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100 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

The person I like the most. He is my best friend, Rajesh Singh. He is my classmate. He lives next door to me. we go to school together. We play and study together. Rajesh Singh is very intelligent. He always stands first in class. Rajesh Singh is also good in sports. He is the captain of our school’s tennis team.

All teachers love him. I like Rajesh Singh for his good and simple habits. He always speaks the truth. He is honest and honest. He respects his elders. He is humble to all. He helps poor and needy students. He is a true friend in real sense. Everyone wants to be friendly with him. I am proud of my friend. Long may he live!

200 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Everyone has friends, but only ten or eleven are special to you. My best friend is my mother. She plays with me and I also play with her. My second best friend is my uncle. He plays with me every day. My third best friend is my grandfather. My fourth best friend is my grandmother. My fifth best friend is my aunt. My sixth best friend is Ravi. My seventh best friend is Monica. My best friend is my brother. My ninth best friend is Johanna | My tenth best friend is Nuba.

My eleventh best friend is Ashima. They are all very good. After my birth I met my mother, I met my uncle, aunt, Monica, Ravi, grandmother, grandfather when they came to see me. My other best friends are in school. These are my best friends because they love me very much. We never fight. My mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, Ravi, Monica are very good. Johanna likes to annoy me and others. Ashima is afraid of everyone. Nikita likes to argue with others, this is my family and friends. I love my friends and my family.

300 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

A best friend is someone we can share all our feelings with. Best friend of all. My best friend is Tithi she studies in my school and in class 2 in class. Tithi is a well-manly girl. She is tall, fair and looks good. She is very good in her studies and is always focused in class. The whole teacher loves him very much. We are also very good friends. We sit in the classroom on the same back. We share many things with each other. We also share our tiffin.

Without him, I feel very uncomfortable at the time of my tiffin break. She is a good manager and she respects my feelings. We have very good habits and methods which are very common for us. She is my best friend because we have similarities. We love reading fairy tales. We are fond of listening to music watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry. Our favorite color is red, favorite food is ice cream and all types of safe food.

Our favorite subject is computer. Tithi is also a very useful girl whenever I need any help in my studies or anywhere. He is always ready to help me when he is absent from school. Help me by giving copy I always try my best to help him. Every day in Tiffin hour we play together with all other friends. She often comes to my house in the evening. There we spend time playing, singing and dancing. We do our drawing classes together at home. we love each other very much.

I always thank God for giving me a good friend. I always want her to be my best friend in my life.

300 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words – 2

A friend is a blessing from God, unfortunately there are individuals who are not with loyal friends. I have many class fellows and acquaintances but these cannot be called my best friends. Of all these, Prabhat is my best friend. Prabhat, as his name suggests is a promising boy. That L.K.G. He is a fellow of any class since joining. His father is a college professor and mother is working in a bank.

His parents, though very busy, have enough time to spend with Prabhat. He has shaped his personality well. They are modern parents and have given them the freedom to think independently. He is free to join any business. Prabhat is studying in his studies. He competes with me in all disciplines. Although we are very close friends, we compete with each other. Despite this competition, we study together, exchange our notes and inspire each other. Often, I am in first grade but Prabhat does not envy me.

He, rather, celebrates my success honestly. It is very difficult to calculate the properties of Prabhat. He is not only a good student, he is also a good player, which I am not. God has blessed him with a good brain and figure. He is physically very strong, but humble. Although he is very intelligent, he never shows it. He is blessed with a calm and calm nature. Nobody can provoke him. I admire him the most in my friend, there is a good balance of different qualities. He does his best to inspire others to do their best. She is the beloved of all. Being true, honest, soft, joyful, obedient, she has won the hearts of one and all. We are called the best friends of the school. May God bless us with eternal friendship.

400 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

I have always had a friend in my life called Ashutosh. There is something special in my life that helps me in every difficult time. He is someone who shows me the right path Despite his busy routine, he always has time for me because of this he is my neighbor, we are also friends despite being near school. Whenever we take a break from school, we go to picnic together. We both celebrate our festivals with each other and with family. We go to Ramlila Maidan along with Ramlila Maidan and we are very happy. We always participate in extracurricular activities from both schools. We both like to play cricket and carrom at home. She also grows up for my friend because whenever I am in difficult situations, it always shows me the right path.

