Best Affordable Health Insurance Policy Companies 2023

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Best Affordable Health Insurance Policy in India

Choosing the best health insurance plan for you and your family can be a very difficult task. With more than 20 health insurance companies, and all with different health needs, selecting a suitable plan according to your needs and requirements can turn into a tedious process.

Reliance Health Infinity

Reliance Health Infinity is a comprehensive plan that comes with a variety of benefits and covers 8 members of your family (up to 2 adults and 6 children).

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 15347

Entry Age – Min: Child: 91 days Adult: 18 years
Max: Child: 25 years Adult: 65 years

Aditya Birla Activity Health Platinum-Enhanced

Aditya Birla Activity Health Platinum-Enhanced is designed to support you and your family in times of medical crisis and provides comprehensive coverage for medical bills.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –15610

Entry Age – Min: Adult: 5 years, Child: 91 days
Max: No Age Limit

Care Health Insurance Plan

Care Health Insurance is a comprehensive health plan that provides a wide coverage up to Rs. 6 crores, and comes with various benefits that ensure that you are well prepared to deal with any medical emergency.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –16613

Entry Age – Min:Adult:5 years, Child: 91 days
Max: No Age Limit

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Scheme

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Plan caters to your medical needs. This family health plan does not require any pre-medical check up to the age of 45 and ensures that all your health needs are met.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –16973

Entry Age – Min:Adult: 18 years,Child: 91 days
Max: No Age Limit

Star Health Family Optima Plan

Star Health Family Health Optima is an affordable health plan that covers the entire family under one insurance amount. Along with in-patient coverage, the plan also provides a free health check-up for every claim-free year.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –17063

Entry Age – Min: 18 years;  Max: 65 years

Max Bupa Health Companion

Max Bupa Health Companion is an affordable health insurance plan that caters to your family’s health needs. There are 3 variants available under the scheme, with their own benefits.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –17217

Entry Age – 91 Days

Star Health Comprehensive Plan

The Star Health Comprehensive Plan is specifically designed to take care of you and your family’s medical needs and to protect them from all health care related incidents.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –17464

Entry Age – 3 months and 65 years

HDFC ERGO: My Health Suraksha

My Health Suraksha is designed to deal with rising healthcare costs. With a wide coverage amount and multiple benefits, the plan is ideal for most individuals and families.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –18277

Entry Age – Min:Child: 91 days,Adult: 18 years
Max: Child: 25 years, Adult: Lifetime Entry

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard-Platinum

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard looks after your medical treatment expenses during hospitalization as a result of a serious illness or accident. The scheme is available in three variants – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –18474

Entry Age – Min:Child: 3 months,Adult: 18 years
Max: Child: 30 years, Adult: 65 years

Tata AIG Medicare

Tata AIG Medicare is a comprehensive and affordable health plan that takes care of your financial needs in times of medical emergencies.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –19221

Entry Age – Min: 91 days ; Max: 65 year

Top-Up/Super Top-Up Health Insurance Policy in India

Top-up / super top up health plan is a cost effective way to increase your health insurance cover. Such plans come to the rescue when your Aadhaar health cover expires.

HDFC ERGO My health Medisure Super Top-up

HDFC ERGO Mai: Health Medbucking Super Top-Up provides a financial pillow to you and your family, and ensures that you get the best medical treatment without any restrictions and limitations.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –1540

Entry Age –Min: Child: 91 days ;  Adult: 18 years  ;  Max: Child: 23 years, Adult: 65 years

Max Bupa Health Recharge Super Top-Up

Max Bupa Health Recharge is a super top-up plan that acts as a stepney to your existing health insurance plan, and increases your health cover.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –1605

Entry Age – NA

Star Super Surplus Insurance Policy

Star Super Surplus ensures that all your health needs are taken care of even when your Aadhaar health cover is exhausted.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –1723

Entry Age –Min: Child: 91 days, Adult: 18 years
Max:Child: 25 years, Adult: 65 years

Care Enhance Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan

Health enhancing health care plans provide additional coverage to the basic health insurance plan, and ensure that your health needs are not compromised.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) –4422

Entry Age –Min: Adult : 18 years and above, Children: 1 day to 24 years with at least 1 member of age.
Max: No Age Bar

SBI Arogya Top-Up Health Plan

The SBI Arogya Top-Up Health Plan provides policyholders with additional cover for rising medical costs, and caters to your health needs in the event of your Aadhaar coverage expiring.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 3551

Entry Age –Min:3 months ; Max: 65 years

Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

There are many senior citizen insurance plans in the market, due to which it can be difficult to shortlist the one most suitable for you.

Why you should buy a Senior Citizen Insurance Plan?

