Yoast vs Rank Math – Which is WordPress Best SEO Plugin 2023

Yoast vs Rank Math, wordpress best seo plugin, best seo plugin for wordpress free – Friends, as you must be aware, the plugins present in WordPress blog help in expanding the capabilities of a blog! With the help of these plugins, you can customize your blog as per your wish and make it SEO friendly.

But it comes to the hundreds of SEO plugins present in WordPress, which SEO plugin to use for your blog! Because an SEO plugin is the basis of your website that helps you optimize your content!

Do you want to write high-quality content for your WordPress website? If yes, then it is very important that you choose the best SEO plugin which will improve your content quality. Yoast vs Rank Math Both SEO plugins are very good and best opponents of each other. Both SEO plugins are providing you many free and paid features.

You cannot use both at the same time, so you have to choose one. Which is the best Yoast vs Rank Math? According to WordPress, more than 5 million people are actively using Yoast right now. which is a very good thing. Although Rank Math is still new, but due to its excellent features and user interface, Rank Math has captured a huge audience in a very short time.

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

To know what Yoast SEO is, you have to take a look at its history as well. Yoast was launched in 2010, and it has also become a very popular SEO plugin of WordPress. According to its producer Joost De Valk, its headquarter is in the Netherlands, in which more than 80 people work.

You get a lot of free and paid features in Yoast which help you to run your website. The content analysis feature of Yoast tells you important things about your content and also tells how you can improve it. |

What is Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Rank Math is another trending SEO plugin. Which has completed more than 7 lakh active downloads in just 3 years. Yes, that’s right, in 2018 Bhanu Ahluwalia and his team launched Rank Math. According to their website, their headquater is in New Delhi in which more than 25 people work. Rank Math is completely giving competition to Yoast because of its more features, a better interface, deeper analysis, etc.

Why is SEO Plugin Important?

To rank in Google search result, all the websites present on the Internet will have to work according to the guidelines of Google. But beginner and mediocre bloggers do not have complete information about it. So how can he rank his website? That is why SEO plugin is very important because it guides every blogger how to write a better high quality content which will rank in Google. .

Although, there are many SEO plugins available in the market but not all are of the same type. All of them have different pricing, features, interface, and performance, so you have to choose wisely.

Google has officially declared that they have 200+ ranking factors to judge any content whether it is eligible to rank on the 1st page of Google or not. If you are a blogger then you should know this thing. If your blog post will not rank on 1st page of Google search then you will not get much traffic.

According to Backlinko, the results that rank on the 1st page of Google get a CTR of 31.7%. On the other hand, the results that rank on the 2nd page only get a CTR of 0.78%. did you understand the point? If you are an expert blogger then you can also work without SEO plugin. But if you are a begginer or mediocre blogger, then this is what I would recommend to you that you must use either Yoast or Rank Math.

Let us see how Yoast vs Rank Math work and which of the two plugins is better for you?

Installation and Configuration

Installation and configuration of both the plugins are very easy.

Rank Math SEO plugin setup is very easy. It gives users a setup wizard so that one can easily configure Rank Math SEO plugin settings on their site. It has a lot of options divided into multiple pages. After activating the plugin it will add a new menu item “Rank Math” to your WordPress dashboard. Just click on it, it will take you to the settings page of the plugin

Yoast SEO also has many features which are divided into different tabs. Installing it is very easy. After activating the plugin, it will add a new menu item to your WordPress dashboard with the label SEO. Simply click on SEO, it will take you to the plugin’s settings page. Check out our guide to configuring Yoast SEO Settings.

Pricing and Plan

Rank Math SEO is completely free. You can download it for free from WordPress.org and use it on your blog. With Rank Math SEO, you can get all the advanced features for free. Currently, it has no premium version.

Rank Math Pricing

Currently Rank Math is providing 2 types of yearly paid plans to its users. This will definitely help you in your blogging journey.

  • Pro Plan- $59- You can host unlimited personal website with more than 500 keyword tracking capability and 24×7 support.
  • Premium Plan- $199- You can support client website with over 10k keyowrd tracking capability and 24×7 priority support.

