My School Library Essay in English

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100 Words – My School Library Essay in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Library is a house of books. Every school has a library. Our school also has a large library. It is situated in a large hall. The hall is divided into various sections. There is a section for each subject. There is also a reading room. There are around 10,000 books in our school library. Books are organized on shelves. Newspapers and magazines are placed on the table. Students visit the library in their free time. They read books, newspapers and magazines there. The students sitting in it love is a librarian. He issues books. Students can take the books to their homes. They return the books after reading them.

200 Words – My School Library Essay in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

The library is a place where books are kept for reading. It is a store house of books. It is a part and parcel of the school. Our school has a library. Our school has many types of books. The students peacefully went there and borrowed the books from the librarian. It is a very place, it is open all day. Many students sit there and study. Our school library has many journals and magazines, there are two big rooms in one room, books of science, history, literature etc. in many languages. In this room, books are kept in Amamis and shelves. The second room of the library is the reading room.

Our school librarian comes in the morning. He keeps the books in the correct order. He is very cooperative. There is a good collection of books in the library. There are many alirami in the library. Books are arranged in different shelves according to the subject matter. The librarian’s reading room and office room are different. The librarian has some assistants. There is a large reading room. The reading room is well equipped.

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