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Hello friends, let’s learn today in this post What is SILO Structure in SEO, What does silo stand for SEO,  How do you build silo SEO, What is a SILO Structure, SILO Structure examples, how to create SILO Structure

If you want to rank on high competition keywords and also want to leave behind the already ranked High Authority Site, then it is very important to have a silo structure of your site.

The following information is going to be found in this post like- What is SEO SILO Structure, how it is created, how to make it for WordPress Blog and can it be made for Blogger Blog too, to get the answer of all these questions. Continue reading this post.

What is SILO Structure in SEO

If you write posts in many categories on your blog, then the work of arranging all these content for ACO is called SILO Structure.

Through SILO structure, the search engine helps to crawl, index and rank all our pages in a better way.

SILO Structure Our blog or website has a structure that passes link juice to all other pages through the home page.

Most of the home page on our site gets link juice, so we link all the categories and pages on our blog to the home page so that all the pages on our site through the home page get link juice.

For example, there are five categories in your blog and you have written 10-10 posts on all five categories, now you have a total of 50 pages on your site.

Now you have put these five categories in the menu of the home page so that the link juice from the home page can be passed through those five categories to the 50 pages of your blog.

That is to say, if Google’s crawler comes to the home page of your blog, then they can crawl your entire website through the homepage itself.

Because you have linked all your pages on the home page through category. On the other hand, when you create a backlink, it is created for the home page, then the link juice is passed on all the pages of your blog through the home page from that banklink. learn more about What is SILO Structure in SEO

What are the advantages of SILO Structure?

Silo structure has the following advantages like-

  • Indexing should be done faster when a new page is published or an old page is updated.
  • It is easy for a visitor to our site to have access to all the pages.
  • When a single page gets a backlink, its benefit goes to all the pages on our site.
  • The user experience is improved by the silo structure.

When our blog starts becoming popular later on, people start giving links to the home page of our blog and when we have emphasized all our pages from the homepage through SILO Structure, then the benefits of that link on our site. Get all the pages.

We can have several hundred pages on our blog but we cannot create backlinks for all those pages, we create backlinks for our homepage and through SILO structure, we keep those hundreds of pages connected to the home page, then that one backlink. Juice passes to all pages and all our pages rank.

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What is SILO Structure in simple language

If we understand SILO Structure in easy language, then when we create our blog and start writing posts on it, then different types of posts are added to different categories.

And put all those categories in the menu on the home page of our site so that all the posts available on our blog are linked to our home page and any user can also click on all the pages available on our blog from the homepage itself .

Now the advantage of doing this is that if a backlink is found for your home page, then the juice of that link will pass to all your pages along with the home page and all the pages of your blog will benefit from a backlink.

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Advantages of SILO Structure

SILO Structure has the following advantages like-

  • Makes it easy to find content.
  • Improves crawlability.
  • Maintains good readership.
  • This gives better organic ranking.
  • Makes it easy to find content.

SILO Structure makes it easy for a visitor to your site to access all the pages available on your site.

A silo structure is a kind of silo acio.

Improves crawlability.

With the help of silo structure, search engines are able to easily crawl all your pages and the advantage of this is that when someone searches keywords related to your post, Google is able to show your page in front of them.

Maintains good readership.

When you keep the content organized on your site, ie the silo structure is built on your site, then the visitors also stay connected with you because they get very easy access to all the pages available on your site.

This gives better organic ranking.

Google also insists on making your site user friendly, for this it is necessary to have a SILO structure.

With the help of silo structure, users along with Google can understand what topic your site is on and in which part.

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What are the types of SILO Structure?

There are 5 types of silo structures that you can create on your blog or website, let’s know about all these structures.

1. Organizational SILO

Organizational SILO is mainly used by the e-commerce site, it sees which products where the users find it and accordingly decorates all those products with a line.

Organizational SILO is constructed in such a way so that users along with search engines can easily find the content available on your site.

