Advanced WordPress SEO Settings for New Blogger

Advanced WordPress SEO Settings, New blogger WordPress SEO Settings, WordPress SEO Settings for New Blogger – Have you done Advanced WordPress SEO Settings, it is often seen that new bloggers start posting posts after creating their WordPress blog and then creating backlinks and waiting for their page to rank.

Do you know what is meant by Advanced WordPress SEO Settings, when we create our new blog, at the same time enable or disable all the necessary settings of our blog.

And this is called Advanced WordPress SEO Settings. SEO of our blog starts with creating the blog.

When we install WordPress, along with that, there are many similar settings of our WordPress blog which have to be turned on or off, only after dealing with all these settings, we create some pages on our blog like-

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

Now after doing all this, we start writing posts on our WordPress blog. But we have seen many new bloggers that after creating their WordPress blog, they start posting blog posts without turning on or off the necessary settings.

There are some changes in WordPress blog that we should make along with creating our blog, but there are some changes that you can do anytime.

Keep in mind that if you have been working on your WordPress blog for a long time and now make changes in it which should not be done, then this can cause a big mess in your WordPress SEO.

In this post, we will learn to enable or disable Advanced WordPress SEO Settings as well as whether your blog is new or old, if your blog is out of date, then which changes would be right to do and which changes would not be right to do. But still we will keep an eye on it.

Advanced WordPress SEO Settings for New Blogger


To do Advanced WordPress SEO Settings, first you login to your WordPress admin panel and then go to the Settings option on the left side and click on General.

Now put the title of your blog in Site Title at the top, for example I will put the title of my blog Blog SEO Help.

By writing a line in the tagline below, tell what your site is about and then the URL of your site will appear in the WordPress Address url and Site Address url below it.

Check that there is https, if there is only http then put https in it then do https.

WordPress SEO Settings

Now on this scroll down a little bit in the page and select the time zone of your country in Timezone, for example I am from India then I will choose Kolkata.

And then after selecting Date Format and Time Format at the bottom, save this settings by clicking on the button of Save Settings at the bottom.

You can make changes in this settings at any time, that is, even if you have been running your blog for a few days, you can still rectify the mistakes here.


Now in Settings, click on the second option above Writing and you can choose any one category in the Default Post Category in the right side.

Whichever category you choose, whenever you write a new post, it will be set by default, then you will also be able to change it, now you can save this setting by clicking on the button below Save Settings.


Now you click on the next option Reading of the settings and select your latest post in your homepage displays in the right side, by selecting this any visitor will come to the home page of your site, then it will show all your new posts.

If you have created a static page, then by selecting the second option a static page, you can select that page in the home page.

Now select the number of posts to be shown on your homepage in the blog page show at most at the bottom, if you type 9 here, then 9 posts will be shown on your home page.

Now go down a little further and select include for each post in a feed, this will show the post on your home page along with a few lines from the first paragraph of your post.

Now at the bottom there is a small box in front of the search engine visibility, leave it empty, if there is a tick mark on it, then remove the tick mark and then save this setting by clicking on the Save Settings button at the bottom.

You can also make changes in Reading Settings at any time, it does not make any difference in SEO.


Click on the next option Discussion of Settings and then in the right side you can change this settings for the comment in your blog post, change it according to you.


Next to Settings, click on Media and select the size for the feature image or thumbnail inserted in your blog post on the right side.

I have chosen width 150 and height 150 in my blog thumbnail size. Now the next option is to keep Max Width 300 in Medium Size and 300 in Max Height because I have kept the same size, you can keep any other size if you want.

The next option can be kept Max Width 1024 and Max Height 1024 in Large Size, now save this setting by clicking on the button of Save Settings at the bottom.


Now click on Permalink, the next option of Settings and select Post Name in the right side, by choosing this the URL of your blog will be made in this way

And almost everyone wants to keep this type of url because it is the shortest.

After making the settings of the permalink, save these settings by clicking on the button of Save Settings at the bottom.

Note: Keep in mind that if you are creating your blog now, then only change the permalink, if your blog is old, you have already worked here, then do not change the permalink, otherwise your posts which are ranking in the search engine You can lose his traffic.


Next click on the option Privacy and click on the drop down arrow in front of change your privacy policy page in the right side.

And select the Privacy Policy Page you have already created on your blog and then click on the button of Use This Page in the right side.

Now till now we have saved all the settings coming under Settings in our WordPress Blog, now we will see more important SEO settings going forward.

Choose SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

Theme is also the reason for slow loading speed of our site, we should choose a good WordPress theme for WordPress SEO.

If your blog provides information or information, then we would recommend you to use GeneratePress Theme  because this theme is quite lightweight.

Although you can use GeneratePress for free, but if you have the budget, then you can customize your site well by taking its premium plan and many more premium services.

Here See – Best 20 SEO Friendly Theme 

Install SEO Plugin

It is not that by installing SEO Plugin, your site will be ranked in the search engine, rather these plugins advise us to SEO Optimized the post while writing our post, which gives convenience to the new blogger.

In SEO Plugin, we would recommend you to install one of the 3 plugins.

1 Yoast SEO
2 All In One
3 Rank Math SEO

You can install any one of these three SEO Plugin, then whenever you write a post, this plugin will tell what is lacking in your post and with the help of this plugin you will be able to optimize your post well.

