How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO ? 11 Best Guide

Hello friends, let’s learn today in this post How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO, SEO Friendly Blog Post, Optimize Post for SEO

In today’s post, we will know how we can optimize our blog post for SEO. Those who are new beginner bloggers often make the mistake that they do not optimize their blog posts for SEO.

This is the reason that the content of their website does not show at the top of Google search results. Because of which he could not bring a lot of traffic that he could bring to his website. In today’s article, we are going to give you some such tips, with the help of which you can optimize your blog post for SEO.

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Friends, the best time to optimize your blog post for SEO is then. When you are creating your blog content, but despite this, you can update your old articles and optimize them for SEO by improving them.

One thing you always have to remember friends blog SEO is most important to bring traffic to your website. In this article, we will tell you such ways by using which you can optimize blog post for SEO.

I also use the tips that we are going to tell you for my website. Now you just have to follow all the tips mentioned below, whenever you will create blog content. Or even if you update or improve an old blog post, you still have to follow all the tips mentioned below.

1. Plan Your Content with Proper Keyword Research

Friends, most new users make this mistake that they create their blog content on the same subject or topics. Which they think that users will like this content and they will definitely read it. Whereas the reality is that the content that they are creating, the interest in that content is only theirs and not of others.

That’s why first of all you should stop guessing what others will like and what will not like. You can do keyword research to create your blog post content. By which you get to know what kind of content people like to read or listen to on the internet.

Keyword research is a technique that is mostly used by content creators and SEO experts. With its help, you can know what kind of topics your users are interested in. Then you can create and publish blog content related to the same topics.

Keyword research that provides us data, all that data is the data of search engines. That is, what kind of topics people searched the most in any search engine. Which site clicked the most, what kind of topics are being liked by today’s users. You will find all this data in any good keyword research planner.

You can plan your content strategy using all these keywords. With this it will happen that now you are actually creating a blog post on those topics which the users are actually searching and looking. This is the best way to earn traffic for your new WordPress website or blog.

For Keyword Research, we would advise our users to use SEMRush and Ahrefs keyword research tools. Because it provides you very in-depth data related to keywords. Apart from this, it gives you competition analysis, keyword position, tracking and many other useful features.

You can use either of the two keyword research planners. Both keyword research planner is best, by using the features provided by them. Your new website and blog can come in the list of top search ranking and high traffic gain website.

2. Find Semantic Keywords for Your Focus Keyword

Once you find keywords ideas by doing keyword research for yourself. Now you have to choose such a keyword from among them, which has the highest search volume, which also has the lowest competition.

This will be your focus keyword which will be most likely to be seen and read by users. Now if you use your WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. So you can set your focus keyword in the SEO settings of your article. With this you can see how well you have used it in your article.

After that now you have to find Latent Semantic Indexing ie LSI keywords. This will be a search related to your focus keywords, it is very easy to find it. For this, you simply search your focus keyword in Google search or any search browser.

Now you scroll down, you will see many search results show in the bottom bottom. All these search results are related to your focus keyword. Use all of these in your blog post while creating your blog content.

Find Semantic Keywords for Your Focus Keyword

You can use many of these keywords in your blog post so that you can create the best content for your users. Now whenever a user searches for your focus keyword, your content will show.

Along with this, even if a user searches a keyword related to your content, your content will still show it in the search results. Due to which more and more people will visit your new website and blog and your traffic will start increasing.

3. Write an Effective Blog Post Title

Firends You need to keep one thing tied, that the title of your blog post plays the most important role in the search ranking. A good blog post title makes your article most relevant to the search query.

Because this is the first thing that is shown to the users in the search results and due to which the users have to click on it. If your blog post title will not be creative and attractive then people will not click on it.

Then no matter how many times the link of your website keeps showing in the search results. That is why it is very important that you create an effective title for your blog post title. Not a normal or awkward title, because no matter how good content you have created by doing this, users will not click on it.

You have to make your blog post title more SEO friendly by using your focus keyword in the title. Make your blog headline catchy and clickable by using the focus keyword in your blog title.

By creating a click worthy title, more clicks will come on your link which is most important for your CTR. It also has the most important role in SEO, so make the blog title click worthy.

You should use EMV formula to make blog title catchy and effective. EMV means Emotional Marketing Value, you must use this formula. For this you can use online tools such as EMV Headline Analyzer. It basically calculates the EMV score of your title and tells how emotionally your title is.

