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Do you want to SEO your website properly? So it is very important for you to know what is Off Page SEO (What is Off Page SEO in Hindi). So that your website can rank quickly in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

According to MOZ SEO tool, about 30% of bloggers spend their time on Off Page SEO and 70% time on On Page SEO. Do you think this is true? According to me it is also true that a blogger should spend most of his time in writing content. But this does not mean that you should not do Off Page SEO of your website.

Off Page SEO is also an important part of SEO, with the help of which you can easily increase your website ranking and traffic.

That is why in this article I will tell you what is off page seo, how to do off page seo properly, and 10 important ways to create backlinks. So it is going to be very interesting, so read every point of the article thoroughly and try to understand.

What is Off Page SEO in Digital Marketing

Off Page SEO is also called Off Site SEO, which is done to support the article from outside after it is published. Off Page SEO is a group of techniques that are used by Google after the blog post is published. Your website has to be ranked on the search results pages of.

Some bloggers consider backlinks to be off page seo while off page seo has more techniques. Like no one tells about them on relevancy, domain authority and brand building.

To optimize off page seo, you have to optimize your website’s relevancy, authority, brand building and backlinks all these well. So that Google recognizes your website and which helps in ranking.

How to Off Page – Important Techniques – Checklist

Now it comes to how to do Off Page SEO? It has some techniques to do Off Page SEO, they have to be understood and used properly. Some techniques like Domain Authority, Brand Building and Backlink are included in Off Page SEO. Using them, you can get your website ranked. So let’s understand them one by one.

1. Domain Authority

Domain Authority, also called [DA] in short, is a type of score that shows the reputation of a website in search engines. The world’s oldest search engine company Moz has created Domain Authority.

Domain Authority’s score ranges from 1 to 100. The websites whose Domain Authority is higher, the higher they rank on Google.

Due to the high Domain Authority, it happens that when we publish a new post on those websites, then our post comes at the top of Google, which brings more traffic to the post.

If your website has good quality backlinks, then 35% effect in your domain authority comes from the backlinks of your website, which increases DA.

YouTube, Facebook, Amazon all have Domain Authority Score from 95 to 97, so they rank at the top on Google and visitors also have trust in them.

2. Brand Building

There is also a Technique Brand Building of Off Page SEO, when a website becomes very famous then it becomes a Brand. After the brand is created, SEO does not have much effect on it.

Visitors to such websites search themselves in the search engine and start visiting these websites. These types of brand websites rank on top in Google’s bots search engine and Google includes these websites in Google Brand Awards.

When websites join the Google Brand Awards, traffic starts coming to them a lot, due to which these websites start growing because the trust of visitors to such websites is also very high.

The DA score of these brand websites is very high. If visitors do some search in the search engine, then in the search result they like to click on those websites which are brand websites. Because visitors have trust on these websites, due to which the CTR of these websites also increases.

3. Backlinks

What is backlink, it is also called inbound or incoming link. When a link to a website is added to the content of another website, that link is called a backlink. If there is a popular website on which very good traffic comes, if they add a link of your website to a blog post on their website, then you will get traffic along with backlink, then it will be a target.

I think you do not need to tell much about backlink, you will know about it. Because there is a lot of demand for backlinks in the SEO market. You also have to create a backlink for your website so that the domain authority of your website can increase. And when the DA of your website will increase, then the ranking will automatically start improving.

Do you know that there are 2 types of backlinks too? Dofollow and Nofollow:

Do follow backlink When those backlinks are added to the website, that website suggests to Google that the content the reader will get by clicking on this link will be relevant to our content. Due to which the chances of spam are greatly reduced and the user also gets great content. Like if Deepawaliseotips gives backlink to any other website then it will be Do follow backlink. Because we will link to that website only after reading the content.

Nofollow backlink is also called weak link. When the website does not suggest to Google that by clicking on this link, the reader will get a relevant content. It is mostly used on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and open source websites like Quora, article submission websites.

Both backlinks work well for you. If visitors start jumping quickly from your website, then it increases the bounce rate. So it is very important for you to know what is Off Page SEO and how to create Backlinks for your post.

