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100 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Newspaper country is an account of the world’s news which is published in different languages. We should read it daily because it tells us about the activities happening all over the world and makes us aware. Some people read the newspaper as soon as they wake up in the morning, which is a good habit. The best part of the newspaper is that it is sold for as much as Rs. In schools too, children are given to read newspapers and they also have many brain-solving questions.

300 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Role of Newspaper

The modern era is the era of science. Newspapers have their place in the wonders of science. One gets a newspaper of one rupee on his bed before getting up in the morning and connects himself with the human world. Along with news from abroad, entertainment content is also there. Birth and type – It is said that the newspaper was born in the city of Venice, Italy in the seventeenth century. In our country, a letter called ‘India Gazette’ came out first. There are many types of newspapers. These are daily, weekly .., fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Veer Arjun, Punjab Kesari, etc. are the names of famous dailies.

Benefits of Newspaper

There are many benefits from reading newspapers. Along with knowledge of language, knowledge of history, geography, politics, economics etc. is also obtained. For entertainment, it contains poems, stories, articles, jokes, plays, puzzles, etc. It contains news of foreign cities along with news of cities, villages and regions of the country. The tableau of every movement and rise and fall of the country is found in it. ‘Children in the world have ingredients for children. In ‘Nari Jagat’, it is the description of the housekeeper for women and the fluctuation of prices in the ‘sports world’ and ‘business world’ in the ‘sports world’. Cinema lovers also find their entertaining content in newspapers. It has special utility in today’s democracy.

Disadvantages of Newspaper

Sometimes misleading facts are printed in the newspaper due to inadvertence or selfishness of the editor of the newspaper. This leads to loss rather than profit. Indecent advertisements generate angry feelings in the minds of people, especially children. Some advertisements are also given to cheating the public.

A newspaper has an office. It has two divisions. News is collected in one department and news is printed in another department. Correspondent countries collect news from different cranes abroad and send it to the office by post, telegraph, telephone, teleprinter etc. The news is streamlined and sent to another department for printing. In this way, the newspaper is printed and reaches the people in the morning before the sun goes out.


The editor has special importance in the newspaper. He represents the views of the public. He should fearlessly adopt the views of the public and show the country the path to progress. People should also take full advantage of the newspaper. They should also inculcate the habit of reading in their children.

400 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Today there is no person who does not know the importance of news. The first thing Jau Im doing as soon as he wakes up in the morning is to search the newspaper. If we do not get the newspaper, it seems as if we have lost something. This is only because we want to know what is happening in the world. What is happening around us? There is no doubt that AIR broadcasts news several times a day. Tele-visions also give news by showing the happening of events with pictures, yet the importance of the newspaper has not diminished. The reason for this is that newspapers give detailed news. Newspapers are the gift of the British. First, the English clergy of Bengal took out the newspaper, but today it has become a part of people’s lives. In every language, newspapers are printed in each state.

Today, newspapers have a versatile advantage. The biggest advantage is that the news of the country and state is available. Today, the means of receiving and publishing news by newspapers have increased so much that if an important event happens in any part of the world half-an-hour before the newspaper is printed, then it will be in the hands of the people in the morning. Reaches via letters. Newspapers are a great means of advertising. The pages of the newspapers which are printed in large numbers are filled with advertisements. In fact, these advertisements on one hand increase the income of newspapers. On the other hand, there is a big growth in trade through newspapers. Apart from this, one page of each newspaper deals with the fluctuations of the markets, which is very useful for the traders. Today’s newspapers do good to the society by giving matrimonial advertisements and advertisements of spaces. In addition to various types of information, today’s newspapers are a means of increasing knowledge as well as entertainment.

The editorial and other articles given in these are such that are written by various experts. And give information on various topics. In addition to these articles, stories are also published in newspapers, novels, dramas, Ladhu Ekanki in a gradual manner. The version on Sunday is more important than this view. Where the benefits of newspapers are high, there are also many losses. Most newspapers are not fair. They give exaggerated news only from their perspective. This is the biggest loss. That people’s thoughts get influenced by them. The views of those who read more than one newspaper are certainly unbiased. Now-a-days, newspapers should put some restrictions on themselves so that they do not give news that is communal.

