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Essay 1 – Why is Alcohal Ban so important  – 200 Word


Today we are living in modern times and if you do not go along with this time, you will fall behind. Then whether it is in the field of education or job or its prestige or social status. Nowadays among the people in this society, whom we also call modern, there is a trend of some such habits which are spreading very rapidly among the people. One of them is the habit of drinking alcohol, which has already taken the youth in its grip, besides it is very popular among the elders.

Whatever the occasion, whether a celebration, or a birthday, or a wedding, even some sort of union ceremony is incomplete without alcohol. The special thing is that if you are not included in this category, then you are seen with inferiority complex. Moreover, you become completely alone by being in that group, which sometimes you also find yourself embarrassing. Many people make it a part of their life as a hobby, while many people consider it a pleasure to consume.

Alcohal Ban is extremely important

If seen today, humans are reducing age due to such wrong habits. You can consider this yourself, our earlier generations lived healthier lives for a long time, but today despite all the comforts, we are bent on reducing our age, both natural and unnatural, by choosing some wrong habits. . There are no two opinions that alcohol is a deadly thing; its benefits are nothing but only and only disadvantages. Alcohol causes loss not only of man’s body but also of his money, family and happiness. When people see its ill effects or face it themselves, then often the sound of Alcohal Ban is loud, which is absolutely correct. There should be Alcohal Ban because it is not beneficial from anywhere.

The conclusion

Whether it is a common citizen or the government, everyone should think seriously in this direction and take a concrete step. When everyone knows that the consumption of alcohol is not fruitful and it only creates a situation of crime, problem and harm then why should it be given a place in the society. Certainly concrete steps should be taken regarding Alcohal Ban at the national level as well.

Essay 2 (400 words) – Alcohol: A social stigma


Are you educated, have you got a higher education, do you do a better job, if the answer to all these questions is yes, then surely you are a sensible and capable person, as well as a decent and well-equipped They belong to the society. But, after this, there is another question which is perhaps more important than all these things, that question is ‘Do you consume alcohol?’ If the answer is no, then you get immediate backward society and undisciplined, antisocial, and what kind of titles are available immediately. Yes, there is nothing to be shocked because this is the real face of our modern society.

Alcohol: A Social Stigma

If you consume alcohol, then you are a wonderful person, and you will also see that the number of people living with you is always very high, on the other hand, if you keep away from alcohol, then people will automatically distance themselves from you. Become It seems as if alcohol and its users have taken suzerainty in the society.

The extent to which the consumption of alcohol can show its ill effects is not hidden from anyone, whether it is the society, the government or whether it is going to be consumed by itself. But still people are attracted towards it and give it the most importance in their lives. Alcohol not only destroys its users but is also known as a stigma in the society because it causes many families to be devastated and how many lives are wasted. But despite this, the government does not take any concrete steps regarding this.

The extent is reached when, after being a little sensible, you come to know that the government itself does the liquor business as well. Yes, liquor is a great way for governments to raise revenue. You may be very surprised to hear that according to one figure, the total consumption of domestic and foreign liquor is increasing at a rate of 117 percent in villages and 234 percent in cities. Have you ever seen an increase in the level of jobs or education at this rate? There is no doubt about the extent to which the consumption of alcohol holds us back and brings discord and sorrow in our lives.

The conclusion

It is not only the responsibility of the government, but also of ourselves and this society that people should be motivated not to consume liquor and more and more efforts should be made to insist on Alcohal Ban of alcohol. Because if anyone can bring about a change in this regard, it is we ourselves.

Essay 3 (600 words) – Why is Alcohal Ban required


This is a matter of thinking, after all, why do people consume alcohol even after knowing everything? They know how to read, they are sensible, they have many degrees too, but why do they ignore the incident-accidents and even Chetwani written on alcohol? It is really a matter of thinking, whether it is a celebration, festival, or any other environment, the consumption of alcohol has become like a fashion. Many times when people are very frustrated with their relationships or work, then they consume alcohol and sometimes do it on the occasion of happiness.

