Top 10 new business ideas to start in 2023

Top 10 new business ideas to start in 2023: Sufficient investment and effective management are key factors for a business. Without these  factors, a profitable and sustainable business is not possible. Another important aspect for a business is exploring new business ideas. Many businesses get out-dated within a few years & the business-men have to shut it down. A new approach and innovative idea is necessary to have a constant & increase profit.

Top 10 new business ideas to start in 2023

Here are leading 10 new business ideas for 2023 that you can establish easily.

Interior Designing and decoration

Aesthetics are not just a concept for rich people now. The middle class households are opting for modern kitchens, new color schemes, etc. If you have creativity skills then interior designing is what you can opt for. Interior designing & decoration has become a demand in the market. There is no distrust that this business will offer you with a high ROI every month.


GSK SUVIDHA KENDRA is a GSP approved center. It supports SMEs, businessmen, shopkeepers, etc to comply with GST. These centers provide an opportunity to set up your GSK. If you have basic knowledge of computer software, you can initiate this business. It will provide you the following benefits-

  • A license
  • Certificates & rewards
  • Profitable commission
  • Provide services other than GST submission.
  • 24/7 support
  • Training, etc.

Wedding planner

Every year people spend lakhs and crores on big fat weddings in India. If you think you can manage people & functions and have eye on detailing then you can set up your wedding planner business. It is the utmost rewarding business in India. You can start your business with small events and gradually proceed for big budget weddings.

Incense Stick Producing

The Incense stick or Agar-batti is used for a specific role in Indian society. It is used for millennia social & religious purposes.  Incense production is the most successful business idea in India. Materials required for this business are accessible in the market. One can begin this business at home & earn a profitable ROI. This business requires a trading license from the local authority to operate in the city.

Podcast Editing Service

There are leading businesses that are earning well with their podcasts. They often search for editors to edit their work as they already have enough work on their plates. You can have adequate pay in this hustle. Now the question arises, which are the significant skills necessary for a podcast editor? Well a great editor must have the basic knowledge of editing softwares. He/She must be able to put a  file, remove all mistakes & make it sound exceptional. Any person who gets proficient with its basics, can earn a profitable income on every project.

Website Design business

Whether new or old, every business needs a website or wants to improve their own website. You can set up your website designing business if you are skilled to design a website.  This business doesn’t require you to make a huge capital investment. With minimal investment, you can set this business at home.

Home-based catering

You can have a decent income by setting up a home based catering business. It requires knack for cooking, minimal cost & catering equipment. You can make most from this business by creating a website. Besides this, you can join online platforms, experiment with local food markets, etc.

Greeting cards

Do you have a good idea on design and love to show your artwork on physical items? Greeting card business is best for you. Materials required for this business are available in the market & you can stock them easily. You will need to prepare some handful designs before looking for clients. Hence, you can earn a profitable ROI.

WordPress Support

Numerous websites are hosted on WordPress.If you understand the in & out of this platform, you can have profitable pay every month. You can support clients to find and address security holes, fix their CSS, etc. We recommend you to create a custom website and list your services on online portals. This will aid you to have good relationships &  boost trust with your clients.

Email Marketing

Are you proficient at cracking the code for crafting subject lines or writing emails? If so, you can make a good income by initiating a business in Email Marketing. You can approach companies through various sites where they need assistance for email strategy.  To initiate this business, you will need to invest in buying email marketing software tools. These tools will make your task easy & help you to earn cost-effective pay.

Things you must do before starting a new business in 2023

There are some common steps a common business owner must take before opening doors for new business.

  • Discover a creative idea

The most successful businesses are initiated with- an idea. It helps you to recognize what unique service/product you can promote for your target market.

  • Write a plan

A business plan helps you to develop a commitment towards your business. It is the foremost thing every potential investor will request.  The business plan provides a detailed overview of your business, financial requirements, etc.

  • Create proper legal structure

As per your particular business need, select the proper legal structure. You can take help from a qualified business account or corporate lawyer.

  • Understand your competitor and marketplace

A competitor enables business owners to innovate their service & products. You should examine what your competitors are doing to get fit in the business market. This will aid you to create the best strategy opposing your competitor.

  • Identify a good location

Whether it is an entire business park or home office, a prime location can support your business to easily operate.

  • Set up a web presence

Even if you have fully set up your business at a physical location, a web presence is utmost necessary. It helps you to get more customers & earn worthwhile income.

  • Set up a marketing plan

Create a marketing plan that accomplishes all over your business plan. It will assure you to get success in your new business. A full optimized website should be included in your marketing plan, even if you are setting up a brick and mortar business.


I’m working at GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. GST SUVIDHA KENDRA® is an ASPs recognized and GSTN approved GST facilitation center which offers business opportunities to Indian citizens. Satish holds extensive years of experience and loves to share information on the latest news and updates. In his free time, he loves to help self-motivated individuals to start a business at low investments.

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