What is Russia and Ukraine War 2023, Reasons

What is Russia and Ukraine War 2023, reason, why, News, Explained, Reason and more details here we know in this article

Friends, the ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine is gaining momentum. Today, the news related to this controversy is making headlines at the global level. It is worth noting that due to this dispute, the situation came till the outbreak of war between the superpowers of the world. Let us tell you that while Britain and America are patting Ukraine on the back, Russia had given them a stern warning on this issue. Earlier Russia had made it clear that it had no intention of attacking. And Russia also said that Western countries should not join Ukraine and former Soviet countries in NATO. But now recently news is coming that Russia has attacked Ukraine. Today, through this article, we understand that what is the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Read the complete article for the above information.

Russia Ukraine War 2023

The thing is from the year 2014. When Russia invaded Crimea located in Ukraine and annexed it to its border. Since then there has been tension in Russia and Ukraine relations. Let us tell you that even after separating from the USSR in 1991, Ukraine stood by Russia’s side.

Reasons why Russia and Ukraine dispute is happening 2023 Reason

NATO is the main cause of the current dispute between Russia and Ukraine. On April 4, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was born. This organization, formed after World War II, was created by America with the support of twelve countries. Basically NATO is a military alliance formed between the Western Countries and the USA. Its basic objective was to remain united against the Soviet Union and to halt the expansion of the Soviet Union.

Now the current situation is that Ukraine aspires to become a member of NATO but Russia is against it. Russia says that it is exasperating for its neighboring nation to accept NATO membership.

What is NATO

North Atlantic Treaty Organization ie NATO is a military group of 30 countries like America, Britain. America laid its foundation after World War II. Then its main objective was to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union. The current situation is that countries like Latvia, Estonia have joined NATO. Now Ukraine’s joining NATO will increase the challenge for Russia. Western countries including America will be able to put pressure on it. It is also worth noting that if Ukraine joins NATO, then under the agreement of this organization all its members i.e. thirty countries will give military force to Ukraine and together they will be able to attack Russia.

There is a big reason behind Ukraine’s desire to join NATO. Ukraine will never be able to face Russia on its own. Ukraine does not have a huge army and modern weapons like Russia. 2.9. Ukraine does not have the means to confront Russia with a military force of over a million. Therefore Ukraine wants to become a member of NATO for the sake of its independence.

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America’s role in Russia and Ukraine dispute (Russia and Ukraine War 2023 UK)

America has a big role in the dispute related to Russia and Ukraine. According to reports, America has sent three thousand soldiers to Ukrainian soil. It is being said that America has talked about helping Ukraine. If some sources are to be believed, the US is raising this issue to capitalize on the failure in Afghanistan and Iran. America’s super power image has suffered after the army was called from Afghanistan. After this episode, America is engaged in improving its image.

As we told you that America also has a role in the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, recently, US President Joe Biden, while addressing the world, has said that Russia can no longer trade with the West Countries, and the aid it gets from there will also stop. And at the same time, sanctions have also been imposed in 2 financial institutions of Russia. And at the same time it has also been said that if Russia does not back down, then it should be ready for the next decision.

Russia and Ukraine Graphical Situation

Russia is 28 times bigger than Ukraine. Ukraine also beats Russia in terms of population. Russia and Ukraine are both rich in gas and oil related resources. Ukraine shares its borders with Belarus, the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Azov, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Poland, and Slovakia. Hence its location is very important.

Russia and Ukraine War Impact on the World

Apart from America, countries like Britain and France have given their support to Ukraine. However, a large section of European countries depend on Russia for gas related needs. Further, if Russia refuses to give gas to them, then a power crisis will arise. If the energy crisis arises, Russia will be able to deliver gas again at an arbitrary price. Along with this, let us tell you that Ukraine’s biggest business partner is Russia. The tension arising between these two will also have a very negative impact on the global economy. If there is a war then there will definitely be a gas related crisis.

Russia and Ukraine Military Power

Russia Ukraine
Soldier 2900000 1100000
Cannon Eater 7571 2040
Tank 12240 2596
Attack Helicopter 544 34

India’s response to Russia and Ukraine dispute

This situation is challenging for India. India will not try to annoy Russia, but India’s partnership with western countries is also good. A crisis related to the S-400 air defense could also arise amid the Russia-Ukraine dispute. India is dependent on Russia for 60 percent of its military supplies. That is why India has not yet openly shared its side. Now it remains to be seen how far the Russia-Ukraine dispute will go and what will be its consequences in the future.

Latest news of Russia and Ukraine dispute (Russia and Ukraine War News Update)

Let us tell you that according to the latest news, Russia and Ukraine dispute has progressed quite a bit. Recently news has come that Russia has started attacking Ukraine. That is, now the war between Russia and Ukraine has started. Now the thing to be seen is whether other countries also join this war and give it the form of world war or else this war ends only after Russia and Ukraine war.

Russia and Ukraine war latest Update

  • Recently the latest news is coming that at least 2 lakh Russian soldiers are stationed in Ukraine.
  • The Russian army is attacking Ukraine from different borders. It is even being said that Russia has attacked Ukraine’s capital Kiev. People have been warned through air sirens in Kiev. The sound of explosions is being heard in Kiev since morning.
  • The Russian army has targeted military air.
  • Overall, the situation there right now is that Ukraine has been surrounded by the Russian army from all sides.
  • Let us tell you that a state of emergency has been declared in the whole of Ukraine.
  • The President of Ukraine has appealed to the United Nations for an emergency meeting.
  • Ukraine’s Ambassador Dr. Igor Polikha who is present in India has also sought help from the Prime Minister of India, Modi ji, and urged him to intervene in this.
  • Britain has also strongly condemned Russia for this attack and said that they will take a decisive decision.
  • However, Ukraine has claimed that it has killed 50 Russian soldiers.
  • Crimean Tatar Muslims living in Ukraine are feeling the most fear from the Russian army and they feel threatened by it.

FAQ’s Related Russia and Ukraine

Q: When did Russia attack Crimea?

Ans : 2014

Q: What is NATO?

Ans: North Atlantic Treaty Organization i.e. NATO is a military group of thirty countries like America, Britain.

Q: Why is there Russia-Ukraine dispute at present?

Ans: Ukraine aspires to become a member of NATO but Russia is against it. Russia says that it is exasperating for its neighboring nation to accept the membership of NATO. NATO is a military alliance formed between the Western Countries and the USA. Its basic objective is to remain united against the Soviet Union and to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union. Was.

Q: Is America supporting Ukraine?

Ans: Yes

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