s why that post doesn’t appear in Google. We write and publish our post as well as first submit its URL to google search council for fast indexing.

But sometimes even after submitting the post URL in the search console, it is not able to index, then there are some main reasons for this, which we will talk about in detail in this post.

How to fast index Blog Post in Google

The main reason why our post is not indexed in google is that we are not able to publish articles regularly on our blog.

We have to understand that the crawler also comes to us according to the activities done on our blog when we publish articles on our blog from time to time.

Like if we are posting articles every other day, then it should be on the second day, not that once you put the article on the second day and the second time after 15 days.

When you will insert or update the article on your site by the rule, then the crawler will also come to your site by the same rule and your pages will be indexed from time to time.

For example, if you have time to put an article on your blog or update the old article, on the third day the crawler of google will also come to your site on the third day.

On the other hand, if you delay in updating your site and the crawler goes to your site and does not get anything, then when it will come to your site next time, there is no time left for when your site will crawl and Because of this our pages are not indexed.

This is Google’s algorithm, which is set mechanically, no one does it manually, it is set in such a way that if you are regular on your site, then it also comes to your site regularly. Is.

How to solve the shortfall in indexing?

When your blog post is not getting indexed in Google, then first of all you request the link of that page for indexing in Google search console.

For this you login on google search Console

Now here you have to click on start now and then this page will open, but here you have to add your blog first, if you have already done this work, then your blog will open as soon as its home page is opened. The performance will be visible.

ad website in google search console

If you have added many websites here, then by clicking on the triple dash in the top left side, select your domain whose pages are not being indexed.

Now you will see the search icon above, click on it and paste the url of your page which is not indexed and then search it.

As you search, a pop-up will come up on the screen and it will be written Retrieving data from google index After this process, after a while, this tool will tell you whether your page is in Google or not.

If this page of yours will not be available in Google then it will come here by writing URL is not on Google then by clicking above request indexing below you will request Google for indexing this page.

As soon as you click on the request indexing, Google will search your page, it will check whether its crawlers are able to crawl this page or not, then your request will be submitted and within half an hour to 2 days. This page of yours will be indexed.

You can also check by yourself whether your page is eligible to be indexed or not, for this you can find out by clicking on the test live URL in the top right side of this page.


How to Fast Index Blog Post

If you want your blog post to be indexed in google within half an hour of publishing it, then first of all you have to share your blog post on all your social media accounts as soon as you publish it.

With whatever name you create your blog, you should create a profile on every social media platform with the same name, this creates a brand for you.

Because when your blog will grow bigger later, millions of people will follow it, then they will try to find you on every social media platform with the same name.

You can also work on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Quora so that you can have more number of followers here too.

You will benefit from this that whenever you publish your blog post and share it on these accounts, there will be sudden traffic on this post and in such a situation your posts get indexed as quickly as possible.

Google’s crawlers keep crawling big social sites and if the link of your post is there, then through the same link they come to your site and crawl it and then that post comes in Google i.e. index. goes.

Interlinking for Fast Indexing

When you write a new post on your blog, after publishing it, interlinking its URL to your old post which is present in Google.

When Google’s crawler will crawl your old post and find the link of your new post in it, then this post will also come and this post will also be included in the index.

Create an RSS Feed for your blog

Feedburner is a product of Google, it was developed by Google, so you must use it to create an RSS Feed of your site.

You will benefit from this that whenever you publish a new post on your blog or update an old post, it automatically gets updated in the RSS Feed.

And with this, Google immediately knows whether you have entered a new post or updated your article and it is completely ready to be crawled and indexed.

So with this your pages get indexed as quickly as possible. Feedburner is an RSS feed management tool created by Google.

Ping Your Blog

You can use Ping o Matic to ping your blog, it will benefit you that your blog will be indexed in many search engines including google, bing.

For this, after going to the Ping-o-Matic site, you will click on send ping after entering the name of your blog, the blog URL and the RSS feed URL and your site will be pinged here.

Ping Your Blog

Submit Sitemap

If your blog is on WordPress then yoast SEO plugin generates your sitemap automatically but if your blog is on blogger then you should create a sitemap of your site and submit it to Google search console.

Sitemap is a type of file that contains the URL of your site, through which your site is better crawled and indexed.

How to check Blog Post Index or not

You follow a variety of methods to get your blog or blog post indexed in google, but do you know that you can check whether your blog or block post has been indexed in Google or not.

For this you will type site: in your browser and then after that you will paste the url of your blog or blog post without giving space and then search then if your page will be indexed then your blog or blog above in the search result. The blog post will show.

For example the url of my blog is so to check if it is indexed in google I would type in my browser site: and then search it So my blog will appear above in the search result, it means that it is indexed in Google.

Above we talked about crawler or crawling or indexing of google but you know what happens after all, how does google crawler crawl your web pages and what is indexing, so now let us also know about it. Let’s take

What is Website Crawling?

If we try to know it in simple language, then crawling means “creeping”, it is a kind of programming code that search engines (like Google) use to find new webpages.

We know this programming code as Bot, Crawler or Spider, when we put a new website or new post on the Internet, then this crawler crawls them and stores them on google’s server.

That is, the work of these crawlers is that which post has just been updated, new information has been inserted in it or which website has been made new on the internet, it gives all its information on Google’s server and then Google gets our site. Or find out about the post.

Now when Google will come to know about our new post or site, then only if the keyword related to that post is searched in the browser, then Google will take your post in front of them.

What is Indexing?

There are more than 30 trillion webpages on Google’s server, whose size is more than 100 million GB, so if someone searches a topic in the browser, then Google will find it very difficult to find that topic from so many files and give it to you. It will take time

That’s why Google indexes our different topics and categories in different places so that as you search for any topic in the browser, it can provide you that content in less than a second.


When you continue to work on your site according to a rule, keep updating the pages, keep adding articles, then you will not need to go anywhere to get your page indexed.

You will get the advantage of being regular on your site that the crawlers of google will come to your site regularly and the responsibility of indexing your pages will be entirely theirs.

But when you will be careless in your work and will not work on time, then there will be problem in indexing of your web pages and you will have to adopt different methods.

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So we learned here How to fast index Blog Post in Google and also took all the information about indexing and crawling.

If you liked this post How to fast index Blog Post in Google and you still have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post, then definitely let us know by commenting below.

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