One Nation One Agri Market – Now every farmer will make money from his crop

In this corona crisis for the farmers, the central government has brought a lot of good news.

Whose farmers have been waiting for years. For the farmers, the Central Government has now cleared the way that they could not do business in the mandis outside. The central government on Wednesday approved an ordinance allowing barrier-free trade outside agricultural produce marketing committees mandis. The Central Government has approved the proposal to strengthen the farmers to make them self reliant. Earlier farmers could not sell their crop from one area to another. But now the farmer has become independent after this order of the Central Government. Now the farmer of the country will also be able to become rich. He can sell his crop anywhere.

एक राष्‍ट्र एक कृषि बाजार 2020, आ गया ऐतिहासिक कानून, अब हर किसान अपनी फसल से बनेगा मालामाल

The government has made the farmer free to sell his crop, now he will be able to sell his crop anywhere.

One nation approved an agricultural market law

The proposal of this law will create a wave of happiness among the farmers. While approving the One Nation One Card Act for farmers, the Union Cabinet has approved the order for barrier free trade outside the notified APMC mandis. With this decision, the tax used in the agricultural produce mandis of the state government will be removed. This will benefit the farmer where he can sell his crop in the same state. Farmers will get a lot of benefit from this law.

What is One Nation One Agri Market Act

Announcing the One Nation One Agri Market Act, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the earlier APMC mandis will continue to do their work. And the state will also remain APMC law. But outside the mandis the new rule will apply. And he said that any farmer with PAN card, companies, processors and FPOs will be able to sell their crop outside the notified mandis. And the Minister said that the farmers who are shopping merchants will have to pay the farmers immediately or within three days and give them a sleep after receiving the goods. Instructions have also been given to eliminate Inspector Raj outside the mandis.

If the farmer goes out to sell his crop, there should be no government hurdle.

Benefits of a nation from an agricultural market law

  •     This will enable the farmer to sell his crop at a remunerative price.
  •     No law will impede selling crops outside.
  •     One nation one agricultural market law requires you to pay the buyer immediately or within three days.
  •     You will get money at harvest time.
  •     This will enable the farmers to get a fair price for their produce.
  •     The farmer can now sell his crop in any market according to his wish.

Thus the farmer will get benefit on his crop after the implementation of this scheme. There will be profit in their income.

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