Essay on Indian Woman in English for Students

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Essay on Indian Woman in Very Simple Words

Women have had a special place in our society since the ancient era. In our mythological texts, the woman is considered revered and devout. Our belief has been that Dev Shakti resides there, where the entire female caste is seen in terms of prestige and honor.

The said statement of these ancient texts still holds the same importance as it had in ancient times. No family, society or nation can move forward in true sense unless it discards discrimination, humiliation or inferiority towards women.

In ancient times, Indian women were viewed with special respect and revered vision. Countless Indian women like Sita, Sati-Savitri, Anasuya, Gayatri etc. have proved their special place. In the erstwhile society, the presence of a woman was considered important in the editing of any specific work.

Later, after several attacks on the country, changes in the condition of Indian women also began to change. The woman’s own uniqueness and her place in society continued to get inferior. The condition of the Indian woman became very worrying with the coming of the British rule. She began to be termed as Abla and faced day to day neglect and reproach.

National Poetry ‘Maithili Sharan Gupt’ has expressed the position of women in her era with very sensitive sentiments:

”अबला जीवन हाय तुम्हारी यही कहानी ।

आँचल में है दूध और आँखों में पानी ।”

Apart from the foreign invasions and their atrocities, social evils, adultery and our traditional conservatism in Indian society also played an important role in making the Indian woman weak.

While violating the rights of women, she was made a dependent of the man. Dowry, child marriage and sati etc. are the product of these evil practices. The man declared the woman to be a follower through texts and lectures to maintain her supremacy.

Rani Lakshmibai, Chand Bibi, etc., were the only exceptions in the British rule, who rose above all their traditions and left their indelible mark on the pages of history. The contribution of Indian women in the freedom struggle also cannot be ignored.

Today’s era is an era of change. An unprecedented change can also be seen in the condition of the Indian woman. After the independence, many social reformers, social workers and our governments have paid special attention to women’s upliftment and have tried to show its importance in all sections of society and nation.

As a result, today women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men. It has proved its utility in almost all fields including science and technology. He has shown to the society and nation that he is not less than men in terms of power or ability.

Undoubtedly, continuous improvement in the present condition of women is the criterion of progress of the nation. The day is not far when all the efforts of men and women will come to fruition and our country will be one of the leading countries of the world.

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