Best Blogging Tips – Mantra of Success in Blogging

Hello friends, let’s learn today in this post Best Blogging Tips, WordPress Tips, Blog ideas for beginners, Blog SEO tips, Tips for Starting a Blog

If you are thinking of blogging or doing it, then it is very important for you to know about Best Blogging Tips because only then you will be able to be successful in the field of blogging.

Best Blogging Tips

I started my first blog 9 years ago, since then create many blogs on blogger as well as on wordpress and whatever problems I faced or whatever mistakes I made, I learned more and the same I will share with you in the post.

Many times we make our blog, design it very well and start writing articles on it, we work hard for months but due to some small mistakes, we are not able to succeed.

Therefore, one of the basic mantras of success is that in whatever field you are thinking of working, first we should have basic information about it so that we can work there properly and we get good results.

Here in the field of blogging, from the basic information of beginners to the advanced level, we will know all the information by following which if you work on your blog, then you will definitely get success, so let’s know some important things related to Best Blogging Tips.

Which platform should you choose WordPress or Blogger?

If you are serious in the field of blogging, you want to blog for a long time and want to earn money from blogging, then I would suggest that you choose WordPress from the very beginning.

By the way, today people are earning lakhs of rupees from a blog made on blogger too, success can be achieved on this platform too, but compared to WordPress, here you will be a little behind.

And if you want, you can start a blog from Blogger itself without investing anything and later switch to WordPress, but if you have to face some problems, then if you have a little budget then my suggestion would be that you can use WordPress. Start it from now on.

And if you start from blogger itself, then definitely buy a custom domain, do not use blogger’s free domain and you will get it on Go Daddy or any other website for around 500 to ₹ 1000.

Domain name is the address of your blog, while buying it, always keep one thing in mind that do not include the name of any big brand or company in your domain name, later you may have problems.

Make the domain name unique and you buy the domain related to the topic of your blog because our website SEO starts from buying the domain name.

Best Blog Designs – Best Blogging Tips

You do not have to use any such theme for the best blog designs that will slow down the loading speed of your blog, whether your blog is on Blogger or use a simple theme for this on WordPress, which is lighter, to increase the brightness. Do not use random themes for this, it increases the loading speed of your site.

And if you have a little budget, then you can use a good paid theme by purchasing or if you want, there are many such free themes which are light and their performance is also good.

The blog has to be designed keeping in mind the user-friendly and seo-friendly and designed in such a way that too many images or links are not used.

If your blog is on Blogger, then first of all you do not forget to enable or deactivate all the necessary settings by going to the settings, if you do not know the settings of the blog, then here is a guide for you. Blogger Settings

How to write a blog?

Now we will know some things related to our article in the next part of Best Blogging Tips Hindi, while writing a blog post, you have to take care of the user and also take care of the ACO, then always write a user-friendly and seo-friendly blog post. Try it.

User-friend blog post means that anyone can easily read the article written by you and understand what you have written and the answers to your user’s questions can be found by reading your blog.

The seo-friendly blog post means that Google should understand what you have written in your blog, on which topic, so that if someone searches for that keyword in the search engine, then Google will bring that article to the user.

Before writing a blog, do keyword research, this will make it easier for you to write your blog, you will be writing a blog on that keyword and will mention other related keywords in your article.

Write Quality Content

When a user comes to your blog and he withdraws immediately, then a message goes to Google that you have not given full usage information in your blog and in this situation even if you have written a seo-friendly post, that too. Doesn’t work.

It means to say that if visitors come to your pages, give some time there, go from one page to another, read your blog, then in such a situation, the message goes to Google that you have written a good blog, people are benefiting from it. Then Google brings your blogger pages up in the search engine.

Whatever topic you write a blog on, explain that topic completely in your post so that nothing remains missing and at least 15 hundred or more words should be in your article, do not write a short article.

Do not copy paste from anywhere, write the article yourself because Google scans your article in a second and recognizes whether you have written it yourself or stole it from somewhere.

Keep updating your blog

The most important thing in Best Blogging Tips is that you update your blog almost every day, either update the already written article or enter a new article because if you keep working on your blog then it will help Google to Sends a positive message and it helps to rank your pages.

If you have written an article on any topic on your blog and later those rules change, then you must make changes in your article as well.

For example, if you have told the process of filling an online form in your article, then the process of filling the form keeps on changing with time, so keep updating your article accordingly so that the user does not face any kind of problem. Yes, and this is what we also call blog best practices.

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Do not run after backlink

When you create a new blog, you have to put quality content on it for about 3 months, initially you should not run after backlink.

When your blog becomes a bit old then you can think for backlinks and create banklinks even if from high authority site because hundred backlinks of low quality cannot compete with one backlink of high quality.

If you do not know what is a high authority site, what is a high quality backlink and how to create it, then here is a guide for you, how to create a high quality backlink, in this post the importance of backlink and the right way to create it have been explained.

Social Sharing

After publishing your blog post, submit it to be indexed in google search console.

The advantage of sharing is that when your post gets traffic from social sharing and they spend time on your site, read your post, then the bounce rate of your side starts decreasing and in this way Google will search your pages as search engine. brings me up.

But when you feel that you have written the post very well, then the visitors will stop on it, then share it, otherwise even sharing does not give any benefit, on the contrary, the bounce rate starts increasing.

You create an account on every social media platform and keep adding a link to your blog in the profile, this will also give you a high quality back link and you will also be able to share your pages there.

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Apart from writing a blog, there is a lot of work to do.

Blogging is not just writing a blog, but apart from this, you should also have good design and a little bit of coding knowledge to create backlinks or do theme customization.

Keep learning something everyday, there is no age to learn and to learn, YouTube or Google is a storehouse of complete knowledge, find and learn.

If your blog is on WordPress, then plugins are available here for every task, but install the plugin only as needed, do not use the plugin for the work you can do by yourself because it increases the loading speed of your site. .

Check the plugin list, delete the plugin that is not active and use it at least as much as the plugin will work for you.

Image optimization

Optimize the image before inserting it in the block post, reduce the size of the file by compressing it, this maintains the loading speed of your blog.

There are many applications or websites to optimize the image, you can use them, after designing any image, its size is very high, compress it and minimize it.

While putting the image in the blog, definitely put the ALT tag of that image, along with your article, the image also comes in the ranking and traffic comes to your site through that image.

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It is important to be patient in blogging.

It is very important to give time for success in blogging, it is not a work of one or two months, but here we have to work hard for a long time, then we get success.

After working continuously for at least 3 months on a new blog, a little bit of traffic starts coming and it takes years to make your blog successful completely.

So work patiently, keep working hard, follow the above mentioned things and one day you will definitely reach the heights in the field of blogging.

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So we talked about Best Blogging Tips here and I sincerely hope that after reading this article your blogging journey will become much easier.

If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this post Best Blogging Tips, then do let us know by commenting below, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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