Essay on Addiction of Junk Food – Long and Short Essay

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1 – Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English for Students and Kids – 200 Words

Diet is one of the main needs of human life. The body gets energy to work with food. Many cells in the body have the function of assimilating the nutritional components of the diet. The health of the body depends on the type and quality of the foods.

In the modern era, people do not even have time to eat, due to which they are consuming food fast in their busy lives. Nowadays the popularity of fast food has increased to such a level that not only working women but now working are also adopting fast food in their kitchens.

Junk food is more harmful for people who have high body weight. By re-heating the oil and adding fried things repeatedly, all the nutritious elements of that material are destroyed and parts of that oil are not absorbed by the intestines.

In terms of quality, modern dietetics reduces nothing in junk food, but lacks hygiene in junk food centers and restaurants; Repeated frying in the same oil, using dirty towels, utensils, stale things, etc. have a bad effect on health. Colors and preservatives used in fast food items and ingredients can be fatal to those who regularly use fast food. Fast food should be avoided as much as possible.

2 – Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English for Students and Kids – 300 Words

Salty, spicy or sour, are excellent in terms of taste. Some like sugar, others such as snacks dipped directly into chocolate. In such a situation, if your favorite snacks appear in front of you, then it is impossible to stop yourself from eating them. In addition, snacks are readily available everywhere.

A person does not immediately become addicted to junk food and snacks. It may not happen in a day, but soon or after some time you will get into the habit of eating junk food, which you cannot give up. You begin to feel a strong desire for a snack of your choice.

Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of. But, you should understand why snack is like a medicine, why we are addicted to it and why there is emphasis on not including it in our three time meals.

Snacks often have very little nutrition. Often they lack nutrients such as clean fats and proteins, which are essential for our body, and instead of these nutrients, they contain high amounts of sugar and artificial fats, which make people addicted to it. Artificial sugar, preservatives, salt or excessive amounts of spices are used to make the snacks tastier.

The abundance of sugar or spices present in the snacks serves to enhance our taste. At the same time, it is crisp, creamy or crunchy when it comes to its texture. It can be said that it gives a taste of taste in your mouth. The human mind is trended to handle a certain amount of sugar, spices, salt and some other flavors, but when the quantity becomes too much, this stimulus goes beyond the body’s requirement. This can be called super-stimulus or hyper-stimulus. Don’t blame yourself when you get used to having breakfast. Build a strong will power and say no to them.

3 – Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English for Students and Kids – 400 Words

Whether it is office or home, if you feel like eating something, first remember pizza, burgers, noodles or some junk food. Not only this, even at home, we like to eat junk food when we are in a hurry. Some people eat it just for fun but some people get addicted to it. It is as tasty in food as it is harmful. Even after many attempts, it becomes difficult to quit this addiction to junk food.

Here are some tips that you can try to get rid of this addiction of eating junk food.

  • Stay on coffee: If you feel hungry once in a while, then you should consume water throughout the day. However, if you have a craving for eating junk food, then you should drink coffee once or twice a day. Actually, coffee contains caffeine and caffeine calms the appetite. After drinking coffee you will feel full and your craving will be calmed down.
  • Eat an egg or cheese: Eggs and cheeses are rich in protein. The more protein you consume, you will feel less hungry and feel full. Both are also low in calories and high in calcium.
  • Eat small diet: If you have craving to eat junk food frequently, then you should keep taking small diet throughout the day. This will give you good training to avoid over-eating. Green salad, fruit juice, sprouted grains can be taken to satisfy the desire for junk food.
  • Eat dark chocolate: According to studies, dark chocolate is helpful in reducing weight. They are high immune boosters and also have very low calories. So if you want to eat chocolate, next time eat dark chocolate. It will also calm your cravings of eating chocolate and will not make you gain weight.
  • Adopt meditation: The most important thing is to keep your mind calm. According to a study, if you are stressed, you also feel hungry. So try to meditate for 15 minutes in a day and if possible go for a walk for 30 minutes. This will reduce your stress.

The conclusion

We all know about the disadvantages of eating junk food, but whenever we have leisure time or we are in the market a strong force appears in our brain and we do not control ourselves to control them. Can do. With strong will power and determination, anyone can control this addiction. Use of natural food can bring gradual changes in life.

4 – Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English for Students and Kids – 500 Words

Food that looks attractive but is not good for health at all can be called junk food. Its trend is increasing in the world. Junk food includes pizza, burgers, noodles, pasta, etc. Junk food has become an important part of our lives. Earlier people used to eat junk food occasionally but now it has become a part of our routine.

