Big Update of Google News – What Impact Your Website?

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For your information, I would like to tell that Google says that publishers, website owners or bloggers who write websites related to News will fully support them. Because the number of people watching Google News is more than 50,000 all over the world and out of which Google provides service to its users in 35 languages.

If you are a news publisher, website owner or blogger, then it is very important for you to know what is Google News Transparency Policy. Because in the coming time you are going to get a lot of work from this. Along with this, it is also important to know the role of the article and website level factors/signals in the Google News Transparency Policy.

Big Update of Google News – What Impact Your Website?

But Google will support you only if you properly fulfill the guidelines of Google Web Master (Google Search Console).

If we talk about Google News, then it is a news aggregator service developed by Google. In which Google has taken out transparency policy some time back.

If you want to understand Google News Transparency Policy well, then you have to read this article till the end, only then you will get benefit from this article. Let’s first start with Google News Transparency Policy

Google News Transparency Policy

Google News Transparency Policy is for those publishers who publish information related to Google News on their website. These transparency policies were launched when Google published the Google Discover Feed policies in a new manual.

Google understands the needs of all its news publishers and users. For this reason, he keeps on changing his algorithm as well. When Google does a new update, it takes care of what kind of information can be useful to internet users to assess the performance and reliability of any website.

To thoroughly assess all these news websites, Google has launched the Google News Transparency Policy. These policies will determine what is and is not eligible to appear on Google News and other news surfaces, in addition to helping determine which news websites users can trust.

Google News: Article-Level Factors

By using the “article level” factors/indications in the Google News Transparency Policy, Google can locate information that helps users to get detailed context about the articles and stories the publishers cover.

These publishers arouse the interest of the users in their searched topic through their articles. When articles from these publishers are shown on Google Search, they are effective in voice search. But this is possible only if the niche you will choose for your article has been linked properly by doing keyword research.

Both articles or news featured on Google Discover are designed to improve the user experience. From the paragraph-level factors/indications of the Google News Transparency Policy, the Google website owner’s address is as follows:

  • Google can find the website owner writing the news from the article signature, which tells about the author’s specialty and credentials.
  • The date of publication of the article means on which day the article was published, it can also be found out.
    Along with this, the labeling tells what type of article is, for example the website is going to give “opinion” or “News”.

Google News – Website Level Factors

“Website level” Factors/Signals have been added to the Google News Transparency Policy so that readers can understand the purpose of the website, its organizational structure and the information required from it.

In simple words, when users do a topic on Google’s search bar, Google understands the intent of its users and places the same web pages in front of them which are absolutely relevant to the topic of the users. Then the users click on one of those suggested pages on the web page, then the work of website level signals starts. It provides readers with information related to that website.

If you want users to visit your website, then you have to do SEO of your web page well. Apart from this, for readers to spend maximum time on your website, you have to focus well on internal linking on backlinks. This will benefit you that if the bounce rate of your website is high, then it will decrease as well as the CTR will increase.

You can find out how Google measures the transparency of websites by reading the points given below:

  • First of all, Google measures the generality of the information given in the website (such as content statements, editorial policies and standards).
  • After that detects such information which is not relevant to the content.
  • Finally, checks the images and videos used in the post. All these come in website level factors.

Principles Behind The Approach

Google says that “transparency” requires an approach that is thoughtful, yet dynamic with differences in resources, editorial philosophy and local criteria. Also be adapted to reflect the evolving standards.

Google also believes that the global news ecosystem is developing further. Google launched transparency policies to ensure that it is inclusive and responsive to industry changes. Google has many principles that guide readers such as:

  • Google News considers different sector and country-level expectations and practices related to transparency.
  • Google has said that it can look at multiple inputs simultaneously and consider the breadth of editorial practices.
  • Google also considers those information to clearly provide information to users.

If we talk about Google News, then it is present as an application on Android and iOS. It looks and works exactly like the Apple News App.

What is Google News?

Google News is a news aggregator launched by Google itself. Which collects articles from thousands of publishers and generates a list and creates a continuous news flow. Which helps internet users to search latest news from various industries. Google’s algorithm gives more importance to news websites that have relevant information on more trending topics.

How do Google News Websites Rank?

  • If you want to rank your Google News website search engine then you have to follow these steps:
  • First of all, whatever niche you select for your Google News should be of high priority.
  • If you do not know much about SEO, then you should focus on trends again. With this you will know which websites are in trend.
  • You also have to search which is the highest ranking headlines on top stories.
  • You have to keep the content of your news website absolutely high quality.
  • You also need to put a sitemap in your Google News website.


Friends, if we talk about Google news transparency policy for publishers, then Google wants to find out well about news websites from this policy. By doing this, the result will come out in front of Google that from which websites users are getting correct news and which websites are not. For this you also have to pay attention to Technical SEO.

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