What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

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In this article, we will know what is senior citizen health insurance and what are its benefits? So let’s know about senior citizen health insurance –

Senior Citizen Health Insurance has been specially designed for those people. Those who have reached the age of 60 to 70 years and are living their life.

When you come under senior citizen health insurance, you get many types of benefits in this health insurance.

Like cashless admission in the hospital, free of cost ambulance service and it also covers your critical illness.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan is very important for all those people who have reached the age of 60 to 70 years.

This is especially the best plan for those people who have retired from their job and are living the rest of their life with their savings interest and pension amount.

Those who want that now the rest of their life should be completely relaxed and comfortable. But for this it is necessary that your health should accompany you.

If ever there is any problem regarding your health, then instead of falling on your pension and savings, all the expenses should be on your health insurance.

In today’s date, there are many such insurance companies in the market which are offering senior citizen health insurance plan.

All you have to do is select one of these health insurance plans for yourself. Which fulfills all your needs or fulfills more needs than others.

This insurance plan is the best option for those families who have grown old and do not have their own savings.

If there is a member in your family who comes in the senior citizen category. But he does not have any pension nor any savings.

So in such a situation it is your duty to buy a health insurance plan for them. By doing this you can not only help the senior member of your family.

Rather, you can also save your savings, because if that member falls ill. So the money spent on his illness will go from your pocket only.

That is why it is wise to take a plan of senior citizen health insurance for the senior member of your family from your money.

Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Friends senior citizen health insurance has many features, about which we are going to tell you below –

  • In this, the senior citizen has the right that he can choose the high sum assured option according to his needs. Which fulfills all the needs related to his medical needs.
  • There are many such senior citizen health insurance plans in the market that offer you lifetime renewal.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance You are given all the medical related services that a senior citizen should get. Like emergency ambulance service and any kind of certain illness cover is available. Which makes the life of a senior citizen better and easier.
  • This insurance plan also covers the pre-existing diseases within the senior citizen but it happens after a fixed time period.
  • A person taking this insurance plan can get his cashless treatment, but can also get information about the expenses covered by the insurance company in hospitalization.
  • There are also some senior citizen health insurance plans that even individuals cover you in this. If you want, you can enroll your spouse in the same plan.

So friends, this was the information about the features available in any senior citizen health insurance. Now we will know what are the benefits of senior citizen health insurance. So let’s start –

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

By the way, there are many benefits of senior citizen health insurance, some of which we are telling you about.

(1) Many insurance companies do not demand any kind of medical tests reports from you. Not until you buy a senior citizen health policy.

(2) Senior citizen health insurance companies provide OPD (Outpatient Department) cover to their customers. Which fulfills your financial needs at that time, when you visit the doctor’s clinic related to the treatment of any disease. So all the expenses incurred at this time are managed by the insurance companies.

(3) When you take a senior citizen health insurance policy along with your spouse, then you are offered a family discount of 5% on your total premium by the insurance company.

(4) In Senior citizen health insurance policy, you get the option to choose second opinion. This means that if you get treatment for any of your diseases and you are not happy with that treatment. Or if you feel that your disease has not been cured yet, then you can get your treatment done again. But this will happen only when your doctor or medical practitioner gives his opinion.

(5) In the Senior citizen health insurance plan, you are given free annual health check-up with lifetime renewal facility.

(6) Its best thing is that if you invest in a senior citizen health insurance plan. So tax benefits are available on what you pay on all the premiums of the policy given by you. It gets tax benefits under 80D of Income Tax Act 1961 at a premium of Rs 25000 to Rs 75000 thousand.

Remember these points before buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

If you are about to reach the age of 60 years for your parents. For them, any senior citizen wants to invest in health insurance plan. So first of all you should check the points mentioned below before buying that senior citizen health insurance plan.

(1) Before buying any health insurance plan, you should get information about different hospital expenses. Such as medicine, room rent, doctor’s fees etc. Then accordingly buy such senior citizen health insurance plan which can cover all your hospital expenses.

(2) You get the benefits of cashless facility only when the senior citizen of the insurance company knows this before taking a health insurance policy. Out of all the hospitals present around your residence area, how many hospitals have tie ups with the insurance company.

(3) Before buying the health insurance policy of any insurance companies, please check it. What is the waiting period of? This means to say that if you buy a senior citizen health insurance policy of any insurance companies in today’s date and you come to know of any disease after 14 days or after 15 days, then will the insurance company bear the cost of treatment of that disease? will it or not?

(4) You should know this before investing in any senior citizen health care plans. How far does the policy you buy cover you. Many companies can keep you in waiting period for 2 to 3 years. But despite this, she pays you a claim of 50%.

(5) Before buying any senior citizen health insurance plan, you should check this. Whether the insurance companies are giving you accurate information about the expenses incurred on all medical tests or not. He is not adding any such expense which is not in your knowledge and is showing expenses in the name of medical test.

(6) If you have already taken a senior citizen health insurance plan for yourself and you want to add your partner i.e. spouse in the same plan. So for this, first of all you should have complete information about the health conditions of your spouse. You should know what his needs are regarding his own health. Accordingly, you should take the decision whether you want to add your spouse to the same health insurance plan or not.

(7) Before taking health insurance of any insurance company, you should check the insurance claim settlement ratio of that company. Along with this, you should also check that the insurance claims which have been cleared by the company. How much time did it take to settle all those claims, the insurance company which has the highest claim settlement ratio can be the best insurance company.

Documents Required for Senior Citizen Health Insurance

If you want to apply for senior citizen health insurance plan for yourself or your family member. So for this you need almost all the documents mentioned below.

  • You need pre-policy medical check up documents.
  • Proposal form.
  • Documents supporting any pre-exiting condition are required.
  • Along with this, you will need an id for age proof.

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