He is very special in my life. I do nothing without him. He is always in a good mood and does not compromise unfairly. She always does the right things and inspires everyone to do the right thing in the classroom as well. She smiles even under her difficult circumstances and never lets her problems get on her face. She is a good mentor, she loves to explain anything. He takes care of his parents, grandparents and other family members. He always obeys the order of himself and other older people in the society. I first met him when I was in fifth grade and now we study both in the same class of eighth grade.

She is very tall and looks very different from my other classmates. Once I was very depressed for some reasons. I could not buy all the essential books of class 6. He asked me what happened, so I told him the whole story. He said that you are unhappy about such a small thing for so many days. He started laughing and said there is no panic. I can share all the books with you at school and at home.

You do not have to buy a single book throughout the year. He then laughed at me through his jokes and stories. I can never forget the moment he helped me and he is always ready to help me. She is very practical and does not always combine personal and professional life. She always helps in solving my mathematical questions. Our likes and dislikes are different, although we are both good friends.

500 Words – Essay on My Best Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words – 2

Friendship is always tied to the door of trust. Friendship is a relationship whose relationship is stronger than family ties. Only our best friend can share our sorrows. If we do not have a true friend, we feel sad, with whom will we share that sorrow? My best friend was Radhika when I was studying in school. Our friendship was very good, both of us used to help each other.

She used to help me complete my homework when I could not complete my homework. We were strengthening our friendship. We never hide anything from each other. When she had any kind of grief, she used to share that grief with me. When I felt sad, I used to share my grief with him. We used to entertain a lot, she always helped me. We both went to school together and had lunch together. She also used to play with me when I went to play. She has been my best friend.

It is important to have a good friend in our life. True friendship and true friends are not found by all, friendship is always with confidence. There is no discrimination in true friendship. Those people are very lucky to have true friends. I consider me lucky because I have a good friend. She supports me in my happiness and sorrow and takes care of me. When she called me to play, I used to go to play football with her and we both used to play football. She was very helpful in my studies.

Tales of our friendship were narrated throughout the school. When we used to fight with each other, then after a couple of hours we started playing with friendship. She always came to my house to teach me because she was a class topper student. She used to help me by giving me copy books. She used to help me when I did not know how to do my homework. This was my special friend, she lived in the neighborhood and we used to go for a walk together. When we used to study at the same table in the same class in school, we loved it. I always think that I should have such friends in every birth. She looks good, her mind is the best in studies. She comes first in class, she is never proud of her studies.

She is always ready to help me. All the teachers of the school do well for him. He is a good friend, I am very proud and I believe all his things. Because she is my best friend. She knows about my likes and not my likes, I also know everything about her, what books she eats, what books she likes to read. She never rages with me. She appreciates my feelings. We both look good while singing songs together. We both play football together, his favorite sport is football and my best game is football too.

500 Words – Essay on An Ideal Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words – 3

Everyone has a friend in their life, but if that friend is an ideal friend then our life passes very happily because the ideal friend plays a very important role in the life of a human being. When we are born parents raise us, we grow up, our childhood is spent with friends, apart from parents, we play with friends and if we find a friend who is an ideal friend then our life will be really successful. Becomes because in today’s modern era it is difficult to find a perfect friend.

An ideal friend is honest, he is honest to his friend. There are many problems in our country in present day unemployment, inflation, corruption etc. is spread all around. Nowadays very few people can get honest if we get a friend who is an ideal friend who is honest, we can trust him. If we are going out somewhere and we hand over our work to him for a few days, then he does his work with honesty, friends who have They are very lucky.

An ideal friend is honest as well as truthful. He always speaks the truth. Never tells a lie even if there are distances between him and his friend because he always wants his friend’s well-being. An ideal friend helps his friend, sometimes when we are in trouble, only friends will be useful to us and an ideal friend can be very useful to us, but help should also be such that our friend should be in the future. I should not bother him.

If you are someone’s friend and your friend cheats on you in the exam and allows you to pass the exam then it can not be the ideal friend because the ideal friend can never cheat you and mess with you, your future. An ideal friend thinks about his friend’s future even if he has to be angry with his friend for some time, he performs his duty.

An ideal friend considers the family of his friend as his family, is well treated with his friend’s parents, siblings and gives respect to everyone. An ideal friend must be trusted whom his friend can trust. Nowadays, there are many friends but we cannot believe them because they are not worthy of trust.

