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Today’s article in which you will learn how to become an animator? This post has related information like what is an animator and what should be the qualification to become an animator. Also what is the process to become an animator. Along with this, what are the career prospects after becoming an animator and what work he has to do in this field. If a candidate has creativity and artistry, then he can use it to make a great career in this field.

Most of the people are familiar with this name because in today’s era it is a very popular career related to creativity, in which the same students like to go the most, who have a lot of love for computers, technology etc. This field demands maximum creativity in the candidate because without creativity no one can be successful in it. You must have seen many cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse in your childhood, then this is the job of an animator. If you want to go in this field then read our today’s post and know how you can become an animator and how you can move forward in this industry with great success.

What is Animator?

First of all, let us tell you that an Animator is someone who works using graphics in a computer to create cartoons, video games, animated films and videos. For all these tasks, along with using his creativity, he also uses many types of computer software. By the way, if we talk about cartoons, then every child is very fond of watching cartoons whether it is on TV or on any online platform. Apart from this, today political and social animations are also very much liked by people of every class. This is the reason that there are many opportunities for growth in the field.

How to become an Animator?

For this, students who have passed class 12th will have to do a course in animation such as degree or diploma course. For this, there are many institutes in our country India from where the candidate can do the course according to his interest. It should also be mentioned here that there are some institutes where students are admitted only after taking the aptitude test. When students complete their graduation in this field, then they get a job in any multimedia company. There are also some candidates who after completing their course enroll in the post graduate course so that they can understand all the things of this field closely and only after they are completely perfect, they like to do the job.

Animator qualification

The following is the information about the qualification that any candidate should have to become an Animator:

  • The student must have passed minimum 12th class.
  • Candidate should have done animation designing course.
  • Or the candidate should have done Graphic Designing.
  • Knowledge of English language and creativity should also be there.

Age Range

  • The minimum age of the student should be 18 years.
  • There is no upper age limit to become an Animator.

Animator Job Description

The work of a person working as an Animator is very responsible and careful as it requires a lot of hard work to create excellent animation under which he does the following-

  • Creates films for production companies.
  • Creates moving images using computers and technology.
  • Effectively transmits any message to the people using animation.
  • Creates storyboards.
  • Creates different types of designs with the help of graphics.
  • Refines animation.
  • Uses graphics and special effects to create any information.

Animator Career

When a candidate completes his animation course and after that he becomes an Animator then he gets many opportunities to work in the country and abroad such as –

  • Production house
  • Television channel
  • Multimedia agency
  • Web designing and graphic designing firms
  • Mobile Application Making Forms
  • Gaming companies
  • Animation companies
  • Freelancer

Animator Salary

When a candidate creates animation using his artistry, it requires a lot of hard work and also has to do his work with full concentration. That is why the salary package given to the candidates who work in this industry is very attractive and they also get salary ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 in the beginning. Thus, as he gains experience, he gets paid even more.

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