10 Important Ways To Build Backlinks

If you do off page seo of your website, then you must know how important backlinks are for off page seo. But do you know how to create backlinks in the right way? If not, then this list will help you, read it in this way and try to use it.

1. Guest Post

Guest posting is also called guest blogging which is done to get backlink from any website. In guest post, the blogger has to find and contact the websites related to his niche or industry, if he accepts the guest post, then you have to write a quality content in which you have to add a link to your website.

This is the best way to create backlink and if you are a beginner blogger then I would recommend that you make backlink of your website only through guest posting and Google also recommends the same. Selected keywords should be taken for guest post. Match the title of your post.

For example, suppose you work on the SEO niche, then you have to find some such websites that work on the SEO niche like you. Then with the backlink of your website, quality content will have to be prepared for them.

2. Sponsored Post

They say that where there is no effect of talk, there is a price. So if you think that the ranking of your website will increase if you get a backlink from that website and if it does not agree to guest posting then you sponsored it. You can ask for the post.

In most of the cases website owners agree for this. If you are not getting any guest posting website in your niche then only 1 or 2 sponsored post will be done in the month.

Keep in mind, whether you are doing guest post or sponsored post without analyzing that website, it may be that it will decrease the ranking of your website instead of increasing it.

3. Competitors Analysis

Bloggers who have been blogging already, they know very well what is Off Page SEO, so if you are a new blogger and if you want to create quality backlink for your website but you are not getting any such website in your niche. Which accepts guest post and sponsored post. So you have to analyze from where your competitor has created a backlink for your website. After knowing this, you can also make it a backlink for your website from the source.

How to do Competitor Analysis?

It is very easy, you need an SEO tool, you can use Ahref, ubersuggest, SEMrush or any other tool and create quality backlink for your website.

This method is very beneficial because you get all the sources in a very short time from where your competitor has made backlinks.

4. Guest Post Exchange

When a website is not ready for ower guest post or sponsored post, then it will definitely be ready for guest post exchange. Because in this both get backlink. I have used this method a lot for my website Deepawali and have got a lot of success. Because there is no such website that refuses to have a quality backlink.

So if your website is really strong then you will definitely get guest post exchange. If you are a beginner blogger then try to pitch only website with DA score or slightly higher DA because if you pitch a website with high DA then it will never be ready for guest post exchange.

Because the domain authority of that website is more than your website and that is why it will not get any benefit from guest post exchange.

5. Broken Links

What is Broken Link? When you delete a page of your website but its link has already been given in some other content, then when a visitor opens the page using that link.

So that page does not open and shows 404 Error Not Found or Page Not Found, this type of link is called Broken Link. These Broken Links are very harmful for your website.

Because of these, your website can come at a low level in the search engine, which also reduces traffic. Therefore, you should keep removing such broken links from time to time in your website and should also correct them so that visitors can get the right information and your website can rank on Google as well.

6. Backlinks Sellers

Just as internal linking is necessary in On Page SEO, in the same way Backlink is necessary in Off Page SEO. Therefore, as the demand for SEO increased, the need for backlinks also increased. Seeing which some people made backlink business. You know that today this business of backlink selling has reached almost 100 billion dollars and continues to grow because people need backlinks to get their website ranked in the search engine.

If you also want backlink for your website, then you can buy backlink through backlink seller. But this is a very risky job and I would not recommend it for beginner bloggers at all. Because there is no guarantee that you will get the right and quality backlink. If your website gets a lot of bad backlinks then Google will not rank your website one or it may be slammed on the 100th page.

7. Private Blog Network (Not Recommended)

PBN is a network of some simple websites which is used only for giving backlinks to other websites. It acts like a web of links. Which is operated by the same company or group. Most of the big companies approach to get backlink from PBN network because their charges are very high. That’s why if you have lakhs of rupees to spend then you can do it.

Like I told you earlier about the backlink seller, this is also similar to the same, but you can trust the backlink in it and it is controlled by the same company. But I have never used PBN because there is a big danger in it because this PBN network does all this work hidden from Google.

