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100 Words – Essay on Environment Pollution in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Environmental pollution is the biggest problem in our life. We are living in a polluted world where air, water, food, etc. The one we live on is polluted. Scientists have listed the hazards of environmental pollution and governments around the world are concerned about it.

In fact, man himself is responsible for such a situation. In his ignorance, he is destroying the wealth of nature, trees and forests till now. Immediate control is needed to keep the environment free from pollution. More attention is being paid to afforestation. Unauthorized cutting of trees is being investigated. Scientists are developing methods to reduce the effects of our smoke and smoke.

200 Words – Essay on Environment Pollution in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

The synonym is made up of two words, pari and veil which means a veil that surrounds us. The synonym is only present on Earth and any chemical changes in it make it daunting. Degradation of the environment is called synoptic pollution which is of various types like air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. The synonym is very essential for life on earth and its misfortune has a very negative effect on everyone.

The environment is being degraded due to human factors. Increasing urbanization, industrialization, the use of plastics, deforestation and chemical environmental degradation are the main reasons for being malnourished. Environmental pollution has negative effects on everyone from physical and mental stress. Diseases are increasing along with increasing pollution.

Ecological pollution is not a family or social issue but is a global issue. We should all take measures to prevent environmental pollution. We should plant more and more trees, reduce the use of plastic and industries should be kept away from the sources of water. Children should also be taught about protection of environment and everyone should be made aware of environment protection.

300 Words – Essay on Environment Pollution in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Our environment is formed by natural and man-made things. But our environment is being polluted in many ways, waste and smoke from carbon mono oxide gas used by mills, factories, motor vehicles, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, used in agriculture, draining dust water and deforestation Etc. cause environmental pollution. It is now a day, one of the biggest problems in India. It is not only our national problem but an international problem.

At present, we cannot have a peaceful and normal life because of this problem. Whenever we read a newspaper, we can see the bad sides of environmental pollution. It hurts not only one person but also in the whole country. If this problem increases day by day, India will have to face a serious situation. In developed countries, this type of problem is very rare. In our country, everyone realizes this problem, but no one takes appropriate steps to remove it.

Air pollution is the main cause of environmental pollution. The bad effects of environmental pollution are very dangerous. It ruins our social status. Since this is one of India’s main problems, we have to remove it.

For this, the government will have to take appropriate steps and pass a new law against it. Not only the government but also politicians, thinkers, social workers and all the people of India should be more aware of how to overcome this problem. In short, to develop our country, we all have to try to prevent environmental pollution.

400 Words – Essay on Environment Pollution in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Ecology is the most important cover on our planet, which means a cover that surrounds us. The environment is comprised of all physical, chemical and biological units, without which life on earth cannot be imagined. Due to human activities, the synopsis is gradually becoming corrupted, which is having a very negative effect on all organisms. Any type of physical or chemical change in a synonym is called synaptic contamination.

Cause of environmental pollution

The biggest hand in punishing the environment is that of mankind, which is damaging the environment every day for its selfishness and forgetting the benefits of the environment. Urbanization and industrialization have increased deforestation, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment and polluting the environment. The environment is also being harmed due to throwing garbage in our open and overuse of plastic. Pollution is also increasing due to the use of pesticides in the fields and burning of crop residues. The means of traffic also play an important role in increasing pollution.

Effects of environmental pollution

Due to environmental pollution, all organisms are having very negative effects. Due to pollution we are not getting favorable environment to live and we are facing many diseases. Vegetation is also not growing properly and problems like climate change and global warming are also occurring. Due to pollution and due to deforestation, organisms are not getting favorable environment. Due to environmental pollution, there is a hole in the ozone layer due to which the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are reaching the earth and promoting cancer.

Measures to stop environmental pollution – Environmental pollution is a global problem that needs to be resolved and we all have to make environmental pollution free. We should plant more trees and give up the use of plastic and use such things which can be completely destroyed. We should not throw garbage in the open and should walk for a bit or use a bicycle.


The environment is a mine of resources and it is our duty to make it pollution free, otherwise one day there will be no life on this earth.

500 Words – Essay on Environment Pollution in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Synonym means the covering that surrounds us, and synonym pollution means the covering of that cover. Ecology is the most precious gift we receive from nature. A synonymous tree plant is made of human movable immovable and all material things. Only healthy environment can give a healthy life to a human being. Nowadays our environment is becoming very unfortunate.

Types of pollution

Our synonyms are made up of air, water, organic inorganic everything. If any one of these elements is illiterate, then the environment also becomes impure and the balance of the environment is disturbed. There are many types of environmental pollution –

1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3. Soil Pollution
4. Noise pollution

Causes of environmental degradation

Humans have the highest hand in polluting the environment. In the race for progress, he is going to harm the environment blindly by his activities. He is cutting down forests to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in his living and work site air. The environment is also being polluted due to air and water coming out of factories. The use of polythene and petroleum is also harming the environment. Throwing garbage in the open increases soil pollution, which is a part of environmental pollution.
Effect of bad environment

Clean environment is a basic need of man, if the person is illiterate, then human health will also deteriorate. Pollution can cause many diseases such as grave cancer. The ozone layer protecting us from harmful rays due to pollution is also breaking and the risk of skin cancer is increasing. Life on earth is possible because there is a synonym here and if we continue to misunderstand it in this way, then one day life will be in danger and life on earth will end.
Measures to prevent environmental pollution

Clean environment is very important for humans, plants, animals and crops. Clean environment provides healthy life. Following are the measures to keep the environment pollution free –

1. Factories should be removed from the city and chemicals should not be flushed into the water.
2. We should promote the forest system and plant more and more trees.
3. The government has also started a cleanliness drive so that people do not throw garbage in the open.
4. The use of polythene should be banned.
5. We have to adopt the process of re-creation and reuse.
6. People should use government vehicles instead of private vehicles so as to reduce the smoke emanating from the vehicles.
7. Smoking has to be eliminated because it threatens the environment as well as life.


We should keep this gift given by nature so that future generations can also use it. Make progress so that there is no harm to the environment.

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