How To Bring Traffic To A New Blog – Effective And Legitimate Way

Hello friends, let’s learn today in this post How To Bring Traffic To A New Blog, How to Get Traffic to Your Blog, How to Get Traffic to New Blog, New Blog Get Traffic Tips

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Do you want to know how to bring traffic to the new blog, then I sincerely hope that by reading this post, your problem will be solved.

Here we will share some important things related to the traffic of your blog and we follow these rules ourselves, so if you apply the things mentioned here on your blog, then we assure you that one to two months Inside your new or old blog, traffic will start coming.

How To Bring Traffic To A New Blog

1. The category of your blog should not cover the same topic, but also cover other similar topics, for example, if you write an article related to blogging on your blog, then you can also put information related to YouTube on it or else. You can take the topic which is similar to blogging.

This will increase the scope of your blog and you will have many articles to write. You should not make khichdi by adding a completely different topic but you can take another topic similar to the one you have chosen.

When you will sit with only one subject, then from where will you get so much article, how much will you be able to write on that subject? Therefore, by adding other topics similar to that topic, you will have to increase the scope of your blog.

2. If you want to move ahead in the blogging world and earn a name with money and money, then do not choose free blogging like many people make blogs on blogger with free blogspot domain or many more platforms apart from this. Which gives you your hosting for free.

Spend a little money and choose WordPress, here you can take a shared hosting plan of a good hosting company and start your blog by taking a domain from GoDaddy.

When you create a blog, initially visitors do not come to your blog, then at that time you can work with share hosting, later when your blog gets 1000 or more daily visits, then you can purchase their big plan Huh.

3. If you have created a blog on WordPress, then choose the WordPress theme itself, do not choose a theme which is more heavy, it will slow down the loading speed of your blog and in this case the performance of your blog will deteriorate.

Google also advances the blog of those people whose blog loading speed is fast, so for this the hosting of your blog should also be of a good company and we also have to choose the theme and plugins being used in it correctly. .

Avoid unnecessary plugins, use as many plugins as you need, because they also slow down the loading speed of your blog.

4. While writing a post on your blog, choose the category that is suitable for that post, not in such a way that you wrote a post in another category and put it in another category, in such a situation the structure of your blog gets spoiled.

You should make the structure of your blog properly, which can be understood by the search engine and if someone does a search on that topic, then your blog post should come up, the structure means the URL of your blog post should be something like this domain+category+publish url.

5. Pay special attention to the title, description and url in your blog post and put it according to your post, if your blog is on WordPress then these things can be taken care of by yoast seo plugin but if your blog If you are on blogger then you have to do it yourself.

The title, description and url of your blog post should also be seo-friendly and user-friendly also seo-friendly means that the search engine should understand what is in your post on which topic.

And user-friendly means that by looking at the URL and description of your block post in the search engine, people can understand on which topic your blog post is written.

6. If you have just created your blog, then by not paying much attention to seo and off page techniques, you should pay more attention to your blog writing, leave the rest of the work to Google.

Write a blog post in such a way that if anyone comes to your blog, then show interest in reading that post, what you have written in your post, that people should understand and they should benefit.

Only then will users stay on your site for as long as possible and this will send a message to Google that people are benefiting from your blog, only then Google will bring your post up in the search engine.

On the other hand, if people come to your pages and go back immediately, then it sends a message to Google that you have not written the post correctly, people are not liking it and then your blog is from top to bottom. It will happen.

7. When we create a new blog, the intoxication of ranking and traffic keeps climbing on us, but instead we should put our full attention in writing.

We should write our blog post in such a way that even a less knowledgeable person can understand by reading it and his problem can be solved and if you do this then Google will definitely bring your post up.

Because Google also wants that there should be quality content on its platform and people benefit from it, as well as SEO is also important so that when people search a topic, Google can understand the post written on that topic and put it up in the search engine. Can bring

8. We should go after advanced SEO and promotion when our blog is at least 6 months or 1 year old, till then we should focus only on the quality of the post.

As soon as writing a blog post, the first thing is to submit it to Google search console so that it can be indexed in google, then it should be shared as much as possible on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

When suddenly there will be social traffic on that post of yours, then Google will show maximum impression of your post and then from here it starts the work of getting your blog post up in the search engine.

9. In the beginning we should not run after high cpc and high volume because many people whose authority is high on these keywords, they work and your new blog will never rank on that keyword.

That’s why you should choose only keywords with zero CPC and low volume because the competition on such keywords is very less and your blog post has more chances to rank on these keywords.

10. If you do blogging in Hindi, then the keyword should be written in English or Hinglish or you can write Hindi by mixing English and Hinglish.

For example, the topic of your blog post is how to bring traffic to the block, then you can write the title of this as “How to bring traffic to the blog” or you can also write it like Blog Par Traffic Kaise Laye.

11. You should not write your blog post small, but bigger to bigger i.e. at least fifteen hundred words or two thousand or if you want, you can write a post up to three thousand words.

Do not write casually in the pursuit of writing a big post, but explain that topic completely so that the user does not have to find any other post for it.

12. Design your own image for your blog post or there is some website that provides you images for free like or pexels, I myself download images from these sites for my blog posts.

Do not download the image and put it directly in the post, but edit it a little and write some words on your behalf, design it well and then put it in your blog post.

13. While buying the domain name in the beginning, keep the same name as the username on every social media platform. For example, if you bought the domain, then the name of your Facebook page will be

By doing this, you should keep the username of all your social profiles as your domain name, after this, when your blog gets bigger, then your visitors will find you on all these social platforms with the same name.

And if someone else has made your domain name as a username on these platforms, then that person will start benefiting.

Please enter the URL of your blog’s home page on all your social profiles, this will also get a backlink for your blog and users will go to your blog through the same link, then you will also benefit from traffic.

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Blogging is not an easy task, we have to work very hard, it takes us 6 months to 1 year to take our blog to the heights, so you have to be patient and work according to the time.

So we learned here how to bring traffic to the new blog and if you write your blog following the above-mentioned things, then traffic will definitely come to your blog.

If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to how to bring traffic to this post new blog, then definitely reach in the comment box below, we will answer all the questions related to how to increase traffic on the website here.

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