Meaning Google does not know about it because Google hates PBN a lot, if it finds any such network, then it completely destroys the search ranking of all the websites connected to that network.

That’s why even if you have money to spend, don’t go with PBN networks.

8. Basic Free Backlinks

Whenever you create backlinks of your website on any online free platform, it will be called basic free backlink. For example, if you have opened a YouTube channel for your website and give a link to your website in the description or about us page of your video, then it will be called a basic free backlink.

Even on every free social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, when you add a link to your website, it will also be called a basic free backlink.

The advantage of this is that it is very effective and is made very easily, for which you do not even need to write a big article, just open an account and add the link of the website.

If you have not made this link for your website, then make it soon so that the Domain Authority of your website will increase and overall your website traffic will increase.

9. Networking

By making a connection with the bloggers of your industry and then talking about backlink to them, then it comes inside networking. It takes a lot of time to do this method, but if you have a good connection with the person in front, then he will never refuse.

In this type of backlinks, you have the advantage that this website owner does not remove your link because he has a good relationship with you. Otherwise, do any backlink technique, there are many chances of removing the link in all, due to which you also have problems.

Quantity is better than backlink, if you pay attention to quality backlink, then your website will benefit more. And making links from networking comes in quality backlink only. I would recommend you to make a connection with bloggers related to your niche and then ask for backlink after that.

10. Article Submission

This is the easiest way to get backlink, in which you have to write an article like guest post for any other website but you have to publish it here on other website as well. Meaning anyone can link to their website on these websites. These backlinks are called week backlinks, about which I will tell in full details in my second article.

Some article submission websites provide Dofollow and some Nofollow links. But both the backlinks are very important for the search ranking of your website. But while making the backlink of your website on these websites, you must first analyze it well that how much is its DA, how much is the monthly traffic and a lot. So that you can get a quality backlink.

Now it comes to why these article submission websites do this? This is very easy, most of these websites are monetized through AdSense, when you put articles on these websites, they get the article and traffic from them without doing any work, from which they earn and you get backlink.

Benefits of Off Page SEO

  • By doing Off Page SEO, there is an increase in the ranking of your website.
  • Doing Off Page SEO also increases Domain Authority and Page Authority.
  • By doing Off Page SEO, there is a big jump in Page Rank.


So in the end I think you must have got a lot of information about what is Off Page and techniques of making backlinks. are |

Did you come to know by reading this article of mine that not only backlinks but many other things come in Off Page SEO. That is why if you find it written on any website that Backlink and Off Page SEO are the same, then sending the link of this article to him will automatically understand.

If you follow the method of creating the 10 best backlinks that I have told, then your website will definitely rank in Google.

Learn more article here:


Some bloggers have many questions related to Off Page SEO which they want answers to. But they cannot be found anywhere, that’s why I have selected some important questions and tried to answer them below.

Q1. Will backlinks expire in 2021?

Ans: As long as there is SEO, there will be Off Page SEO and till then there will be a need for Backlinks. Yes, it is a different matter that its importance may be of little use in the upcoming updates of Google, but this need will not work. Google is seeing that people are doing black work under the guise of backlinks, websites with useless content are also ranked. Because it creates backlinks only. That is why Google is now paying more attention to quality content so that it can show better results to its users. That is why if you have created or are about to build a website, then most of your attention will try to improve the content. Will also create backlink but not on a large scale at all.

Q2. Is it necessary to do Off Page SEO of your website?

The three important pillars of SEO are On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Technical SEO If you leave any one of these three then you will not be able to grow your website. As I have told that there are many important techniques in off page seo like domain authority, brand building, relevancy and backlinks, it is very important to do all these things.

Q3. How is Off Page SEO different from On Page SEO?

Even though both Off Page and On Page are used for SEO but both of them are very different from each other. On Page SEO is done while writing content and after writing Off Page SEO content the blog post is supported from outside. are done to By doing On Page SEO, the relevancy and readability of your website increases significantly. But you have to pay attention to both so that Google can understand and rank your website.

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