Essay on Advertisement in English – 400 Words

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Essay on Advertisement in Very Easy Words for Kids & Students

Advertisements play a very important role in the business of promotion, but a commercial advertisement must be designed and produced in an artistic way, because of which the reader has no desire to buy the products advertised, yet go through it is required.

In fact, it is not possible to think of the modern world without advertising. In its broadest sense, advertising is as much applicable in the world of politics and religion as in trade and business. But, when we talk of advertising we usually refer to trade and commerce. He has become the king-pin of the world or business. The broader market relies largely on advertising. It is through color advertisements that trading companies create demand and secure sales for their products.

In the past, goods did not have to be advertised. Markets were limited. Merchants or manufacturers had only local customers. At best, they employed city-seriors or, they used hand-bills or posters. However, now advertising has become a special form of business. Many advertising agencies have come in. These agencies help business people to boost their sales.

Small merchants still use hand bills and posters. They also use wall-painting for the purpose but, big traders and industrialists use sophisticated tools for this purpose. They advertise their products through the silver screen of the cinema. They disseminate sponsored programs.

They place attractive advertisements on the radio, colorful and life-size hoardings are displayed along the edges of the streets. Several gift schemes have been introduced to further the sale of products. In fact, business advertisements are everywhere around us. They appear on bus stands at railway stations, on every roadside. Traders know that they cannot do without advertisements. It is not enough to produce goods, more important is the creation of markets. A trader or manufacturer, who thinks he can do without advertising, will soon be wiped off the market.

Advertisements boost the nation’s economy. They encourage production. Increasing business brings about more employment opportunities. With more sales, manufacturers can prove product quality. They can also do research in fresh fields

Now, there is nothing wrong with advertising but, trouble arises when manufacturers make false claims for their products. Such merchants and manufacturers make a profit by deception. It is truly sad that harmful and sub-standard products should be sold to innocent customers by fair use of advertising.

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