Gujarat Atmanirbhar – Self-Reliant Package of Rs. 14,000 Crore

Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliable) Package of Rs. 14,000 Crore, exemption to consumers in property tax, electricity bill, vehicle tax, loan subsidy for business and shop owners

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a package of Gujarat Atmanabir (self-reliable) Rs. 14,000 crores Rs. This new package will help revive the economy severely affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdown. The new Gujarat self-sufficient package will include property tax / electricity bill / vehicle tax and tax subsidy for consumers in loan subsidy for business and shop owners. The new Gujarat self-sufficient package seeks to cover a large section of people and businesses in the state.

The state of Gujarat is one of the most industrialized in the country, but so far more than 18,500 COVID-19 cases have been reported. CM Vijay Rupani is providing relief to various sections of the society on the commitments headed by former Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia.

Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliable) Package

Important features and salient features of Gujarat Self-reliance Package are: –

Property tax / electricity bill / vehicle tax exemption

  • Commercial establishments, businesses, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals will get 20% discount on their annual property tax bills.
  • All residential property owners will get 10% discount as per the Gujarat Atmanibhar Package details. This exemption in property tax bills will provide direct benefits to the people for the benefit of Rs. 744 crores Rs.
  • Electricity consumers using less than 200 units per month will get a rebate on the first 100 units of consumption. It costs Rs. 200 crores to the state exchequer and the state government. Will give amount to electricity companies.
  • In addition, various exemptions have been announced for commercial and industrial consumers of electricity.
  • Private buses, jeeps, taxis have been given relief to pay road tax and tax for six months due to lockdown.

The total relief for property tax, electricity bill and vehicle tax is Rs. 2,300 crores according to the Gujarat Atmanirbhar (self credible) package.

Loan interest subsidy for business and shop owners

State government. Gujarat announced to provide a loan interest subsidy of 4% for loans up to Rs 2.5 lakh for business and shop owners. Out of the total 8% interest rate, 4% interest will have to be paid by the borrower, while the remaining 4% interest is to be paid by the Government of Gujarat. State government. Has allocated Rs. 525 crores for loan interest subsidy.

Revival of industry / housing sector

Government of Gujarat Has paid Rs. Has announced subsidies for various industries. 3,038 crore Rs. GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corp) was given a relief of Rs 458 crore to promote industries. To revive the housing sector in Gujarat, the state government has announced Rs. 1,000 crores Rs.

Labor welfare

State government. Gujarat has invested Rs. 466 crores for labor welfare. It includes a profit of Rs. 35,000 to each tribal laborer who works in different parts of Gujarat and wants to build a house in his hometown.

Direct transfer of Rs. 1,000 poor

Other benefits of the Gujarat self-reliant package are Rs. 5,044 crores Rs. This includes free rations to poor families during the lockout period and direct transfer of Rs 1,000 to their accounts.

State government. Have also decided to allocate Rs. 100 crores to Health Department and Rs 100 crores to Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot four other municipal corporations. Government of Gujarat The novel will provide this amount from the Chief Ministers Relief Fund to fight coronovirus.

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