500 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

There is a relation between human and society. The two words complement each other. Human being a social animal, wants to convey his thoughts to people and be aware of their ideas. He also wants to share his hand in the happiness and misery of the people, that is, after personal satisfaction, he is restless to maintain a relationship with the society. Newspapers complement his desire. Through newspapers, he connects with the whole world. Therefore, newspapers have become an important part of today’s human life. Therefore, the mere sound of today’s breaking news brings a lightning speed in his body. He devotes all his instincts to the study of the newspaper, relieving food, comfort and all the worries of the world.

The study of newspapers gives us information about the happenings in the world. We get information about the events that occur at midnight in foreign countries in the morning newspapers. The public can convey their demands to the official class through newspapers. Officers also communicate through this to the public. Newspapers have also contributed to the prevention of social evils. By presenting a naked picture of their results to the public, newspapers may be able to destroy them altogether. In our country many years ago, the practice of ‘old age’ and ‘child marriage’ was prevalent enough. Newspapers colored their columns against these practices. Wrote satirical articles, published satirical pictures and kept a naked picture of their consequences in public. As a result, in our country today, their circulation is negligible.

The study of newspapers increases our knowledge. Articles of great scholars and politicians are published in these, which increase our geographical and literary knowledge. Introduces ethics, customs and governance of different countries. Periodically published articles help students pass the exam. Newspapers have always been supportive of the nation in its crisis. Whenever the nation has been flooded by natural calamities like floods, famines and earthquakes, newspapers have made a great contribution in the work of wealth collection. Newspapers are also a means of trade. Both the seller and the buyer make the newspaper the medium of their business. Slowdown of commodities, ie.

The buyer and seller would also get information about the fluctuations of Mawa. Business people increase their business by advertising their item. Newsletters also give us information about weather, gathering etc. The articles of new writers are published and inspire them to grow. Newspapers are critical of corruption and rigging spread in the governance and motivate the people of the country to improve governance. They indirectly control the rulers. Who is ignorant of the work done by newspapers in portraying the depiction of the atrocities of the British feudal lords in front of the public and in filling their disharmony towards the British?

In fact, newspapers are similar to Kamdhenu who provide jobs to the idle, wife to virgins, film information to cinema-lovers, commodity prices to traders, reconciliation with family of missing persons and literature material to litterateurs. Yes, newspapers are the food of the hungry mind of the public. As much as they do for the welfare of society, hardly any welfare is done by any other thing.

500 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students – 2

Newspapers, as their name suggests, provide us with news. The popularity and importance of newspapers has increased manifold. Today everyone wants to read the newspaper. Newspapers have become very popular in the backward country. They are published in English, Hindi, Urdu and all other regional languages. They are read or heard with great interest by everyone and they make a deep impact on people’s minds. The most important function of newspapers is to bring us news of the world. News is their main interest and attraction. They tell us what is happening in our country not only in other countries of the world. Without newspapers, we are in such wells. Would be like a frog who knows nothing from the outside world.

In a democratic country, like India, they are an important tool for generating public opinion. They comment on current events and criticize or appreciate the government’s operations. It is through them that the problems faced by the public and various possible ways of solving those problems are revealed. Thus, they educate the public mind and give the public their opinion on matters of public importance. They thus make democracy possible. Everyone should read newspapers. This is necessary for national integration. It is necessary to keep down the Phishiparas tendencies.

Apart from this, newspapers are also an important medium of dialogue between the government and the people. It is through newspapers that the government puts its programs, its policies and its achievements before the people. The public also uses them to express their dissatisfaction with the government. They give voice to the grievances of the people and suggest remedial measures. Thus, by expressing public opinion, they act as a check on the government, they are necessary for the proper functioning of democracy. Press is all powerful in a democracy A free press is necessary for its success. Newspapers are also an important medium of advertisement. They help trade and commerce. If a business or industrialist wants to grow his business, he can do so by advertising his goods in newspapers. They help employers and employees through their ‘wanted’ columns. A large number of advertisements of every type is a clear proof of the popularity of newspapers as a means of advertising.