2. Link SILO

You can create Link SILO on the home page of your blog, you must have seen a link to a related post or a link to a new post on the home page of many blogs.

Link SILO helps the crawler to move from one page to another and this makes crawling of your site more quantity and easier.

3. Page SILO or internal linking

We do internal linking or inbound linking while writing the post. In your new post, link another old page of the same category.

For example, you had written a post earlier “What is a silo structure” and now you are writing another post “How to build a silo structure”, then in this new post you can give the link of that old post and to this The page is called SILO.

4. Category SILO

Category SILO means that you enter all your categories in the main menu of the homepage and customize your WordPress theme and place the category on the side bar or footer side of each page.

You must have seen the latest posts, new posts and categories in the footer or side bar of many blogs, this is what we call Category SILO.

5. Circle SILO

Circle means circular i.e. you should create a circular silo structure around your blog.

That is, whether it is the homepage or the postpage, there should be a link from the category to the new post, the old post, so that anyone reading the current post can easily visit your other posts.

In such a situation, our blog or post becomes user friendly and also helps to crawl all your pages faster for Google’s Crawler.

Why is a separate category created?

For example, if you have written some posts related to blogging on your blog, then you can create a category for all those posts and name it “Blogging” and will add all those posts to this category.

Now you have written some posts related to SEO, then for this you will create a separate category, which you can name Blog SEO if you want and will link all those pages to this category.

For example, you wrote 20 posts in the Blogging category and 10 posts in SEO, then there are total 30 posts on your site, now you will put both these categories Blogging and SEO in the menu bar on the homepage of your site.

Now you have added only two categories to the home page and all your 30 posts are linked to your homepage through the same category, this is called SILO Structure.

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How to Build a SILO Structure?

Linking all the pages on your blog to the home page, as well as connecting different pages of the same category through interlinking, is called SILO Structure, to create this, you have to categorize all the pages on your blog into different categories. Will have to do

And then all those categories have to be put in the main menu of your blog’s homepage like you can see different categories in the main menu of this blog.

Then you can put pages on your blog like about us, disclaimer, privacy policy, etc. in the footer menu because each of your pages should have a way to go to all the other pages.

Along with this, while writing the post, you must do interlinking other posts related to the same category in your new post, this is also a part of SILO Structure.

Why SILO are Important

For the last few years, the use of the Internet has started becoming very high and in such a situation, Google is focusing more on ranking.

SEO of our blog or blog post is important for ranking and SILO structure is important for SEO, so search engine optimization is a big part of it.

If you have a lot of posts on your site and are on different topics then you have to divide it through silo structure and link them to each other then only your blog will be able to become user friendly and seo-friendly.


Q. When should the SILO structure be created?

Answer. Along with creating your blog or website, you should start building the silo structure. While customizing your theme, how to decorate categories and new old posts from header to footer and side bar should be kept in mind, because this makes all the process from Crawling to Indexing of our page very fast. .

Q. Is SILO Structure enough for ranking for SEO?

Answer. Although in recent times, special attention is being paid to the silo structure, but for SEO ranking, not only the construction of the silo structure but there are many other factors.

Q. How do I create a SILO structure for my blog?

Answer. If you did not pay attention to the silo structure in your initial, then you can start it now, follow the things mentioned in the above post and start building the silo structure from today itself.

Q. What are the disadvantages of SILO Structure?

Answer. Through SILO Structure or Silo Structure, our page becomes user-friendly and seo-friendly and the visitors who come here are able to easily navigate from one page to another, as well as Google’s bots also crawl all our pages very fast. able to do

I don’t think there is any harm from the silo structure, it does take some effort, but we get the benefit only from it.

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Whether your blog is on blogger or on WordPress or any other platform, make it user-friendly and seo-friendly by creating a silo structure of your blog.

So we learned here what is SEO SILO Structure, as well as its benefits and the process of creating it. If you still have any query related to this post, then do let us know by writing in the comment box below.

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