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Today’s article in which you will be able to know how to become a counselor? In this post you will learn what is a counselor and what qualification should a candidate have to become a counselor. Apart from this, what is the process to become a counselor and what tasks a candidate has to do as a counselor. As well as information about career prospects and how much salary a counselor can get every month. If a candidate enjoys listening, understanding and advising others and has this skill, then he can make a career in this field.

Every human needs a person in his life who can give him proper advice in professional and personal life. For this reason, the demand for such people has increased a lot in this field today, that is why if you also want to work in this industry, then it is important for you to first acquire the qualifications to work in this field so that you can become a successful counselor. be able to become That is why in today’s article we will tell you how to become a counselor? To know all the details read the entire post and know about the whole process.

What is a Counselor?

First of all, let us inform here that a Counselor is an expert who works to advise people in social and professional life. By the way, if we talk about the old times, then at that time if a person needed opinion in any matter, then he used to go directly to the elders of his house. But in today’s time this work is done by a professional person. In this way, a Counselor works to help the troubled people on the basis of his special skills.

How to become a Counselor?

Those who want to become a Counselor, to work in this industry, they have to have a master’s degree in counseling or the candidate should do a post-graduation in psychology and thus become a professional Counselor for people’s education, career, personal Becomes eligible for counseling in life, social life etc.

Counselor Qualification

The candidates who are willing to become a Counselor, first of all, they have to make themselves eligible that they can work in the field. Thus, it is necessary to have some qualifications, whose information is as follows-

  • Interested candidate must have done MA in Counselling.
  • Or the candidate must have completed Psychology Master’s degree.
  • OR Candidate should have done Post Graduation in Social Work.
  • The candidate should have good communication skills and should be able to listen carefully to what others say.
  • He/she should be proficient in multiple languages ​​so as to properly assist many visiting clients.

Age Range

  • Interested candidate must be at least 22 years of age.
  • The maximum age limit of the candidate is not fixed so after 22 years he can work in this field at any age.

Counselor’s Job Description

Those who want to help people by becoming a Counselor, they have to complete their work with a lot of hard work and responsibility so that they can help people in the right way. Therefore, if a person works in this industry, then he has to do the following things-

  • Helps people to solve problems.
  • Confidently helps any person in times of difficulty.
  • Listening to the client helps him make the right decisions.
  • Counselor counsels any person to enable them to make decisions in any tough situation.
  • Guides the social and professional life of the client.
  • If a client has any health issue, listens carefully to him and solves it as well as gives relationship advice.

Counselor Career

When a candidate becomes a Counselor, then he gets work in many places. So if the candidate has the ability then he can make a career in this field with great success and can work in many fields such as:

  • School
  • College
  • Marriage counseling agency
  • Old age home
  • Counseling center
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Clinic
  • Social agency
  • NGO
  • Can open his own counseling centre.
  • Can work online.

Counselor Salary

The candidate working in this industry gets a salary package ranging from 25 thousand to 30 thousand rupees every month and when he gets two-three years of experience working in this field, then his salary increases. . Similarly, today there are many such Counselors who are earning lakhs of rupees every month by doing their own work.

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