Why the need for prohibition?

From time to time, many researches are coming out in which the consumption of alcohol is sometimes said to be beneficial and sometimes more dangerous. According to some, consuming a certain amount of alcohol is always beneficial, but if consumed beyond the limit, it proves to be life-threatening for yourself as well as others. By the way, whether alcohol is good or bad is a matter of the latter, but one thing is certain that the excess of anything is harmful.

There is no order in our constitution regarding the consumption of alcohol nor any practice in any kind of customs, whether it is Hinduism or Muslim or any other. Even our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhiji wanted that there should not be a single person in India who consumes alcohol. In the year 1927, Mahatma Gandhi said, “I’d rather see the country as very poor than seeing a few thousand drunkards in India.”

When the situation of the general public started getting worse due to the consumption of alcohol, the governments of many states took the important decision of prohibition, but in the meantime, the sale of illicit liquor started sharply, as a result the government had to retreat. Meaning you understand it like a spider web in which once trapped, it will never be able to get out. But one thing that everyone understands and it has to be explained again and again, the benefit from the consumption of alcohol is not one, but whatever it is, there is only and only loss.

Alcohol not only makes the body hollow but also spoils the mental balance. Due to its frequent consumption, a person starts to look untimely old. It would not be wrong to say that even handing over such a thing is a great sin. You must have heard many people saying that drinking alcohol brings freshness in the senses, increases our digestive power, consuming small amounts of alcohol acts like a tonic, it is all their illusion. The reality is that many diseases occur in the human body due to frequent consumption of alcohol. Which troubles not only him but also his family.

The conclusion

Consumption of alcohol is not beneficial from any point of view, its consumption only and only helps in destroying the house of oneself and others. Everyone should know and understand its side effects because only then one can move towards prohibition. It is not just our locality or state but the resolve to make the whole country alcohol-free and only then will we all be able to make better progress and our country which has been developing for years will be able to develop.

Essay – 4 – Why Drinking Alcohol Should Be Banned? 

Reasons for drinking alcohol

Why should drinking be banned? : Alcohol is actually ethanol, which is an organic compound used in beverages. So alcohol is actually drinking ethanol. It is a psychological medicine and is valued according to social and cultural values. It acts as a depressant and begins to control the central nervous system and thus slows down the function of the central nervous system. It alters the various functions of the brain and can produce dangerous results. For example, alcohol changes a person’s vision; As a result, the person can see things that are not actually happening.

Benefits of alcohol

Alcohol has few benefits such as its small amounts can reduce the risk of gallstones which reduces the likelihood of diabetic patients and helps in the common cold but the harmful effects of alcohol outweigh its benefits. In a recent study, it has been mentioned that more than 10g of alcohol can be the cause of cancer, and according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), alcohol is classified as a group of cancers , As a cause of many types of cancer.

Alcohol – the cause of cancer

There are many other health risks related to drinking alcohol, not just cancer, because when a drug controls the nervous system, it obviously poses many risks to life. It affects the brain, liver, pancreas more and slows down the response time of a person. It takes about 30 minutes for the alcohol to metabolize and take effect and after that, a person’s thinking capacity, reaction capacity and a slowdown in other senses are thus transformed into a passive phase. At this time, the drunken person is more at risk, not only that drunken person, but also the people around him because that drunken person can harm them by their non-serious acts.

Adverse effects of drinking alcohol on society

Drinking while walking in society is very dangerous, as it reduces the honor and respect of a person in the society and people do not trust him. Such a person is then not able to make the right decision in life. Gradually, the person is cut off from society and the routine matters that eventually lead him to death.

This is not an end to the risks and bad effects of alcohol, but is enough to demonstrate how bad alcohol impacts society and manpower. Therefore, drinking alcohol should be banned in the world, and its use should be limited to medicines and treatment of certain diseases.

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