Health insurance is designed in a way that provides many benefits to the insured senior citizen. Some of them include:

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

  • Pre-medical screening: Under most health insurance policies, it is not mandatory to undergo pre-medical screening.
  • Cover for domicile treatment expenses: Most senior citizen health insurance plans provide coverage for domicile treatment expenses. This is when treatment is taken at home, otherwise hospitalization is required.
  • Choice of second opinion: Generally, people seek second opinion in case of illness. Senior citizen health insurance policies provide a second opinion (usually one) in a year.
  • No Claim Bonus: No Claim Bonus is the amount that the insured gets as a reward for not making a claim during a year. In most senior citizen health insurance plans, you can avail the No Claim Bonus between 20% -100%.
  • Hospitalization costs may vary from plan to plan.
  • Tax Benefits: The premium paid for senior citizen health insurance policies is eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

How many members can be covered under Senior Citizen Insurance Scheme?

The number of members covered under the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme varies according to the type of the scheme as well as the company from the health insurance company.

To help you with the same, we have shortlisted 5 senior citizen health insurance plans that provide you with many benefits.

Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan

With no prior medical tests required, the Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Scheme looks after the medical needs of individuals who are above 60.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 21240

Entry Age – 60-75 years

Care Senior Health Insurance Policy

Care Senior is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides coverage to older persons against rising medical expenses.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 27689

Entry Age – 61 years-lifelong

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan

Keeping in mind the health needs of senior citizens, Silver Health ensures to meet their health needs in every way.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 27886

Entry Age – 46 -70 years

Tata AIG MediSenior

Tata AIG MediSenior caters to the medical needs of citizens who are over 60 years of age and provides them with many benefits.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 29170

Entry Age – Above 61 years

Aditya Birla Activ Care

Aditya Birla Activ Care ensures meeting your health needs after the age of 60 years. This plan comes with many benefits that ensure that your aging health needs are taken care of.

Premium Amount/Year (in Rs.) – 36476

Entry Age – 55 years

Types of health insurance plans in India

These health insurance policies are broadly classified into 7 categories which are explained below:

1. Individual Health Insurance Plans

As the name suggests, individual health insurance plans provide coverage for surgical and hospitalization expenses to the insured on an individual basis. Coverage includes expenses related to pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization, inpatient hospitalization, medicine, etc.

2. Family Health Insurance plans

Family health insurance scheme provides coverage to all family members. This means that proponents can include their spouse, children, parents, parents and other dependent members by paying a single health insurance premium.

3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans

Senior citizen insurance plans are specifically designed for people over the age of 60 who offer comprehensive coverage against medical expenses. Due to the wide coverage, these plans come at a higher premium. But the insured can reduce the financial burden because you can always save tax with health insurance by availing tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

4. Women Health Insurance plans

Women require medical treatment at various stages of their lives, for which they need health insurance plans specially designed for them. There are many insurers in the market that offer women’s health insurance plans that not only take care of women’s health but also provide them financial security.

5. Child Health Insurance plans

Health insurance scheme for children provides ideal cover for children at affordable health insurance premiums. But a minor child can be individually covered only if the parents are covered under either of the same health insurance scheme.

6. Critical Illness Insurance plans

Critical illness insurance policies are beneficial policies that provide cover for specific life-threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure. Under these policies, the insured gets a pre-determined lump sum upon diagnosis of any critical illness specified in the policy document.

7. Disease-specific health insurance plans

Disease-specific health insurance policies cater to specific diseases. For example, dengue, diabetes etc., a standard health insurance plan as well as a disease-specific policy are recommended as it provides cover for diseases at all stages, regardless of whether the current disease is inactive or in a critical state Ho.

Role of health insurance schemes during COVID-19 outbreak

Epidemic coronoviruses have affected the lives of many people in India. Health insurance policy comes in handy during a time when medical emergencies can occur at any time. Whether you are married, single, have children, are young, old or have no children, you should have a reliable health insurance policy that protects you in case of serious illness, illness, illness or an accident. Whether you choose an individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance plan, remember that the choice will not only affect the quality of healthcare, but also your wallet.

During coronavirus time, policyholders are often confused if the policy under which they are covered avoids hospital expenses arising due to coronovirus. The answer is yes. All new health insurance plans in the market will cover the insured in coronavirus cases after 30 days i.e. during the initial waiting period. COVID-19 related claims will follow normal procedures and will be treated as common illnesses such as chikungunya, pneumonia or any other virus. The good news is that there is no exclusion so far.

Here you can read more …. 

Therefore, if you still have not insured yourself and your family, you should take a health insurance policy that provides COVID-19 cover as soon as possible.

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