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1 – Essay on Video Game Addiction in English for Students & Kids – 200 words

Video game addiction is also known as the term gaming disorder. This is known to be an irresponsible use of video games that promotes significant imbalances over long lifetimes. Too much addiction to anything or work leads to addiction. Drug addiction can ruin the life of any human being, because in it man becomes obsessed with the things he is accustomed to.

Any type of addiction causes loss of human health, wealth, relationships and respect. The World Health Organization has described video gaming addiction as a mental disorder.

Common children will enjoy it the most, but the truth is that gaming can take it to a level where one can feel lonely and become an introverted personality. Children prefer to play games on their electronic gadgets at home rather than outside.

This makes them physically unfit and can also cause eye problems. Children who play sports tend to talk less to the people around them and thus fall alone because they spend most of their time at home with their gadgets.

Children get fueled by this habit and this also causes problems in their career in future. Several researchers have also revealed that men have more gaming addiction than women.

2 – Essay on Video Game Addiction in English for Students & Kids – 300 words

Excess of anything is harmful. Similarly, if a child plays excessive games on a portable device, such as on a TV, or on a computer, it can affect his or her life. Playing the game is a great means of children’s entertainment, but its addiction can be very harmful to children’s health. Children who are addicted to video games are affected both emotionally and physically. Gaming addiction affects not only his health but also his studies. Also, children who are addicted to video games do not participate in any social things.

Effects of video game addiction on children

Children who are accustomed to playing sports are unable to concentrate and take interest in their work or studies. If children play the game for a long time, it affects their education very badly. Children also have problems getting good sleep due to addiction to playing games.

Also, due to sports addiction, children are deprived of sleep late at night and are unable to sleep for the recommended hours of sleep. Inadequate sleep is harmful to their overall health.

Children who are accustomed to playing sports are always seen playing sports all the time. They are socially separated from the people and at the same time they do not want to join any social event. Due to this, their mental health is not fully developed.

Gaming addiction affects their behavior. Children become irritable due to gaming addiction and they get angry at every little thing.

The conclusion

If these symptoms appear in any child, then we should teach them to spend more time with family and friends. Set a time limit for any task and ask them to follow it seriously. Do not allow children to use more mobiles, laptops and internet and keep an eye on them. Despite all the efforts, if children are not able to distance themselves from these digital games, then there should be no hesitation in seeking psychological help.

3 – Essay on Video Game Addiction in English for Students & Kids – 400 words

According to experts, a person with a gaming addiction does not fill his heart very easily. In this, the person is constantly excited to play the game. Things like crossing new levels and making high scores make them excited to play more. He keeps playing games all the time without thinking about himself and his work. It is believed that mental satisfaction is also hidden behind it.

The personal life of many people who play more sports is not very good. They are not able to achieve whatever they achieve in the game in the real world. So they spend more time in the artificial world of sports than in the outside world. Gaming addiction has increased so much that it has been declared a ‘mental illness’.

Symptoms of intoxication

People who are addicted to playing video games start getting restless. Their mind does not agree to do any other work. A person accustomed to playing video games tries to stay away from the world. He wants to spend more and more time playing games.

As this intoxication of video gaming increases, the person suffering from it becomes more mentally disturbed. Sometimes they also face depression. Many things like sleeplessness, headaches, red eyes, back pain and neck pain occur at night if the person plays more sports. Many addicted people do not even eat properly. The most important thing for him is to stay in the game. More anger is also a symptom of gaming addiction.

How to overcome gaming addiction

Gaming Edition has become a major problem today, but it can be removed and requires extra strong willpower and patience. There is no harm in playing video games. Video games can be played to boost mood but must be played for a limited time. It is also very important to have a ‘family time’ to emerge from it. Sitting and talking and playing with family is a good way to keep distance from video games. The most important of these is to give you time. You know better about yourself so enjoy yourself with your other hobbies. Go somewhere to roam.

The conclusion

Games addiction affects a person’s mental health. In this case, we should take some precautions otherwise this problem can be harmful to the overall health of the person. The addictive person gives the game more time, if he gives this time for himself, his habit can improve.

4 – Essay on Video Game Addiction in English for Students & Kids – 500 words

There are some symptoms of gaming addiction such as spending most of the time playing games and its impact on studies, jobs and relationships, etc. If someone ignores all these things and gets entangled in the game, then he gets addicted to it within a few months.

More involvement in playing sports increases stress in the individual’s personal life and relationships. When a person starts to bear all the positive things due to gaming addiction in his life, his mental health also starts to get affected and it is named addiction. Addiction not only affects someone’s life, but also the people around them.

Let us explore its positive and negative effects.

