Essay on India’s Nuclear Power in Engish – 350 Words

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Essay on India’s Nuclear Power for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Since independence, Pakistan has been a continuing threat to our peace and security. If Pakistan goes nuclear, there is no reason why India should not do so for its own self-defense. Also, if we want peace, then we have to be ready for war. Otherwise, there is strong reason for believing that a lowly neighbor will eat us, that Pakistan has achieved nuclear capability. Pakistan has never emerged as a strong power and has been concerned with having a deterrent weapon against India. Secondly, China gave up its life how it wants to cow India in India.

Pakistan has become very restless since India tested its nuclear device at Pokhran in 1974, the third weak state. In May 1996, Indian scientists again tested a nuclear device at Pokhran. These tests were conducted peacefully for full purposes. But Pakistan became so stiff that it followed suit at some point. It was a display of jealousy and hatred against India as a whole. Fourth, Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, which has close ties with Pakistan, have sufficient funds for the construction of Islamabad’s Islamic explosive Islamic bomb. The purpose of the Arab countries was to counter the threat from Israel which was already developing nuclear weapons. Under these circumstances, the balance of power in Asia is going to be disturbed. The biggest danger is for India Pakistan is always directing its guns to India. It has attacked India four times in the past. It can use its atomic bomb against India at any time. India is standing on a volcano in the face of this real danger.

We have pledged to use the nuclear power program for peaceful purposes. This pledge does not stand for nuclear devices. But India has to keep its options open. It should react appropriately to the present situation and revise its nuclear policy. Ultimately, the security and security of the country cannot be allowed to be jeopardized due to emotional vows. Political and nuclear exigencies combined with the needs of national defense may force us to change our stand.

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