An ideal friend is trustworthy with his friend, so does he never cheat with anyone, he is an ideal friend who accompanies his friend in every happiness and sorrow. It is said that everyone supports in happiness but no one gives support in sorrow, but the ideal friend supports his friend in every sorrow, he stays with him in every trouble even if he himself gets in trouble. Thinks about his friend.

An ideal friend should be clear-spoken, he should be someone who does not deceive his friends at all. He should speak very clearly. In fact, a person who has a perfect friend has a happy life because we live with friends from the beginning of our life to old age and an ideal friend can be very important for us. We should We became an ideal friend with an ideal friend.

500 Words – Essay on Friendship Day for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words – 4

If true, he is always there to help us all the time. Actually friendship relationship is a very good relationship, that is why friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This friendship day is not only in India but India Apart from this, it is also celebrated in many countries.

The first friendship day was celebrated in America in 1935, since then the whole world celebrates this friendship day on the first Sunday of August, on this friendship day many friends greet their friends with flowers and cards, they exchange them They happily embrace, shake hands. Many times friends keep a small party at their home or friends house on the occasion of this friendship day, they seek only one chance to meet their friends on this day.

This friendship day has a lot of importance in life, nowadays, if we see, we are moving forward in this modern era, it is difficult to find a true friend in today’s era and if a true friend is found then life would be very happy It is because we need friends all the time and if we are true friends, then the thing is different because we can get help from friends for any need and we One can live a very good life in life.

Even though we are moving forward in this modern era, there are some people who are unable to give time to their friends. Friendship Day inspires all those people to meet their friends. This day tells us the importance of friends. This day of friendship day brings us closer to our friends and brings lots of happiness in life.

This day reminds us of a few moments spent with our friends, in fact friendship day plays an important role in our life. If you have a true friend, then you can really get ahead in every field in life. On this friendship day, many social and cultural organizations also celebrate friendship day and congratulate friendship day is a symbol of love of friends .

In fact, friends are very important for us whenever we feel lonely in life, only a friend can remove our loneliness and bring a smile to our face. A friend can help overcome our boredom life sometimes Many relatives do not work but a true friend helps us. In fact friendship and friendship day are very important in life.

A friend is needed to live life properly and this Friendship Day also has a great importance to awaken the feeling or need of that friend. We should forget everything and congratulate our friends on this friendship day, meet with them, spend two moments with them, dine with them, spend their happiness with them because our friends are the best.

Friendship can happen to anyone. True friendship is also seen in animals, where there is honesty and loyalty, such friends prove to be very helpful for us. We should celebrate this friendship day with our friends, understanding the importance of friends.

800 Words – Essay on True Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

In addition to all these relationships, we have a very special relationship. Friendship is a relationship that is the greatest relationship and if you believe nothing is true friend. It is very important in life, there are many such situations in our life, we need friends somewhere to deal with and true friends Education helps us to get out of such troubles.

It is said that one who has a true friend can move forward a lot in life, friends, as we work on anything, it is obvious that we may face a lot of problems and to give us suggestions, to help us If you are a true friend, then suppose that it will help you to a great extent to get out of those troubles, true friendship is very important at such a place in our life.

We should have a friend who will help us in every way without any greed or greed, a true friend should be
Those who do not see their own good, think about the good of their friend, a true friend should be someone who can do anything for his friend, but for this you also have to increase your friendship or it is necessary that you too with him. True friendship can only be maintained if you behave with good friendship.

Friends, if we get depressed due to any reason in life, then true friendship comes in very handy, friend makes us dancer and instills excitement in us and we are once again engaged in that work, friends. Many times it happens that people get stuck between many bad friends.

In today’s era, there are many friends who cheat on other friends and some people even go into shock due to the deception of friends, but if we find true friends in today’s era, then our true friendship will take us far ahead in life. Can help us to increase. If you are a student and you have true friends then this is very important
Is that your friendship is going to be very useful to you.

If you do not go to school or college any day, it can help you, even if you are in a job, a true friend can help you and if you are a businessman then a true friend can help you to grow your business. Can give a lot of suggestions, can share his experience, that too without avarice greed, in today’s age, true friends meet with great difficulty and who have true friends.

