3 Tips to Optimize Adsense Ads for Mobile Traffic

3 Tips to Optimize Adsense Ads for Mobile Traffic, Adsense Optimize for Mobile Traffic revenue :  You may be a Google Adsense publisher or you may already be earning well from Adsense advertising. But do you know in the bare of Adsense optimization, in the bare of most mobile ads optimization, 80% of the mobile traffic on the website or blog is more. This post is me main mobile device i will tell you in bare the top size of google adsense ads from which you can earn more money.

If you are earning from Google Adsense from last 1-2 years, then no need to tell you that I earn more income from mobile advertising on desktop. Google search engine also now focuses more on mobile optimization. So if you want to earn good money from mobile user then I should know what size Adsense – Earn more than advertising in mobile device.

Every year the number of mobile users or those using Android smartphones is increasing. People browse the internet in their mobile device or read website or blog pages on mobile as compared to desktop computer. So if you want to earn more from Adsense then it is necessary to optimize Google Adsense mobile ads for mobile users.

I would optimize mobile ads with or without the size of the AdSense ads on which the mobile device gets the most clicks, the highest CPC or the mobile user pays the most interest.

3 Tips to Optimize Adsense Ads for Mobile Traffic

Adsense Optimize or Adsense Ad Placement Optimization Tips will prove to be a better use for mobile user, better performance from mobile device or you will generate more revenue from Adsense mobile advertising.

If I tell about all mobile ad optimization tips, then this post will not be enough for that or you will not read that much then I will show you top 3 mobile ad optimization tips which are most workable or beneficial.

3 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Web Income

1. Choose the Optimal Ad Size

Whenever it comes to Adsense Ads Optimization, the first question that comes to me is which screen size is better. This is most important in mobile too.

You will find recommended, horizontal banner, vertical banner, rectangular, responsive, custom size and link size ads on Adsense but it does not work properly on all mobile screens. This is the optimal ad size to present.

  1. 300*250 Medium Rectangle: This ad size is the best or No. 1 display detail on a mobile device. Will you get the most clicks or CPC?
  2. 336*280 Large rectangle: This ad size is the best for Android smartphones.
  3. 320*100 Large Mobile Banner: If you want to use banner ad in mobile then this ad size is most effective.
  4. 320*50 Mobile Banner: Mobile banner ad size is better for small mobile user.

Tips to Optimize Mobile adsense ad

2. Try Responsive Ad Units

I am using google adsense since last 4 years, in between I have seen many adsense ads placement or size optimization but responsive ad units gives the best performance among all of them.

In the end, the main last key month does in responsive ad units but the trick that works for me doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

So I don’t ask you to replace all the ad units in responsive ad units but you can use ads of those ad units with responsive size of ads which have low performance or are getting useful to you.

Adsense Responsive Ad Units
Adsense Responsive Ad Units

Apart from Responsive Aid Unit, if you use full-width Responsive Ad Unit in mobile, then you will get more benefit.

Actually, on all websites or blogs, there is a space for padding and margin on the side of the content or when the content page is opened in mobile, then the content size is 5px, 10px or 20px of space.

For example, your site has given me space of 10px then in mobile left 10px + right 10px = 20px. Now if a user will open your site in mobile phone with screen size of 300px width then it will have 300px – 20px = 280px space for advertising.

Now if there is no adsense ad of 280px width then yaa ad unit of size less than 280px will show. So if you finish the space and show the ad in full width 300px space, then there will be 300×250 ad unit show or you will get better result than before.

full width responsive adsense ads example
full width responsive adsense ads example

3. Optimize Ad Placement

Apart from Adsense ad size, ad placement is most important. This is important not only for mobiles but also for desktops, laptops, tablets and devices of all other screen sizes. The better ad placement you do, the better you will be able to earn.

Mostly, we display ads at the place after the title, after the first paragraph, after the second paragraph but in mobile I need to care a little. In mobile, you can do ad placement with 3 wires.

  • After Title: You can show after title ad, this is good Adsense ad placement.
  • Post content: Showing ads of after content is the best Adsense ad placement.
  • After First Paragraph: After first Para’s ad show , this is excellent Adsense ad placement.
Optimize Adsense Ad Placement
Optimize Adsense Ad Placement

These 3 mobile ad optimization works 100% or will prove 100% helpful to me to increase your adsense earning. This is not mine, says a member of the Google Adsense team.


I hope you tips work for you or you will increase your mobile advertising earning. In the coming time, mobile users will be more than 50% or your site will have more mobile traffic than desktop, then do not ignore after reading the post or do Adsense optimization for mobile.

If you do Adsense optimization correctly, $50-$100 can work from 10,000 page views or if you do not do ads optimization properly, then it is also difficult to earn $ 20-$30 from 10 thousand page views.

These top mobile ad optimization tips are not just me but the Adsense team has explained these 3 tips in the “Optimization: Best Practices for Mobile Ads” video on their YouTube channel.

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