Yost Pricing

Yoast is providing 2 premium plans to its users which have almost all the features.

Yoast’s core premium plan allows you to use almost all its paid features like multiple keyword analysis, redirect manager, internal linking suggestion, etc.
Additionally, Yoast is also providing its SEO expert academy course with this bundle. In which there are about 13+ SEO training modules which will help you to become a successful blogger. You will get all these things in the $ 89 yearly plan with the license of one website.

Whereas Yoast SEO comes with free and premium version. Its basic version is free and it is enough for normal/basic website. If you want to upgrade it to the premium version, you can. Yoast SEO premium version comes with different pricing plan. It depends on the number of your site.

In Yoast’s second premium plan, you can select a specific type of SEO extension and all get you the same price for one website at $69.

Video SEO
Local SEO
News SEO
WooCommerce Advance SEO

Why Rank Math Is Cheaper Than Yoast SEO: 3 Important Reasons

  • RankMath offers its higher level plans at a lower cost than Yoast.
  • With the help of Rank Math’s premium plan, you can support unlimited client website while Yoast is not providing it.
  • Rank Math is providing all the features in its single premium plan, whereas Yoast has multiple premium plans.


For Rank math SEO, you can get support from MythemeShop. However, this plugin is new in the market right now, so you can get great support for this plugin. Well, MythemeShop provides great support to its users and is a very respected company in the market for theme development.

Whereas the free version of Yoast SEO does not provide any support. To get 24/7 email support, you need to upgrade to the premium version. Yoast SEO Premium comes with many additional features such as multiple focus keywords and redirect manager.

Yoast vs Rank Math: Which SEO Plugin Is Best For You

I know how difficult it is for you to choose between Yoast vs Rank Math. But inside this section, I will give you important information about these two plugins. I am 100% sure that in the end without any confusion you will definitely choose one of the two plugins.

Free vs Paid Features of Rank Math and Yoast

You will get the best free and paid features in both Yoast and Rank Math. Which you can use to improve your website’s search ranking. Although Rank Math provides you more features than Yoast, but that does not mean that it is better.

FeaturesYoastRank Math
SEO Titles and Meta DescriptionFreeFree
Social Media DescriptionFreeFree
Keyword AnalysisFocus Is FreeMultiple Focus Is Free
XML SitemapFreeFree
Data Analytics From Search ConsoleFreeFree
Local SEOPaidFree
Image SEOPaidFree
Internal Linking SuggestionPaidFree
Redirects ManagerPaidFree
Google AnalyticsFreeFree
WooCommerce SEOFreeFree
Keyword Rank CheckerDon’t HavePaid
Google Trends IntegrationDon’t HavePaid
Google Video SitemapPaidPaid
Google News SitemapPaidPaid
Local SEO For Multiple LocationsPaidPaid
Google AdsenseDon’t HavePaid

Interface of Yoast vs Rank Math

Overall, both have almost the same interface except the editor. As you know WordPress has updated its editor in Gutenberg which is also called block editor.

Its interface has completely changed, now you can edit your content in a better way with the help of a block editor. Let’s see how you can use these 2 SEO plugins in this updated atmosphere.

Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math looks great and can be operated easily in WordPress block editor. However, Rank Math looks completely different in the operating system classic editor. But in this you will get 4 major sections. Which you can use it very easily by clicking on the “Toolbar” icon.

  • General– In this you get important features like meta description, focus keywords, and content analysis.
  • Advance– With its help, you can edit some advanced settings like robots meta box and canonical URL.
  • Schema– With the help of this, you can easily change the schema of your content into blog posts, news articles, and basic articles.
  • Social– Through this you can setup social share information of your content.