Suppose he has a lot in life because a true friend is like a lamp that spreads light all around, in the same way that our true friends never fail to light up in our lives, they think of us, friends of old age. Think of Sugriva and Rama had a deep friendship in the past, Sri Rama had told Sugriva that I will help you in every way, in return you Desire to be as you help me, we are not resting on both of these relationships selfish, I will help you without any self-interest.

Friends really should be such a true friendship even today, a true friendship helps us to get out of every circumstance in life, from every adversity, and we go forward in life, nowadays You must have seen that there are many people who are bored in their lives because they do not get friends, what is happening with them, what kind of life they are living. There is not going to be out doing.

There are some people whose grief is no one living together in happiness and no one to talk to them, then they live a boring life in life and they face sorrow in life because they do not have true friends and Those who have true friends, friends are indeed very fortunate because true friendship helps them to get out of every adversity.

Friends, true friendship is that person does not even think about his own good to benefit his friend, true friendship is one who is always ready to help his friend in every adversity, true friendship is that To give happiness to a friend, he can also bear the sorrow, true friendship is one who sees his friend in sorrow and also drowns himself in sorrow.

True friendship is that which is far away from deceit in which there is no such thing as deceit, we can call it true friendship and the purpose of writing an essay on this true friendship is that I also become true friend of some people And make some people true friends that will make you happy in life and whenever there is happiness in life, you will always feel happy in life and in this world also you will experience heaven.

800 Words – Essay on Important of Friend for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words – 2

If you have good friends then you are happy in life, you can be free from many troubles in life because in relation to friendship one friend helps another friend. Shri Ramchandra ji has told in Ramayana that the relation of friendship There should be no transaction in this relationship, it should be beyond any transaction i.e. Shri Ramchandra ji helped Sugriva but in return he Asking not help them, but they just help them to friendliness.

Sugriva helped Shri Ramchandra ji with his desire, so in the relationship of friendship, the relationship should be very clear and there should be no greed, greed in it. If you have a good friend, then it is a very good thing for you because in today’s times it is very difficult to find a good friend. Our friendship is with a lot of people, so it can really have a lot of importance in this article of our day, we will know about the importance of friendship, so let’s read.

Friends, as we all know that friendship is very important in our life. First of all when we are children, we need a friend for sports, we play together with that friend and we entertain ourselves in such a way that our body is quick They come and that friendship is very useful for us later, it makes both friends feel very happy.

When we study in schools or colleges, then there are many things that we do not understand correctly, if we have a friend, we can ask that question well and understand it and we can master it and life. In this, both of them have a special advantage.

There are many situations in our life at which time we need someone, if we get our friend at that time, it helps us to get out of many problems. It is said that trouble is less than telling, in fact if we share our problems with our friends, then that problem is reduced to some extent. Children study in school, if they do not go to school or college someday, then a friend helps them. The teacher gives information about what he has told, his friend is useful to him and he does his preparation well.

If we have many friends in our life then we can live our life well. It is often seen that some people who do not have friends, they live alone alone due to which their brain is affected and sometimes- Sometimes he falls prey to mental diseases, but if he is a true friend, then we share our words with him and we can stop many mental diseases before they come. A friend of ours Our involvement in trouble can also become a friend.

If we get caught in a messivot, then if no one helps them to get them out of this trouble but a friend helps them in every way to get them out of trouble, friendship is a relationship which may not be of blood but Really proves very important for us, who has many friends, he can deal with many problems.

Sometimes it happens to many people that when he is in trouble, no one supports him, no one helps him but a friend helps him in every way, he helps him in every situation. If we find a true friend then it can prove very important for us. There is also some time in life in which we are not able to think, understand anything, but if we have a good and true friend, then it helps us in every way to get us out of that situation and we in life Able to be happy

We all need to appreciate our friends, appreciate friendship and try to help them in every way because when we help them then they will also help us. We all need to develop good behavior in the relationship of friendship Do the bad things like cheating falsehood should be removed from the relationship between the two because friendship relationship is the biggest relationship if you have bad things like cheating fraud in this relationship. If you use it then there can be a rift in the friendship relationship and you can lose a very good friend of yours.

In fact, the relationship of friendship proves very important for us, even if there is a change in the relationship of friendship in the present day, if you find a good and true friend even in this era, then you have happiness in life. Happiness is why all of us should make many good and true friends, we should treat ourselves with them because of the many friendships in our life. It is the same importance.

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