High intake of junk food

Children and youth are taking junk food when they take pride in adopting Western civilization. The busy lifestyles of people forced them to eat junk food as they can be prepared in less time using less energy. It was consumed by everyone due to its appearance and appearance. The culture of eating junk food is gradually increasing in India and other countries of the world.

Nutritional value reduction

Every person needs a balanced diet for a healthy life, which contains a fair amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Junk food does not contain protein and other nutrients and contains too much salt, preservatives and other chemicals that are harmful to health.

Bad effects of junk food

Junk food is not good for health at all. This has negative effects on health. Due to increasing intake of junk food, the problem of obesity among people is increasing. Unlike homemade foods, food prepared outside is not cooked properly. Sellers and shopkeepers prepare them in the open under poor hygienic conditions. They use cheap types of ingredients and rancid and rotten vegetables to manage high profits. Excessive use of this type of food causes many health problems. It is very high in cholesterol, due to which there are heart related diseases.

Avoid junk food

Sometimes junk foods are good to eat because they are tasty but we should not consume them daily. We need to make colorful and delicious food at home. We have to eat homemade potato chips etc. instead of buying them in packets and if possible it can be prepared in good hygienic condition at home using fresh and clean ingredients.

We should reduce our junk food intake. Parents should promote good eating habits to children right from childhood. Junk food costs more money and also damages health. We should also make our eating routine which should include junk food only once a week. We should eat a balanced diet because junk food is eaten only in compulsion when we are out or in a hurry. While going out, if possible, take food from home and leave and adopt pure food.

The conclusion

That is why we should stay away from junk food as much as possible and eat clean and fresh food at home. That is why if you are eating junk food every day, then you have to quit this habit soon because it does nothing other than harm our health, only by staying away from junk food, a good and healthy body can be achieved. .

5 – Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English for Students and Kids – 600 Words

A good health is essential for every human being to lead a happy and healthy life. Good nutritious food and good habits are very important for good health. In the modern era, almost everyone is eating junk food because it is so tasty, easily available everywhere and at a low price that fills the stomach and satisfies the brain. Earlier people used to eat junk food only when they went out, but now people are gradually making it every day food, due to which people are facing many health related problems.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people run more towards junk food. Eating large amounts of junk food can cause diabetes, abdominal pain, obesity, heart disease, and dangerous liver and kidney diseases.

Harmful effects of junk food addiction

So we need to know about the harmful effects of junk food addiction.

Digestive power loss

Ayurveda believes that the root of all diseases is our stomach. If you keep your digestive organs healthy, then your body will also be healthy and whatever you eat will be digested but consuming more junk food will have a bad effect on our digestive system. As the chemical preservatives and the colors used in their preparations are harmful to our internal digestive organs.

Leads to obesity

Many people know that junk food is the main cause of obesity, but still people eat it in excessive quantity due to their taste. Excess calories of junk food increase the amount of calories in the body, due to which the body weight increases. On the other hand, there are many health problems due to weight gain.

Effects on mental health

Since all types of junk food contain high amounts of sugar and fat which neutralizes the hormone peptide which leaves a bad effect on the ability to think and learn.

Risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease in our country and the world. Only about 50 million people in India suffer from type-2 diabetes. Junk food and beverages are also a factor that relieves diabetes disease.

Risk of heart disease

Sodium is used in the preparation of junk food which is harmful to our heart. It also affects digestion due to lack of fiber. Excess of carbohydrates used in junk food affects blood flow.

Headache or Migraine

Frequent intake of junk food can cause severe headaches or migraines due to the presence of nitrate and nitride.

Nutritional deficiencies

Nutrients like calcium, vitamins and protein are essential to keep the body healthy which is not present in junk food. So people depending on only junk food may suffer from deficiency diseases.

Feeling tired

Junk food reduces energy levels due to the lack of essential nutrients in the body such as protein, carbohydrates, causing a feeling of fatigue and laziness, which can have a profound effect on lifestyles.

Causes depression

Constant eating of junk food can cause depression. Many biological changes are occurring in children of that age, which makes them susceptible to mood swings and behavioral changes. Junk food can become a problem for growing children and they can also go into depression.

The conclusion

Although children and others go crazy for junk food and eating junk food is taken as a symbol of modernization but it is harmful to life. They only satisfy our taste and soothe hunger. The chemicals used leave harmful effects on health. Therefore a balanced diet should be adopted and optimum use of raw fruits and grains and vegetables in daily diet. Children should be motivated to adopt natural food and good habits.

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