It is not over yet, whether you have the premium version of Rank Math or not. You can still use Rank Math’s unique Analytics system interface. Which allows you to track:

  • Google search console data in a free version.
  • Keywords ranking in a paid version.
  • Traffic analytics in a paid version.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO can be used in the same way as Rank Math. If you want to use it in the classic editor, then you will find everything under the editor. But in the block editor, all the functions are given in the toolbar. Which Yoast is providing to each of its users whether they have taken free license or paid. All the tools are divided into different sections which can be used easily. These sections are as follows:

  • SEO Analysis- In this you can add or edit title and description, focus keyword, and see its preview.
  • Readability Analysis- In this you can get readability score according to your content. Which will tell you whether your content is high quality or not.
  • Schema– In this you can prepare schema markup for crawling bots.
  • Social Share– It is helpful that you can prepare social share information of your content.

Pros and Cons of Yoast and Rank Math

This comparison of Yoast vs Rank Math will be incomplete if you do not pay attention to their pros and cons. Because everything has some advantages and limitations which are very important to understand before proceeding.

Rank Math SEO Plugins

I know you want to know which is the best Yoast vs Rank Math plugin for you? But don’t worry, in the end I have shared my point of view which SEO plugin I am using Yoast and Rank Math right now. But first you need to understand the pros and cons of Rank Math.


  • Its user interface is very easy for beginner bloggers and very easy to use. Which helps you to optimize your content well.
  • If you are switching to Rank Math from any SEO plugin, it will automatically export all the SEO settings for you.
  • Its free version is very good.
  • RankMath integrates your website with Google console which helps you to solve any crawling problem.
  • It is very light and very less line of code has been installed in it.
  • With the help of Rank Math, you can easily add rich snippets to your website.
  • If you are facing any issue related to your website then its 24×7 team will help you to solve the problem.
  • You will also get a redirection manager.
  • It gives you access to optimize your content on 5 focus keywords.
  • If you have forgotten to add alt tag to any image, then it automatically adds alt tag to the image.
  • Rank Math has dedicated media team and Facebook group where everyone will help you.


  • As you know that Rank Math has been launched recently in 2018, that’s why you might see some glitches inside it.
  • Rank Math supports almost all SEO plugins but no SEO plugin supports Rank Math. That is why if you switch from Rank Math to any other SEO plugin, then you will not be able to export any SEO setting. And you will have to do all the settings again.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is one of the best SEO plugin with millions of users and 4.9+ ratings on WordPress. However, Yoast is a great plugin that improves your website ranking. But still, you need to understand its pros and cons.


  • Its interface is very easy which makes it convenient to use.
  • It notifies you if there is any SEO error.
  • It protects your website from content scraping through RSS feed.
  • Millions of people believe in it and are using it.
  • You can also use the free version of Yoast.
  • It provides in-depth information about your content.
  • Yoast provides SEO suggestions and readability suggestions, with the help of which you can improve your content.
  • It is very light so that your website will load quickly.
  • Yoast provides you with a dedicated forum support which you can use to get a solution for any problem related to your SEO.
  • You can easily add title and description of your metadata.


  • Yoast cannot understand your content.
  • Yoast allows you to add only one focus keyword to analyze your content.

Now you completely know all the important pros and cons of Yoast and Rank Math. This will help you to choose the best SEO plugin.

Conclusion – Which is SEO Plugin for WordPress is Good

RankMath is undoubtedly providing more quality and beginner-friendly interface with modern free and paid features. This allows you to add more focus keywords instead of just one so that you can optimize your content better. As you have seen from last few years Rank Math is getting more attraction. He is preparing a roadmap to compete with Yoast. And I think it will soon overtake Yoast too.

On the basis of performance, features, extensions, interface, etc., it can be said that Rank Math is better than Yoast. I found Rank Math a good option, that’s why I have also canceled Yoast SEO subscription and installed Rank Math. I am using it since 2020 and till now I did not face any kind of problem. If you are thinking of starting a new blog, then I would recommend that you use Rank Math instead of Yoast. Because it is providing you more free features which will help you to make your blog a success.

What have you noticed in Rank Math and Yoast? Do you have any other better SEO plugin? Which SEO plugin are you using right now? Would you like to use Rank Math instead of your current SEO Plugin? If you are using Rank Math now, then please share your experience in the comment box below. So that other people know whether Rank Math is better or worse than Yoast. If you liked this article then please share it with your friends.

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