Essay on The Role of Women in Indian Society in English

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200 Words – Essay on The Role of Women in Indian Society in English in Very Easy Words

Women have been playing an important role in the society from the Paranic times to the modern era. In ancient times, the woman was worshiped as a goddess. But in today’s time, the situation of women has become very pathetic. She plays all relationships from birth to death with great dexterity. She takes care of everyone’s needs and happiness but craves for little respect herself. Our India is a male dominated country where only men are run in the society and women are not given their full rights. Women are only considered to do household chores.

They are not allowed to participate in family decisions. But still indirectly she plays an important role in the society. He is helpful in advancing family and society. No ritual and worship can be done without a woman. A woman cannot walk home for even a day. It is the woman who runs the house and society with the suggestion. Women are the backbone of our society.

400 Words – Essay on The Role of Women in Indian Society in English in Very Easy Words

People is the best creation of “God”. Today we will reveal the role of women in the society. We cannot ignore the status of women in society. Women are the most important part of this society. We know that men and women have a wheel of a car. She takes care of her home, children, family and also works for herself and her family. Men therefore earn money, they provide essential things to their family. Will be able to

Women do not just do housework. She also works outside the home. We cannot include this work in our household work. He is busy all the time and does not get any extra time to feel relaxed.

Women are important in our society. In this modern society every woman has her own job or duty in which men are still the ‘strongest gender’; We cannot forget that the life of women is much more complicated than the life of a man. A woman has to take care of her personal life and if she is a mother, then she has to take care about her children’s life as well. Married women have a lot of concerns and believe it or not, they have a more stressful life than married men.

Now, men and women have equal roles in society. Now women get higher education and are not dependent on men.

Many times in my life I have heard comments about the lack of importance for women. I am personally against these types of comments. The most important person in my life is my mother.


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