Essay on Benefit of Library in English

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Essay on Benefit from the Library in Very Simple Words for Students

Man is a social being. The carnage of other beings also eats, drinks, sleeps, wakes up; It shows love, hatred and fear etc. Despite these similarities, there is a very special feature in it, which is found much less in other beings than in humans.

He is the thirst for knowledge. He is never satisfied with his present. Always willing to learn and learn new things. For this, he sometimes resorts to schools, sometimes travels the country and longitude and sometimes sits in libraries and makes self-learning through books.

In this way, we see that excursions, schools and libraries are the means of acquiring human knowledge. We focus our thoughts on the need and utility of the library only, excluding other means.

The word library is composed of the words ‘book’ and ‘abode’. Abode means a hall. Thus the meaning of the word library – ‘home of books’ means the house where books reside. There are also a large number of books in the houses of publishers and booksellers, but we do not call them libraries. We can call those houses as libraries, where different types of books are collected for reading. Libraries are of three types – 1. Government, 2. Government aided and 3. Personal .

Government itself manages the construction of buildings, collection of books and salaries of library staff in government libraries. The government aided library is managed by the public. The government provides some financial assistance to such libraries. Everyone can benefit from both the above types of libraries.

There are some rules of the library. People following these rules become its members. On becoming a member they also have the right to take the books home. Studious and knowledgeable readers take full advantage of this by becoming members of libraries.

Some people get addicted to reading books. They keep collecting books. Gradually, his collection becomes so vast that it takes the form of a library. Such people usually collect books according to their interest and need.

It is not possible to buy books and read for the poor and common people. It is also very difficult for them to travel around the country and longitude and learn new things from different countries. If there is any simple and easy means of learning for the general public, then it is a library. The library is useful for everyone. Everyone can get books from there according to their interest and tendency; All can benefit from it.

Researchers doing research in different disciplines cannot succeed in their purpose if they do not have the support of libraries. The credit for providing new research, new inventions and new creations goes to libraries only. The basis of every new knowledge is ancient knowledge. Ancient knowledge is preserved in ancient literature.

Libraries are the preserve of ancient literature. In this view, libraries are the originators of our new civilization. As members of libraries, we sit and read books from those remote countries; Gain knowledge of the civilization and culture of those countries and benefit from their knowledge-science.

In this way libraries do great welfare of us, our society and our country. They help most in the progress of the country and society. Saves our money and labor. Overcome our difficulties. Take us from darkness to light. Fill our brain with knowledge.

Entertain us. Motivates us to walk in step with the world. Knowledge and science encourage us to reach at par with the countries that have grown far ahead. The library is our best friend. It is the ultimate duty of our society and government to spread and promote such a benevolent person.

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