How Long Does it Take for a New Blog to Get Traffic

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How many days does traffic come on the new blog. Do you also have the same question, if yes then you must have created a new blog or website and you want to know that after how many days the traffic will start coming to your site.

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In how many days does traffic come on a new blog?

When I created my first new blog in 2015, I used to check again and again in the analytics report of my Google google analytics account whether there was any traffic on my blog and if it came then it is referral sharing or organic .

This may sound ridiculous to an experienced blogger, but almost all new bloggers check their analytics reports frequently.

You can compare your website with a small shop on a street, when you make a shop, do customers start coming to that shop immediately?

But the regret is that the blog or website does not work like an offline shop, at this time the competition in blogging is so much that it is not possible but very difficult for us to be successful in this field.

In today’s time, thousands of new blogs are being created almost every day and more than 5 million posts are being posted on these blogs every day.

Now in so much competition, most of the blogs are closed without getting any traffic without getting tired, and here only the one who knows how to work hard and earnestly stays here.

How many days does traffic come on the new blog

Now we come to our main question that in how many days the traffic comes to the new blog, then the answer is that it can take an average of 3 months to 6 months for a new blog to get the traffic of the search engine.

Because Google keeps our new blog in the sandbox for the first 3 months, and Google does this to prevent spammers, we will learn about the sandbox later.

You can get traffic from the very first day of creating a blog by sharing your blog on social media platform but that traffic does not have much importance.

When traffic comes to your site from Search Engine, which we call Organic Traffic, then the importance of this traffic is of high order in the eyes of Google and also in the eyes of the advertiser and through this traffic we earn a lot from our blog. find.

Does traffic really start coming on 3 to 6 months old blog?

Google has not written this thing officially anywhere that traffic will start coming to your new blog within 3 to 6 months.

But yes, according to some big seo-experts, if you are posting quality content every second or third day after creating your blog and quality backlinks are being created for your blog and post, then possibly within 3 to 6 months. Organic traffic starts coming to the site.

Sometimes this time can take from 3 to 6 months to even a year, it depends on your work, how high is the quality of backlinks for your site and how much people are liking your post.

The main reason for coming to Organic Traffic on Blog

When you publish a post by writing and share it on social media platform and when the traffic of sharing comes on that post, then how much time it is staying on your post and how many pages other than that page it is going. All the calculations are recorded with Google and on the basis of this your post is up or down in the search engine.

When any traffic comes to any of your posts, no matter how it has come, through social sharing, through referral or organic, then that traffic runs away immediately after you come to that post, then the same message goes to Google that You have not written the post correctly, people are not liking it.

On the contrary, the amount of time that the traffic on your site takes to read your post, goes back after stopping or goes to another page other than the landing page, then in the eyes of Google’s bot, that post is high. It is of quality and then that post of yours slowly starts coming upwards in the search engine.

Apart from this, High Quality Backlinks also help to bring up our quality posts, but you should create backlinks for your only post which you trust that people will like this post, you have given complete information in this post.

Because if you create backlinks for a low quality post, then due to high quality backlinks, it will come up once, but when people do not like that post, then your post will slowly return to the bottom of the search engine.

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What is Sandbox?

It takes 3 to 6 months for a new site to be ranked in the search engine and it is said that it keeps the new site in Google sandbox for 3 to 6 months.

Google does this to prevent spammers, when a site is made new and it is working continuously for 3 to 6 months, then Google starts trusting that site and they take that new site out of the sandbox. So that it can rank in search engines.

Before the development of sandbox technology, some spammers used to create a new site and immediately bring that new site to the top of the search engine with the help of long tail keywords and backlinks, Google developed sandbox technology to prevent this.

No matter how big an SEO expert you are, your new blog will have to go through this sandbox technique, if you want to rank your new blog in the search engine as soon as possible, then it is a sad thing for you because you have to take 3 to 6 months. Will have to wait till

So if you are not seeing traffic on your new blog, then there is nothing to worry about, just stick to your strategy, keep working continuously, when the time comes, automatically you will know that all your pages are slowly in the search engine. Coming upwards and then one day it will also come that gradually organic traffic will also start coming.

SEO is also important

Whether the blog is new or old, we should take care of SEO from the beginning, even if you are putting the first post on your blog, that post should be an SEO-FRIENDLY post, if you do not know how to do SEO then here is a is guide. How to do Website SEO

Even though your blog will not rank in the search engine for 3 to 6 months of initialization, but if you keep SEO from the beginning, then it will be very useful later.

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Low Competition Keywords

In how many days the traffic comes to the new blog, the answer depends on the keywords, apart from the things mentioned above, low competition keywords rank faster in search engines than high compression keywords, so in the beginning you are only on low competition keywords. Work, when your site starts ranking in the search engine, the authority gets a little better, then choose high competition keywords.

If you are a new blogger then you will get many free Keywords Research Tool in the market which you can use to research keywords for your blog post.

If you do not know how to do keyword research, then here is a guide for Keyword Research Kaise Kare for Blog, you can read this post to do keyword research for your new or old blog and get information about free tools.

How important is social sharing

After publishing the post, it is also necessary to do social sharing once, you must create your profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. And after making the post public, share that post on all these social accounts. Sure do it.

This makes your blog visible to more and more people and it is also a kind of backlink, when the quality of your post is high, then people will recognize your blog, will subscribe and like to visit your site again and again.

It is also not good to share the same post again and again, after publishing the post, share it only once as much as possible then start working on the next post.

Backlink Quality

Do not pay attention to the count of backlinks, do not see that your colleague has so many thousand backlinks, then I should make more than that, rather pay more attention to the quality of backlinks.

One high quality backlinks is better than hundred low quality backlinks, so instead of hundred, make only one backlinks but make high quality backlinks, because now it is no longer the case that people increase the count of backlinks and bring their site to the top.

But understanding this, Google has neutralized this strategy of spammers in its new updates, and its new updates keep coming from Google side continuously.

If you are writing a high quality post on your site, then you do not need to worry about any updates from Google because Google also always wants that the quality of the posts coming in the top in the search engine should be high, so that the questions of the users. Well received answers.

If you do not know what is backlinks and how to create it, then here is a guide on how to create backlinks. In this post, along with creating backlinks, a list of some high authority sites has also been given.

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When we create a new blog, no one knows about it, not even Google, so along with creating a blog, first of all verify your domain in Google Search Console.

Create a sitemap for your blog This is a file and is very important in the eyes of SEO and through this file Google’s crawlers can find your pages quickly.

And if your blog is on WordPress, then along with creating a blog, install SEO Plugin like yoast seo or rank math seo plugin immediately, these plugins help you a lot while writing posts and also generate sitemap of your site by this plugin give.

One thing WordPress blogger should always keep in mind is that after logging into your WordPress admin panel, go to the top of the settings and then click on the parama link and here the URLs for your site will appear in many types, you can enter one of these URLs. Choose and leave it on it forever, do not change it again and again.

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So we learned here how many days does traffic come on the new blog i.e. in how many days does traffic come on the new blog, and we hope you have got the answer to your question.

If you still have any question related to how many days traffic comes to this post new blog, if you want to know something else, then for this you can write your questions in the comment box below.

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