Submit a Site to Google Search Console and Create an XML Sitemap

When we create our blog and publish something on it, then submit our blog to Google Search Console and then create XML Sitemap and submit it to Search Console.

If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin, then this plugin generates XML Sitemap automatically.

When you submit your blog to Google Search Console, then login to your WordPress admin panel and go to SEO at the bottom left side and click on General and now the general settings of Yoast SEO Plugin will open in front of you.

Now click on the second number option Features option in the top right side and then click on the question mark icon next to XML Sitemap at the bottom and then click on the link to see the XML Sitemap.

Now the XML Sitemap created by Yoast SEO Plugin will open in front of you, copy its link from the search box above and then go back to the search console and submit it by clicking on the Sitemap option.

Keep setting custom URL for each post

When we publish any post on our WordPress blog, its URL WordPress automatically takes the title of our post, which is not good for WordPress SEO.

But such a URL is not SEO friendly, you should change it before publishing the post.

For example, the title of your block is Advanced WordPress SEO Settings In Hindi, then you can put the URL of this post like this in wordpress seo settings and the complete URL of your post will be made in this way.

Select Heading H2 after Post Title

The title of the post on our WordPress blog is H1 by default, so make the first heading after the title H2 and this heading should contain the main keyword of your post.

From the title of our post, the search engine is able to get information about our post and users can also understand from the title of the post what they will get to read here.

So write the title well optimized and your post title should also contain the main keyword of your post.

Read here – How to write perfect title

Tags & Meta Description

If any of our page ranks in the search engine, then only Title and Meta description is visible there and seeing this, users click on it and open your post.

Therefore, for WordPress SEO, along with the title, the description has to be written in such a way that the complete summary of your post can be read in the two-line description.

Do Internal Linking

Whenever you write a post on your blog, definitely link another post of the same category to this new post, this makes it easy for the user to navigate and the search engine can also easily crawl all your pages.

Through internal linking, one of your pages is connected to another page and in such a situation, it is easy for the user to go from one of your pages to another and Google’s bots can easily crawl all your pages.

Interlinking in WordPress is very easy, you just select any text in your post and after clicking on the link button, paste the URL of another page and submit.

Please name the image

When you design a feature image or take a screenshot for your blog post, be sure to rename it before uploading it to your post.

The default name of any jpg image or screenshot is /image123.jpg but you keep the focus keyword used in your blog post by changing this name for WordPress SEO.

If you are putting a screenshot in your post, then fix its name according to the screen shot.

Must put Alt Text in the image

When you upload any image in your wordpress blog, there is an option to enter the caption and Alt Text of that image, you must enter the Alt Text of your image.

In the Alt Text of the Feature Image, enter Focus Keywords and other keywords related to that image in the Alt Text of other screenshots, because Google’s bot can understand any image only through its Alt Text.

And when you put focus keyword or other keyword in the form of Alt Text in your image or screenshot, then only that image ranks in the search engine and you also get a lot of traffic through that image.

Pay Attention to Your Site’s Performance

If you follow all the rules mentioned above, then you will find that the performance of your WordPress SEO has started improving a lot, now we will talk about the good performance of your site below and solve it.

Install a Good Cache Plugin

Our site’s loading speed means that the loading of the site at a fast speed is a ranking factor and google is paying a lot of attention in this direction, so you have to pay special attention to the loading speed of your blog.

If you want to improve the performance of your site, then for this you have to install a good Caching Plugin.

We recommend you to use WP Rocket Caching Plugin because this plugin keeps your side cache under control and it makes your site loading speed faster.

Keep in mind that there is a tree plugin, for this you will have to spend some money, if you want to use Lion plugin for free without spending money, then you can use W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Cache Enabler.

Optimize Image

When we design an image to put in our blog post, we upload it in our blog post in the same way, but these large file images slow down the loading speed of our site.

WordPress SEO Minimize the size of the image To reduce the file size of the image, convert that image to WebP Image. Is.

Not long ago WordPress did not support WebP images but in the new update 5.8 of WordPress, it has started supporting WebP images.

If you don’t know how to convert any format image to web p, here is a guide. WebP Image

If you want, you can optimize all the images uploaded on your site through Smush WordPress Plugin.

Use Last Updated Date

We should constantly update our post so that new information is added to that post as per the time.

But with updating the post, if the Last Updated Date appears in that post, then it is also a positive message for Search Engine and Users. Was.

By default there is no such facility in WordPress so that if you update your post, then the date of that day should appear there but for this you can use WP Last Modified Info Plugin.

The advantage of using this plugin is that whenever you update any of your old posts, the Last Updated Date appears in that post.

Clean up Broken Link regularly

We should keep cleaning the broken link in our post regularly. We do interlinking of one of our pages with other pages and sometimes we delete a post.

But if you have given the link of the post which you may have deleted in another post, then that link will be called Broken Link or Broken Link.

When you delete a post and its link is given in another post, then any user clicks on that link of that post, then an error comes in front of him because you have deleted that post.

When Google’s Crawler crawls your page and finds Broken Link, it has a bad effect on the WordPress SEO of your page.

Broken Link Interlinks can have outbound links as well, and you can use some plugins like Broken Link Checker  to clean it up.


The popularity of WordPress increases even more because it is a seo-friendly CMS, even a new blogger can easily run his blog on this platform.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can be successful in beating your competitor in the field of blogging.

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