How to Block Unrelated Categories Ads in Google Adsense

How to Block Unrelated Categories Ads in Google Adsense, How do I stop AdSense irrelevant ads, How do I block inappropriate ads : Google Adsense gives us various types of ads. Adsense ads are available for keywords related to any topic our blog is on, but some categories are unrelated to our site content and we get little benefit from showing their ads. If we block in unrelated categories then our adsense earnings can increase.

Google Adsense is the world’s most popular and top advertising program and related ads are available from just about every topic, but when we run a blog, we work on a limited number of topics. For example, articles from categories like blogging, SEO, make money etc. are more shared on Fastread blog.

Similarly every blogger has limited topics and google adsense unblocks me all categories by default. Now my subject is blogging, so there is no work of health advertisements on my blog, because the same user will come to my blog who needs to know about blogging.

So if we block unrelated categories in google adsense related ads will show more and we will get more ad clicks, CPC will increase, country we will make more money from adsense.

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How to Increase Revenue by Blocking Unrelated Categories in Google AdSense / irrelevant ads

We all know that Google tracks the user’s activity and shows ads according to his choice, but Google also shows ads related to content and clicks on related ads get more.

That’s why we can block unrelated ads and display only related ads. I feel you, I have benefited in both CPC, Clicks.

  • First of all, you go to Google Adsense and log in with your Gmail ID.
  • Now left sidebar click on Allow and block me >> All my sites.
  • Select the General Categories option.
  • Now click on % Earning option to see Minimum Earning Percentage Category.
  • Block the categories from which you are not earning, then the impressions are high and the earnings are less.
  • To block, you must disable the left side me right toggle of the category.
Blocking Unrelated Categories in Google AdSense
Blocking Unrelated Categories in Google AdSense

Similarly you can block ads sensitive category and other categories. Remember that starting me should block only 2-5 topics, in which 30-100 categories will be blocked. Do not block all the categories in the very beginning or else Adsense earning will be down.

Do try the experiment for 10-15 days, I am sure you will definitely get it. I am using the trick for quite some time and by this method my adsense earnings increase by 20%-30%. This trick of I Hope will work well for you too.

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