But newspapers also have some shortcomings. They serve as a means of campaigning for various political parties. Often those thoughts and comments are expressed that confuse and confuse people. People fail to understand the truth Sometimes, news is also twisted and distorted. At other times, they resolve class hatred. He sowed the seeds of communal quarrels. This misuse of newspapers did much to encourage movements in Gujarat, Bihar and other parts of the country. Often they publish inaccurate advertisements that deceive and deceive people and corrupt public taste by giving pornographic pictures and advertisements. But these disadvantages are nothing compared to its many advantages. They are really great use for people so they should be encouraged in every way. Overall, reading habits is a good habit.


800 Words – Essay on Newspaper in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

A newspaper or newspaper is a printed publication displayed daily. It includes news, advertisements and articles on various topics. Newspapers play an important role in democracy. He plays the role of spokesperson for people of all classes and gives voice on public issues. They act as a bridge between government and governance. They help prevent social exploitation that may threaten the existence of democracy. Nearly all newspapers read daily. It provides a window to the reader for the world and fulfills many concerns. One reads it with curiosity every morning. Different people read newspapers for different purposes.

Young graduates left job-advertising pages. Youth seek out detailed events in cricket and other sports. A household head reads about government affairs and other events. Business entrepreneurs go through business news. Homemakers explore topics such as kitchen, health and beauty care tips. Casual readers look for sensational topics such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, etc. Others go through daily predictions of the zodiac. There are others who are interested in articles and have letters to the editor. Those who love the glamor world read pages featuring fashion, movies and movie stars.

India is a developing country. Most people are poor and uneducated. For democracy to succeed, all citizens must be literate and informed about their rights as well as duties. Politicians with selfish motives and vested interests cheat the poor and illiterate with false promises. Newspapers assist in exposing them and creating public opinion. Newspapers act as a link between the government and the people. They make people aware of the policies, programs and activities of the government. This gives people an opportunity to raise their grievances when necessary. It helps people to know the plans and policies of the government. It is a prerequisite for democracy.

On the other hand, in the newspaper also people are aware of the problems of the people. In a democracy, there should be a skilled and fearless press. The press refers to the news sections of newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and the journalists working for them. The press is a mirror of society, it acts as a watchdog of democracy. It is the duty of the press to watch the activities of the government. Its duty is to highlight the failure of government policies and point out its flaws. The first newspaper published in India was called The Bengal Gadget Bombay News is the oldest daily which is still in circulation. It was first published in Gujarat in 1822. Anand Bazaar Patrika, Punjab Kesari and The Times of India are some other old newspapers.

Newspapers give us the latest information about local, national and international events. They serve as a forum to discuss public issues. Newspapers throw light on the social and political evils prevalent in society and suggest remedial measures by seeking public feedback. Some of these evils are untouchability, dowry, drinking, gambling, drug addiction etc. Newspapers can encourage people to initiate changes in attitude and action so that these evils take root. In the present era, corruption is widespread in all walks of life. Newspapers play an important role in exposing the threat of corruption.

People are made aware of the corrupt practices prevalent in various departments of government and other agencies. This often results in corrective measures being implemented to prevent malpractice. Newspapers make people aware of every aspect of society. Once a week, every newspaper publishes vacancies in various fields of employment for the information of job seekers. A weekly matrimonial supplement is also published with almost every newspaper and so are other supplements related to specific news and events. Newspapers have also published the program of the show on various television channels and theaters. This helps people to prepare their day accordingly. Sports-related news has become very important nowadays almost all newspapers publish sports-news, including detailed pictures and charts, schedules, draws, records etc. Newspapers also include weather forecasts and other useful data such as prices of different food items and consumer durables in different markets.

Newspapers are informed by many agencies. The Press Information Bureau gives information on the government’s policies, programs and activities of the press. It gets feedback from people. There are four major news agencies in India – Press Trust of India (PTI), United News of India (UNI), newspapers and Hindustan Newspapers are published in English, Hindi and other regional languages. Some newspapers indulge in yellow journalism. They resort to exaggerating and sensationalizing partial truths to expand their readership. The print media has to understand its power and reach. Newspapers can have a great impact on their readers. Therefore, they should focus only on giving a correct picture of society. It is necessary for every citizen of the country to read newspapers. Regular reading of the newspaper helps in keeping a good knowledge of various events all over the world.

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