Blogger VS WordPress – Which is Better to Earn Money

Blogger VS WordPress Who is better to earn money? Do you also have the same question, then in this post we will tell the answer to your question in details, complete information about these two platforms will be told and in the end you yourself will decide which platform you should choose for blogging.

What is Blogging?

Before choosing a platform for blogging, we know a little about blogging, what is this blogging and how to earn money from it.

All the articles, articles, or posts you get on the Internet are on some blog or website, when you search for any of your questions in your browser, you see many blogs or websites below, you click on it. By visiting those websites, you get answers to your questions by reading the articles or posts written there.

Do you know that the article or post you read by clicking on that website is the same blog and the person who wrote that article is called Blogger and this money or work of writing is called Blogging.

When you are reading the post by doing some search in your browser and clicking on the blog or website that has come down, then you do not know on which platform that blog or website is ie on Blogger or on WordPress.

So far, you have already understood what blogging is and if you are also thinking of blogging, then first of all you have to choose a platform, either you will choose Blogger or WordPress, post your written posts on these platforms. If you keep it, then it will come in the search engine and then other people will be able to read your post.

Blogger and WordPress are two such platforms where we publish the post by creating our blog or website and that post goes in front of the people, then people read it and through that we earn.

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Which is better blogger or wordpress to earn money

Now we come to our main issue i.e. who is better Blogger or WordPress to earn money, we will know about these two platforms one by one, we will know the features and working method of both and then in the last we will decide that Blogger Or WordPress who is right.

Although there are many platforms for blogging, but out of these, there are only two such platforms which are quite popular, first Blogger and second WordPress and almost all make their blog on these two platforms.

WordPress is an open source platform and Blogger is a product of Google, most people make their site on WordPress itself, but there are millions of blogs on Blogger and earning millions of rupees per month. There is some difference between these two platforms due to which most of the people prefer to choose WordPress.

Blogger VS WordPress

If you do not have money to invest in blogging or you do not want to spend money, then you should create your blog on Blogger itself because everything is available here for free.

The difference between Blogger and WordPress is that you cannot customize your blog much on Blogger, you will have to be satisfied with the little convenience you have to customize your blog on Blogger.

On the other hand, if you create a blog on WordPress, then you can design or customize your blog as you like, there are many such tools available through which you can design your blog according to yourself.

On Blogger, the new post appears above and the old post appears below Looks like it is on blogger too. But on the same WordPress, you can keep your old post wherever you want.

There is no tool to do SEO in Blogger, you make your post SEO friendly according to you, but on the same WordPress you get many types of SEO Plugin, with the help of which you can do your post on page seo properly. Due to which your pages rank quickly in search engines.

If you run Adsense ad on your blog, then on WordPress you can put ad code wherever you want with the help of WordPress plugin and ad your visitor in the right place, which makes your earning good but the same ad everywhere on blogger. It is not possible to install. One has to edit the theme and enter the code which is not easy for the newbies.

If we talk about security, then Blogger goes ahead because blogger is a product of Google and it is not so easy to hack a blog made on blogger but WordPress is an open source platform, here if you do not protect your blog properly. Then it is very easy for hackers to hack your blog.

Blog made on Blogger is completely safe, hackers do not worry, but for a blog made on WordPress, we have to protect it ourselves, although there are many plugins for the security of the blog on WordPress, by which we can use our blog. able to strengthen the security of.

Which one to choose Blogger or WordPress

blogger vs wordpress If you are serious in the field of blogging, want to make blogging your career and want to earn a lot of money from it in the coming time, then we will suggest you to choose WordPress only.

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But on the other hand you also want to do blogging but you do not have money to make a blog on WordPress, then you can choose Blogger, here you get free hosting as well as free domain of blogspot here without any money. Your blog will be ready as soon as it is installed, then in the coming time you can switch your Blogger blog to WordPress.

There are some difficulties in switching your blog from Blogger to WordPress and there are also some disadvantages as well, but that loss is filled with time, if you do not have money, then of course make a blog on Blogger itself.

Millions of blogs are still running on Blogger and their monthly earnings are lakhs of rupees, it just happens that in the future we want to customize our blog according to ourselves, we want to design it well which is not possible on blogger and then we Switch your blogger blog to WordPress.

We gave you the suggestion to create a blog on WordPress because you will create your blog on WordPress from the beginning, then you will gradually become aware of WordPress and you will become an export of WordPress, but if in the same initial you create a blog on Blogger and Later on, if you switch it to WordPress, then you waste some time in learning WordPress itself.

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Whether you create your blog on Blogger or WordPress, in today’s competitive era, you will have to work hard on both the platforms, only then you will be able to be successful, choosing a platform does not make a man successful, but hard work gives success.

Therefore, according to your situation, choose any of the two platforms and start working, you have to work continuously for at least 6 months, then after that your blog slowly starts to rank in the search engine. And when you get information that your blog has started ranking in search engines, then you get excited and then start working even harder.

So we have learned here who is better blogger vs wordpress to earn money, we hope you have got the answer to your question calmly.

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