Essay on Summer Vacation in English for Students

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We all look forward to our summer vacations. They are expected to be the days full of fun and excitement. Even before my school closed, planning for spending the forthcoming vacations had begun at home. After many discussions it was decided that first we shall go to Nainital for a week and then. after a few days, visit our grandparents at Allahabad. Some of my school friends agreed to meet me at Nainital and I eagerly awaited the pleasurable days.

All our ambitious plans melted when on the last day of the school I suffered a heat stroke. I felt weak and dizzy and my friends were given the permission to leave me home. My mother took me to a Doctor who prescribed the medicines and said that I shall recover in a day or two. My hopes rose and unfortunately, so did my temperature. To add to the situation my sister slipped on the wet kitchen floor and fractured her arm.

Though my sister could move around with her plastered arm, I was confined to bed. My condition deteriorated day by day even after the regular medication and finally I was taken to a nearby hospital. The doctor diagnosed the case of dehydration. That was not the end. I was put on glucose transfusion for two continuous days. Some anti-allergic injections were not left out.

When I returned home from the hospital my mother spotted red rashes on my neck. I felt itchy and hot. It was soon confirmed that I had measles. Once again the doctor was consulted but measles takes its own time. After five days of continuous restlessness I lost every hope of a single happy day during the vacation.

I recovered gradually. My friends called from Nainital to say that they were having a wonderful time and missing me. When I told them what had happened they said that they were sorry to hear about my condition and wished me a speedy recovery. How I envied all of them! I was happy as well that at least some people are having a good time. I felt sorry for my mother who had to cancel her programme of visiting her parents after five long years.

The rest of the vacations were spent with every care that I gain back my weight and strength. To divert my mind from misery I read books and listened to my favourite music. With my sister I played some board games. At times we both made fun of each other as we imagined ourselves at Nainital. , I counted each day as my vacations came to an end. I was happy to be back at school. I no longer wished for vacations. I was with my friends once again and they cheered me up by relating their funny incidents. I couldn’t control my laughter! I forgot all pain and misery of missing out the fun.

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