Essay on Indian Farmer in English for Students

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Essay on Indian Farmer in Very Easy Words

India is a country of farmers. Agriculture is the main basis of our country’s economy or in other words we can say that farmers are the main responsibility of the country’s economy.

But it is very unfortunate that most of the farmers in our country are living a life of poverty. Their situation has not changed significantly with the change of time. Three-fourths of the country’s population lives in villages. Agriculture is the main occupation of these villagers.

Most of the farmers in our country are poor and uneducated due to which they have been unable to change their situation over time. The Indian farmer usually wears plain clothes and lives in an environment that is not health-appropriate, such as lack of proper skylight in their homes or proper sanitation in the home and environment. To be etc.

However, he has a close relationship with nature during his tenure. During the summer, winter and rainy season, the cool winds, open sun, the smell of flowers from the flowers, the fragrant soil and many such pleasurable sensations continue to accompany her.

Indian farmers are usually simple in nature. The tendency of hard work in them is full of codification. The quality of tolerance is so strong that in rainy or scorching sun they can do this work in all environments.

Despite the relentless hard work of our farmers, there are many reasons for their backwardness. The most prominent of these reasons is their poverty and illiteracy. For these reasons, most farmers continue to do farming in conservative ways. Due to their ignorance and poverty, these farmers have been deprived of the benefits of modern scientific methods of agriculture. In this ignorance, he has not been able to use good seeds, chemical fertilizers and other scientific techniques.

Apart from poverty and illiteracy, another major reason for the backwardness of our farmers is that our farmers are completely dependent on the monsoon. In the event of a bad monsoon, drought or flood, etc., the farmers become confused among themselves. Therefore, improvement in the condition of farmers can be brought in the same situation when they can be benefited through various schemes etc.

A campaign should be launched to make farmers more literate. Simultaneously, various informative programs should be prepared so that our farmer can become aware of modern scientific methods of agriculture. The government is constantly working to improve the condition of farmers. Through Doordarshan and other media, she is organizing many programs so that farmers can become aware of modern farming methods.

Efforts are constantly being made to provide the best equipments, equipments and chemical fertilizers to the farmers at cheap prices for agriculture. Loans are being provided to farmers at very low interest so that they can buy good seeds and agricultural equipment. In this way the practice of exploitation by moneylenders, landlords etc. has gradually come to an end.

If we compare the situation of Indian farmers with the pre-independence period, there is a difference of ground and sky. Although the condition of many of the farmers becomes very thoughtful due to natural calamities, the efforts being made today to improve the condition of Indian farmers are commendable.

The day is not far when the farmer will be fully happy, all will be literate and they will not have to fight for basic needs. Undoubtedly, the beautiful future of the farmers will play an important role in taking the nation towards the peak of development.

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