Essay on Benefit of Learning Newspapers in English

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Essay on Benefit of Learning Newspapers for Students in Very Easy Words

Newspapers are a major pillar of exchange of information and human sensibilities. Its history is relatively ancient. In ancient times this area was confined to a particular area, but in view of the new innovations and its usefulness in the art of printing, newspapers got widespread with time.

Today, the prevalence of newspapers has become so much that they have become a major part of the public mind. Newspapers are published in many languages ​​around the world. In our country, newspapers of Times of India, Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Hindustan etc. are published in Hindi and English language. Newspapers are published at national level in Hindi and English languages. Apart from this, newspapers are also published in regional languages ​​in different parts of the country.

Newspapers are one of the major pillars of democratic governance. Through this, a person can express his feelings, experiences and sensations in front of society and nation by being impartial and fearless. The opinions or opinions of people related to a particular subject can also be known through newspapers.

Through the newspapers, we get information about the political upheaval of the country and abroad and the statements of the leaders etc. sitting at home. Apart from this, we can also review the review presented by scholars and great political analysts in the context of a particular decision taken on any political aspect. Also, in the context of that particular decision or event, we can put forward our opinion and our opinion in front of the country.

Apart from political upheavals, through newspapers we can get information about major events related to our city, town and village by regional newspapers. Information about major work done for the area and society can be obtained through these letters.

Not only this, information about all the latest happenings of the business world is available in newspapers. We get an account of the fluctuating prices of the shares of companies and in addition to the news of the new product brought out by a company in the market through newspapers.

We also get to know about the movements in sports world through newspapers. In the near future, we can get complete information about which events are happening on which date and where etc. Newspapers play a major role in popularizing the world’s greatest players.

Newspapers are undoubtedly a major source of exchange of information and sensations. Apart from this, through newspapers, a person can send advertisements related to his business, marriage, job or other subjects. Business institutions can promote their products through advertisements. Students are very happy to see advertisements for their eligible vacancies.

In addition, when required, an employee can be appointed through advertisements. The central and provincial governments publish many popular advertisements in newspapers which benefit the common man. Through this, information about vaccination of various diseases, state function, development works etc. is made available to the public.

Therefore, newspapers have special importance in the life of human beings. He can use the information contained in it in many ways. Newspapers are the mirror of the country and society. The actual presentation of all the incidents happening in the country and society is the responsibility of the newspapers. They cannot be based on any partisan sentiment. Newspapers do not work for any individual or society but for the upliftment of the whole society and nation.

It is very unfortunate that sometimes these newspapers try to misuse the corrupt leaders of the country, selfishly. They publish such reports which increase the feeling of separatism and corruption in the country. Every effort should be made to prevent this so that the credibility and popularity of newspapers is always maintained and its dignity as a major pillar of democracy.

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