5. Make Internal Linking

Friends, once you start blogging, after that you have many articles. Which users like to read often, now you need to interlink all your articles with each other. In this way you can send your users from your new articles to any of your old articles.

By doing this, your users will spend more and more time on your website. Due to which the CTR of your website will start improving in google. Apart from this, friends internal linking is a great way by using which you can build contextual relationship between your old and new posts.

You can do this work very easily in WordPress, you just have to select that word. After which you want to link, then you have to click on the link button. A text pop up will show below the words you have selected, now you can search the old posts which you want to link here.

With the habit of regular internal linking, your on-page SEO will be very good. Because of which your old posts and articles will continue to get new links. Friends, it has often been seen that new beginners do internal linking of their new posts with their old posts.

Which is wrong, if you want to do internal linking to your old posts on new posts. So for this, first of all you should update your old posts by editing them. Now to take maximum benefits, you can re-publish your new posts by internal linking.

5. Add Images and Videos in Your Blog Posts

Friends, you should know and understand very well that search engines rank the same content high in search results. The content on which users engage for the longest time. Suppose that you have created and published a very good and long wide content.

But now your content will not rank high in search engines. As long as users do not spend maximum time after clicking on that content. It has been proved in research that users do not spend much time in content which had only plain text.

On the other hand, there were such content of the same category in which text, images and videos were added. Users were spending more and more time on such content.

That’s why friends, it is very important that you must use images or videos in the middle of your content. Now what is your content like and there is a need to add an image to it or any video it depends on your content.

If you are adding an image to your articles, then you must take care of copyrights. Most new beginners make this mistake by copying add images to another website. They add to their website and post, due to which they get copyrights.

But there is also a solution for this, you add such images to your blog post which are copyrights free images. For this you can add free royalty images to your blog posts. Apart from this, you can use your own photographs and images in your website.

If you want to add engaging graphics to your website, then you can use a website like Canva. Its starting version is free but if you want full access then you have to take its paid version.

You should be sure while adding images to any blog posts. That you only add SEO optimize image to your blog posts. Apart from this, videos are also most important in keeping our users engaged on our website.

You have to keep this in mind while using any video in your blog posts. That you should never directly upload any videos in your blog posts. Because WordPress does not optimize in direct upload videos.

Apart from this, if your website is based on shared hosting then shared hosting service will not be able to handle it. Because the length of the videos is more, their file size is also more. Due to which the load on your server is high and the website downloading speed goes down.

That’s why you should upload your created videos on youtube. Then you can add that video by embedding it in your blog posts. Any user can also watch your uploaded video on youtube on your website.

By doing this there is no reduction in your website downloading speed, apart from this, since your video is uploaded to youtube and youtube is the second popular search engine. That’s why your video will also be optimized, now whenever a user will search keywords related to your video and articles in search engines.

So that users will show both your youtube video and your article in the search results.

6. Add Meta Description in Your Blog Post

Friends meta description is actually HTML meta tag, which you can add to any of your pages. Its real purpose is to give a short description of your articles to any search engines and crawlers.

Should I add meta tag description or not? There is a difference of opinion among SEO experts regarding this. Where some SEO experts believe that meta tag description is good for your website. The same few SEO experts say that adding meta tag description does not harm your website, it is not a benefit.

But friends, we advise all our users that they must add meta tag description to each of their posts. See friends, if your website does not get any benefit by adding meta tag description.

So you should also see that it does not cause any harm to your website. If your website benefits from the meta tag description in search engines, then it is good for you only.

A good meta tag description explains your entire article. This meta description is also shown on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter. If you or any of your users share that article on these social media platforms.

So this meta tag description will also be shown on social media share, so that any user can read that meta description. It can know what is in that article and whether it is worth its work or not.

Whenever you add meta description to your blog posts, you should also add the focus keyword of your posts to it. This helps search engines to find your posts, the meta description limit is 150 characters.

So whenever you add meta description to your blog posts, with adding focus keyword to it. Define it in such a way that users can understand as soon as they read that article, about which topic they will get information in these posts.

If you want to add meta description, then you can do this work very easily. If you use Yoast SEO (Yoast SEO) plugin, then you simply have to scroll down and go down while writing your article.

You will find Yoast SEO meta box on the post edit screen. In it you can add meta description of your blog post.

