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Follow the article and use them with a proud feeling for the unity of their vast, beautiful and strong nation.

100 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The development of the spirit of nationalism, or dedication to the nation, is necessary for the solidarity of the citizens of any country. This is the reason why the national anthem is regularly practiced in schools since childhood and nowadays even in cinemas, the national anthem is played before the film starts, and the syllabus includes the stories of the great sons, heroes and freedom fighters of the country. is done.

Nationalism is the spirit that gives soldiers the strength to stay on the border of the country. It is due to nationalism that the citizens of the country do not hold back from making the biggest sacrifice for their country. It is nationalism that inspires the citizens of any country to stand together in the national interest leaving behind all their narrow attitudes, religion, language, caste etc.

200 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Nationalism is a concept in which the nation is paramount i.e. the nation is given the highest priority. It is an ideology that promotes the shared identity of citizens of any country. For the progress and prosperity of any nation, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of pride of the nation by rising above the cultural, religious and linguistic diversity of the citizens and nationalism plays an important role in it.

There are many countries including India which are rich in cultural, religious and linguistic diversity and the spirit of nationalism in these countries helps in building consensus among the people. For the development of the country, every citizen has to work in unison and the work of tying them together in a formula makes sense of nationalism.

The conclusion

The spirit of nationalism is paramount among the Indian citizens and that is why when the citizens here are expected to respect the national flag of the country and the national anthem, which is the national symbol of unity and integrity of the country, then they openly and fully Show respect to all.

250 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Nationalism is the feeling of a deep sense of pride for the country, rising above the narrow mindset of caste, religion and regionalism. After defeating Ravana, Rama told his brother Lakshman that the golden city of Lanka is despised in front of his motherland. He had said that ‘birthplace Swargadapi Gariyasi’ means (Mother) and the place of birthplace is superior and greater than heaven.

Our country does not discriminate against any citizen and they use all their rights and privileges without any hindrance. It is the responsibility of all of us that we rise above all obstacles like regionalism, religion and language etc. to promote unity and integrity in our country.

The conclusion

It is the result of years of hard struggle and numerous sacrifices with the spirit of nationalism that India got independence from the British. At that time India, despite being divided into several princely states, stood as a nation in the struggle for independence. Even after seven decades of independence, we need to maintain this unwavering spirit of nationalism as it is today, separatist and disruptive forces within and outside India threaten national security and unity. Only the deep roots of nationalism are giving India the power to defeat the disruptive movements going on in Kashmir or North-East India and protecting India from further division in the name of pseudo propagation of the right to self-determination.

300 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Nationalism is the feeling of respect and love for our country in our heart. Though this feeling should naturally be inside every person, but due to some external reasons and neglect in parenting, anti-national feelings can develop in children.

It is mandatory for every citizen to show gratitude to their nation because our country, that is, our birthplace, is our mother. Just as the mother gives birth to children and despite enduring many hardships, she does not back down to abandon her happiness for the happiness of her children, similarly the land of our nation produces grains for us by getting a plow on its chest. We are nourished by that grain.

Nation is paramount

Some scholars have also said that the person who takes birth, the climate of the place, the vegetation, the rivers and all the other nature-provided resources, leads our life on the path of development and makes us physically and mentally strong. There is so much strength in the affection and affection of the motherland that it empowers us to stand firmly in front of other nations.

The conclusion

In fact, a nation is born only when all the citizens living within its borders can feel a sense of unity in cultural heritage and partnership with each other. The spirit of nationalism binds India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In a large country like India, the feeling of nationalism is always rising above the differences of caste, creed and religion. It is due to the spirit of nationalism that Indians have the distinction of living in the largest democracy in the world, which is known for its values ​​of peace, humanity, brotherhood and collective progress.

350 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Just like a mother keeps raising her child with love, affection and blessings, her motherland also feeds us. Just as a mother does good to her children and does not expect anything in return, similarly our motherland does not want anything in return, raining Mamata on us. But it is important for every Indian to show a sense of pride and gratitude towards their nation. In other words, let us bring the spirit of nationalism into our lives by both our word and deed.

India, despite its religious and regional diversity, is a nation

Despite believing all of us in different beliefs, celebrating different festivals and speaking different languages, nationalism unites us all in the thread of unity. It is the spirit of nationalism that protects the nation against threats to unity and integrity. We are people living in states despite being culturally and linguistically different and our identity is also different. But under a flag, national anthem and national symbol can stand together as one. Our country is the largest democracy in the world and as a loyal citizen we should be proud of it.

The importance of our motherland is more than caste, creed, religion and everything else. Our freedom which we have achieved as a result of the supreme sacrifice of millions of sons and daughters of India has become possible only due to nationalism and patriotism. Therefore, we should never undermine the spirit of nationalism so that we can always be ready to protect our motherland.

There are some forces who are raising their voice for independence with separatist sentiments (as seen in the troubled areas of Kashmir and North-East India) and want to weaken the country through their activities. It is unfortunate that some educational institutions in India have also been seen spreading anti-Indian sloganeering and protesting, disgusting ideology of dividing India into two parts. Only by an unwavering spirit of nationalism can India be saved from the grip of anti-national forces.

400 Words – Essay on Nationalism for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The feeling of attachment and dedication towards our country is called nationalism. Nationalism is the one that binds all the citizens of any country in unison despite the variations of tradition, language, ethnicity and culture.

Comparison of nation with mother

Not only in our country but in the whole world, the nation has been compared to the mother. Just as a mother takes care of her children, similarly a nation also fulfills various needs of the lives of its citizens through its natural resources. It is through the spirit of nationalism that class, caste and religious divides manage to forget many differences and it has been seen that whenever a situation of war arises in any two countries, all the citizens of those countries will unite in the interest of nationalism. With the spirit, they encourage the soldiers of their country.

Nationalism binds the nation together

Nationalism is a collective spirit whose strength can be gauged from the fact that the people living in the borders of the country based on its values ​​value the allegiance to the nation over its various identities and, if necessary, for the country Do not hesitate to sacrifice even the life. It is because of the spirit of nationalism that people who have never met each other and are completely unfamiliar with each other, are also tied into the thread of national unity. Through nationalism in all the countries of the world, citizens have been able to agree on various issues related to the nation.

Nationalism and Globalization

According to some scholars, the process of globalization has influenced nationalist thinking to a great extent and now because the national boundaries have no special significance and this situation has challenged the spirit of nationalism. His argument is that apart from globalization, technological advances such as the Internet and mobile phones have greatly reduced the gap in the world, although this interpretation of nationalism is immaterial.

The conclusion

For the progress of any nation, it is necessary to have a sense of nationalism among its citizens. Realizing the importance of nationalism and aiming to rekindle the spirit of patriotism among its citizens, all governments around the world compulsorily organize national festivals. During these programs, respect for the national flag is expressed. Overall, the unity of the citizens plays an important role for the progress of any nation and nationalism is the spirit that unites people in the thread of unity, eliminating the shackles of religion, caste and high and low.

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