Positive impact

  • Improves reflex and IQ

Studies have proved that playing video games improves players’ reflection in many aspects. Studies have also proved that people who are regular gamers have improved brain activity.

  • Better functioning

Functioning refers to the ability to allocate mental capacity to individuals. Video games have improved attention and decision making skills. Studies have proved that people playing video games are good at making better decisions. Often gamers are good at multi-tasking.

  • Brain health

Video games increase the speed and capacity of the brain to work. Playing video games improves children’s mental fitness.

Negative impact

  • Aggressive thoughts and behavior

Studies by The American Psychological Association have proved that children exposed to violent sports become more aggressive in thoughts and feelings. This led to many incidents.

  • Socially isolated

Plenty of gaming players can get away from social responsibilities and increase the likelihood of social isolation. In addition, in the case of children it may increase the lack of interest in involvement in household chores, outdoor sports and social activities. It is dangerous to be alone even in a virtual world.

  • Adverse health issues

There are adverse health issues after video game addiction. Some of them are associated with risk of heart attack, obesity and depression etc. There are health risks for children, such as video-induced seizures, muscle and skeletal disorders, etc.

  • Parental concern

The amount of violence in video games is an important concern for parents. Monitoring the child is important to help deal with this problem. If a child plays a violent video game then the difference between the game and reality should be discussed.

  • Common problems

Children often become very involved in video games and do not want to stop playing them. It is necessary to set concrete boundaries about the time that can be spent playing the game and then enforce these limits.

The conclusion

It is very important to avoid this kind of addiction; Otherwise it can affect a person’s personal life. Constantly ignoring work or relationships is not beneficial in any way. Therefore children can also be encouraged to play games with other children, as discussing strategies and problem solving in groups is a positive social activity. Even educational games should not be played, as playing video games is not an option for positive social participation or traditional education.

5 – Essay on Video Game Addiction in English for Students & Kids – 600 words

According to one study, Internet gaming disorder is quite common among teenagers aged 12 to 20 years. Even Internet gaming disorder cases are more prevalent in Asian countries than in North America and Europe.

Although the American Psychological Association is studying increasing cases of Internet gaming addiction, it has not yet been included in the list of diseases. But given the speed with which cases of Internet gaming addiction are increasing around the world, experts fear that it will soon get the status of disease.

Attraction to video games

Exciting online games found on the internet are now dominating the hearts and minds of children. Every second changing world and the combination of music with colorful themes on the small screen of a computer or mobile is a thrilling moment-by-moment adventure, a virtual world that allows captivating adults. Young children are then bound to be attracted to them.

Video game addiction

It is easy to get caught up in the addiction of internet gaming but it is very difficult to get out of it. According to experts, addiction to playing games on the Internet not only makes children physically and mentally ill, but it is a major threat to the personality development of the child.

In the changing environment, children’s friends, playgrounds, parks, everything is limited to one application of the Internet. Indoor games are given more attention than outdoor games. This causes obesity and many other disorders. Prohibition from outdoor sports is making children physically weak and there is a problem of socialization among them.

Dangers of video game addiction

  • Children who play Internet games for longer periods of time fall short in their ability to focus and concentrate on their studies.
  • The inclination of such children is mostly on negative models.
  • Children tend to be less patient.
  • Children want to accumulate power near the events around them.
  • Self control is lost.
  • Sometimes children become violent.
  • Children tend to break away from social life and prefer to be alone.
  • The impact of Internet gaming has been seen on both the child’s behavior and thoughts.
  • Children become obese and diabetic at a tender age.

It is not that every child playing online games is a victim of gaming addiction. But according to experts, when the hobby of playing games turns into a habit, parents need to monitor the child’s activities for this.

Parental duty

  • Parents should decide which gadget / game or device to give to the child and at what age.
  • Do not show songs or poetry on mobile to keep the little ones busy.
  • Allow children to use the Internet only for necessary work related to studies.
  • If the child plays games on the Internet, then decide to play outdoor games with them.
  • Do not let internet games play for more than half an hour every day.
  • Promote Outdoor Games.
  • If the child has started spending more time for internet games, encourage him to take up any other productive activity.
  • Keep track of what games a child plays on the Internet.

The conclusion

Psychologist Dr. According to Pooja Shivam Jaitley, once a child becomes accustomed to internet gaming, it becomes difficult for the child to live without internet. Children emphasize the Internet. Many times children become aggressive after parents refuse.

If your child has symptoms of video game addiction, see a psychiatrist without delay. Take care of the child mentally and emotionally. But for the safe future of the child, let the growing children use the Internet as much as necessary. It should not happen that the addiction of internet gaming makes your child socially, physically and mentally ill.


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