Google Adsense Content Policy Violation – The Complete Guide

Google Adsense Content Policy Violation, Tips, Guide and more details read here.  Google has blocked 47,000 sites promoting bad products and 15,000 sites for unsolicited sharing and has suspended 6,000 accounts. If you are an AdSense publisher, then it is important for you to know what kind of content ads are not allowed on Adsense or on which type of content Adsense can be disabled. In the article I am making its bare from my description. This guide is important for every Google Adsense user.

Some people write unwanted content to earn money directly from Adsense. In this, AdSense may be disabled due to AdSense content policy violation like copying others’ content, maximum ad placement by spreading short content, viewing ads in wrong place.

Google adsense is a main source of online earning or most website owners and bloggers use adsense but we cannot use adsense ads on every type of content or have taken it we have to follow google adsense policy, terms Otherwise the Adsense account may get suspended.

Adsense Ads Limited Guide

Know on which type of content Adsense can be disabled – Content Policy

What is AdSense Content Policy? The rules that I am telling you bare to you about AdSense infringing content, that rule is mostly for Adsense publisher but at the same time it will be useful to increase the value of your site, even if you are not an Adsense publisher, you will have to type content Share is not to do.

1. Adult Content:

AdSense may not advertise on sites that share adult content, such as pornography images, videos, games, cartoons, sexually gratifying content, sexual suggestions, and health, adult, or mature content.

Google does not allow advertisements on this type of content at all or if someone shares AdSense publisher type content then his Adsense account will be suspended soon. Also you cannot use search box for (AFS) ie Adsense on such content.

2. Content that advocates against an individual, group and organization:

Google strongly believes that freedom of expression does not allow anyone to display player ads or write content for users, advertisers, publishers.

AdSense does not allow the display of ads on sites that share harassing and bullying content. You cannot monetize hate content against anyone like adsense ads on us.

For example, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation/gender identity and content that is written against an individual is not allowed by AdSense. Google Adsense ads are not allowed on such content that harms any group.

3. Recreational Drugs and Drug Related Content:

Google wants people to be safe both online and offline. So Google disseminates harm, harm and injury content, does not allow the doer. For this reason AdSense ads are not allowed on Google drugs and other intoxicating product content.

There are some substances which ruin people’s life in the name of entertainment. Examples, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine substitutes, bongs, mephedrone and other legal highs. AdSense does not allow any content sharing site of Google type.

4. Alcohol Related Ingredients:

Google also does not allow AdSense to advertise on alcohol-related content. Google does not like a site that promotes products like alcohol or sells products that ruin people’s lives.

Google does not show such sites in search engines or allow AdSense ads on such content. Additionally, an AdSense publisher may not share category content on their site. For example, promoting a liquor bar or promoting a location where alcohol is found is a violation of the AdSense Content Policy.

5. Tobacco Related Ingredients:

You are all people naked in tobacco. AdSense advertisements cannot be used on the site promoting any type of product like bidi, cigarette, cigar, tobacco pipe, rolling paper, gutka, pan masala etc.

If you want to use Adsense, then you have to avoid such content and follow the content policy. There are many such intoxicating items in the market, you do not have to promote any of them.

6. Health Content:

People who illegally refuse, sell, or have access to health care that does not have government approval. Google not ad allow such content.

On the Internet you will find many such sites which sell you fake medicine in the bare of health. Nothing happens with his medicine, on the contrary, there is a problem in the body of the people. These are dangers for any person.

So if you promote any type of product, then play sites of this type, then you cannot use Adsense ads on us. Even if someone does, then as soon as Google comes to know about it, Google suspends his Adsense account.

7. Hacking and Cracking Materials:

Websites and blogs on which hacking and cracking information are shared do not display AdSense ads, Google does not allow this, or are illegal in all countries with Google Adsense content policy violations.

Many people publish hacking articles about servers, software, apps, websites, blogs, social media accounts, WhatsApp etc. on their sites in an unauthorized manner. I know that type of content gets more traffic but you are in violation of Google Adsense Content Policy or as I mentioned above that you work illegally.

In this way, not only did your Adsense get suspended due to one work, you can also get punishment from the government for reporting someone. I am here to tell you point by point in Specially It’s Naked.

  1. Sharing information about hacking Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.
  2. Information to unlock any phone or software.
  3. Providing free-to-air satellite channel information.
  4. Sharing cell phone illegal access information.
  5. Publish invalid information to bare me of any device.
  6. Reporting illegal download of Google or YouTube videos.
  7. Sharing any movies, video series or other music content on the Site illegally without permission.

For doing any such work, Google may suspend your Adsense account or may block your site forever or AdSense block from the site means 50% earning is down or you may complete Adsense If revenue is equally dependent then your career will be ruined.

I know some people do this or use Adsense for quite some time. But the time the Google Adsense team reviews their site, their Adsense will be disabled or blocked.

8. Page that Provides Compensation Program:

AdSense ads are also not allowed on sites that ask their customers to perform tasks like complete services, read emails, or promise to pay. So if you are running a site with a fake service or share fake news content on the blog, then stop all this from now on.

Example, Category I come across sites working like Pay-Per-Click, Pay-to-Click Page, Pay to Surf Page, Auto Surf Page, Search for Charity Page, Pay to Search Page.

9. Violent Content:

Sites where white images and bloodshed, fight scenes, gruesome and freak accident types of image content are shared also cannot be monetized using Google Adsense ads.

10. Weapon Related Content:

Google Adsense ads are not allowed on sites that sell information or products related to ammunition, gun parts, hardware, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, blowguns, and stun guns.

This work is completely illegal or it is wrong to bare me bat. I would only say that never share type information on your site.

11. Content that enables dishonest behavior:

Google supports honesty and fairness. So Google does not allow aese content par AdSense ads on which misleading information is shared or users are fooled by giving fake information.

There are mostly line me news websites which share fake news on the site to get more traffic. Google can block such site from search engine or AdSense Dono.

Apart from this, the sites which give information about making fake passports, false documents, diplomas and other identity cards. Google Adsense ads are not allowed on sites selling leaked exam papers and sharing any kind of fraudulent information.

12. Illegal Content:

Google does not do AdSense ads on like these sites which allow its country’s rules, other countries’ conditions and any kind of illegal content share karti hai.

Any kind of fake good selling sites, illegal s*x-act, images, videos etc. The AdSense account may be disabled on the site sharing my information. There is no need to come much in this naked, everyone knows that doing illegal work can be a danger. I hope that you too will not violate the content policy by doing this.


If there is a post sharing any of these types of information or sharing type information on your site, then soon your Adsense account is going to be disabled. Google was working on it for quite some time but now Google is taking action or disabling AdSense from sites that share unwanted content of sorts.

If you want to create Adsense on your site or you can use Adsense service without any problem in future then you must follow the above mentioned Adsense content policy.

Do share the information with other bloggers and Adsense publishers. Don’t worry it will only take 2 seconds or you will help someone else.

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