7. Make Your Articles Easy for Reading

Friends, the readability of your blog posts is most important for search engines. All those articles which are easy to read rank higher than all those articles. Which is not easy to read, as the fonts of some articles are very small.

We all know very well that both the computer and mobile screen do not give a reading look in the same way. There is no optimal platform for screen reading of both computer and mobile.

That’s why most of the users look at your articles and get an idea whether they should read this article or not. All this a user can do in just a few seconds, so it is very important that your article has readability.

This is the reason that you have very little time to convince the users. That he should read your articles completely or leave it and visit any other website.

Therefore, by improving readability, you can keep more and more users on your website blog post for maximum time.

To improve readability, use all these things in your blog posts. Like – write shorter sentences, keep short paragraphs, give the heading well.

Along with this, to improve readability, you should keep the background of your blog posts white. Many new beginner bloggers use colorful backgrounds to make their blog and website beautiful show.

This colorful background is not quite right according to the users experience. Apart from this, you should use such images on which the text written on it is clear and easy to read.

If you do blogging in English then you can use grammarly to check grammar. This is a tool with the help of which you can check the grammar and spellings of your articles.

If you use Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress then you should know this. That Yoast SEO already comes with readability checker to you.

8. Use Categories and Tags to Organize Content

Friends categories and tags are the best option to sort your website content. This is most important not only for you but for your users and search engines.

But the problem occurs when new bloggers use them incorrectly in their blog posts. That is why it is very important that you use categories and tags in each of your articles and blog posts.

But before using, you should know very well that your blog posts come under which categories or tags. Think of it in this way – suppose your blog or website is a book.

The categories in this book are the table of content present in the book. On the other hand, tags are the index part of your book, this is the easiest way to understand categories and tags.

We use Categories to divide all the content present in our blog. On the other hand, tags are the topics to be discussed in your blog post.

9. The Featured Snippet in The Search Result

Friends, as we all know that on searching anything on Google, Google tries to answer our searched questions quickly.

In such a situation, Google shows those articles and blog posts first on any keyword search. Which corresponds to the question asked by the users.

In such a situation, the algorithms of Google search engines separately show the highlighted answer at the top. Google generates a custom snippet from your article.

In this, those parts of the content present in your website are added, which Google’s algorithms consider as the answer to the searched keywords of the users.

Recent research done by Advanced Web Ranking shows that. Answer boxes secure about 32.5% CTR which are most important for your SEO strategy.

No such specific set instruction has been told by Google yet. Under which he picks up the featured snippet of an article.

That’s why our suggestion for you is that you keep improving your content. Along with this, keep checking the quality of your content, if needed, keep updating your content in between.

10. Optimize Your Older Blog Posts

Optimizing your blog posts is very important for Friends Search Engine Optimization. There are many new beginner users who, after publishing their blog posts once, leave them as they are.

As he had published earlier, he does not even optimize his blog posts. That is why it is very important that you do SEO properly before publishing your blog posts and even after publishing it.

We are telling you some such tips below, using which you can optimize your already published blog posts.

  • Friends, you should share all your published blog posts on all your social media accounts. If you want, you can use any automated share tools for this. such as IFTT.
  • Once you publish a post, after that you should find any old articles related to it and add links to your new articles in it. Where does this internal linking go, it is also called on-page SEO.
  • When you optimize your blog posts for SEO and publish the use. After that you should keep an eye on the search ranking of that blog post. How is that blog post of yours performing?

We want to ask all our users to optimize their old blog posts on a daily basis. Keep improving them by continuing updating, this increases your search ranking.

11. Make Your Blog Posts Comprehensive

Friends research shows that search engines like such articles the most. Which use a lot of details to cover any topic.

This is the reason why we recommend you to use semantically related keywords in your blog posts. Because these related keywords give you ideas of many different variations.

By which users search related topics in search engines, if you use these related keywords in your articles. So you can create very informative and comprehensive and useful content related to it.

You can cover these keywords by using them in the heading and sub-heading of your blog posts. Apart from this, you can also publish only one article on related keywords.

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Friends, you can fully optimize your blog post by using all the 11 tips mentioned above. So friends, hope that you have liked this article of our WordPress tutorial.

If you have any question, then do tell by commenting below, we will be happy to help you. Along with this, share this article of ours with your friends on social media.

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