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150 Words – Essay On Exercise for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Exercise is very important for staying healthy and it is the only means to stay away from diseases. The medicine eliminates any disease but does not keep the person healthy. We should add exercise to our routine and exercise at regularly scheduled times. We have many benefits from exercising. It keeps us healthy, healthy and fit. Exercise keeps one’s mind upbeat and happy. Exercise reduces our fat and keeps our muscles strong. Exercise maintains blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Exercise is very important in today’s race life because in today’s time every person is surrounded by diseases. Exercise increases the immunity capacity in our body and it is the cheapest and simplest way to stay healthy. Exercise makes us feel refreshed and we avoid problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise is very beneficial for us and we should all adopt it. Exercise and yoga make our body strong.

250 Words – Essay On Exercise for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Health is the greatest wealth of man and in today’s time many people are unwell because they do not pay attention to their health. We need exercise to stay healthy because only by exercising can we keep ourselves happy and healthy. Doctors also advise a person to exercise as medicine only eradicates the disease while exercise keeps us healthy and increases our immunity.

Types of exercise-

We should adopt exercise in our daily routine. We can do different types of exercises like morning walking, cycling, yoga. If we do something in which our force is applied, it is also a kind of exercise.

Benefits of exercise –

Exercise is the simplest and cheapest means of staying healthy for any person. Exercise keeps a person’s muscle and blood circulation correct. Exercise helps to cure our joint pain and reduces the risk of heart attack. It relieves the problem of blood pressure and diabetes and increases digestive power. By exercising, the body gets fit and the person feels fresh throughout the day. An exercise person is happy all day.


Exercise is the need of every healthy life. Only through exercise can a person become healthy and healthy. A person who exercises daily is never able to attack him and he is always healthy and happy. We should exercise at the prescribed time every day and make life healthy. Exercise keeps the mind excited and it is the only solution to avoid diseases.

350 Words – Essay On Exercise for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Exercise makes the body healthy, strong, fit and fertile. Today’s era is an era of science and motion. Is the city, what is the village? Reading – writing, household chores, buying goods, working in a shop or office – just these days. Who takes care of their body in this hurry? Who has time to take care of his health? Consciousness is when a person falls ill and falls on the bed.

Keeping the body healthy and healthy has become a problem today. People say – “Where do we have time for exercise?” But keep in mind – once health and beauty deteriorate, it becomes difficult to recover. May the body be beautiful, be beautiful, live like a youthful soul – it belongs to man. This can be seen by exercising for half an hour every day.

A man’s great wealth is his health. The purpose of exercise is not to make you a wrestler. Its purpose is – to protect your body from diseases – to make fit – fit and fertile – to make the body shapely and beautiful – to increase the enthusiasm of youth and youth. Exercise keeps the body light, fit and healthy. Working power increases in the body.

Exercise plan is the only one that stresses on making the body fit and fit, so that you do not feel lethargic after exercise, do not sleep during the day. Rather, you should do all the work of your day with quickness and enthusiasm. Therefore, the exercises which do not get irritated on the body, do not decrease the work-power of the body, but also increase, those exercises are beneficial.

Why should we adopt exercise? Scientific discoveries have proved that only a person with a healthy body can tolerate work and exhaustion in the sun. He can do more work than others, because he has more endurance. He is able to withstand the stress and pressure on the body. The heart of a healthy body is more agile. His brain is agile, choke and active. The pulse of a healthy body – day-long run – easily tolerates the stress of sunshine and hi-toba. But if there is any kind of weakness in the body, then it cannot bear this tension.

400 Words – Essay On Exercise for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

It is important to stay healthy in our life because only when we are healthy, we will be able to do something unhealthy person can neither do anything in life nor can he take advantage of worldly pleasures in life. An unhealthy person has nothing in spite of everything because he says that health is wealth, if health is not good, then in life, understand that despite everything you have, everything is useless for you.

We should take care of our health and do everything for our health. Exercise plays a very important role in maintaining good health, people understand the importance of exercise in changing times, but do nothing. Some children nowadays keep wasting their time on mobile and internet day by day, if they do not exercise then their health will not be good in life. We should know the benefits of exercise only then we will be attracted towards exercise.
Exercise keeps our health healthy, blood circulation of our body is good and blood also becomes new. Many diseases that come from exercising daily do not come to us and our expenses are also saved. A person exercising daily in the morning feels refreshed throughout the day, he progresses in life, he has a smile on his face and he is always happy, gum does not come in his life.

There should be no apathy in the life of a person who exercises, we must do exercise. Whatever we are doing or doing, we must take time to exercise and take time out because there is nothing better than health when our health is good, then we have more. We need to exercise continuously. As an exercise, we can play sports such as football, cricket, kabaddi etc. which also entertains and exercises. Some people also go to the gym to exercise, some people go to places where there are trees, plants, greenery, some people go to the parks to exercise.

For exercise, we can also run races, running, swimming in water etc. is also exercise. Yoga, Pranayama is also an exercise. Many people do different types of exercise. Many complex diseases are cured by exercising, breathing related diseases, heart related diseases etc.

Exercise is said to be very beneficial in many serious diseases, the person who walks in the green grass in the morning and runs, is also an exercise, it is very beneficial in many diseases. If you exercise then you can live a healthy life all your life and be happy in life with your family. In fact, exercise is the most important for our health.

450 Words – Essay On Exercise for Kids & Students in Very Easy Words

Health is the biggest asset of life. If the body is not healthy, then no matter how much property a person has, he cannot enjoy it. Therefore, the first duty of man is to keep his health right. A healthy soul resides only in a healthy body. A sick person becomes irritable in life. He cannot roam nor enjoy any worldly object. Exercise is the only means to keep the body healthy. Just as the machine does not rust due to not working. And it does not work, similarly the body also becomes sick and sick without exercise. Therefore it is very important to exercise as per rules. It should also be noted here that it is important to have nutritious food along with exercise.

The form of exercise also varies according to age. The best exercise is to take long walks both times. This is the best exercise for older people. In the morning, the body gets sick with the intake of clean air. Sports and running are beautiful forms of exercise for youth and children. In the past, punishing, holding meetings etc. were famous means of exercise. Jumping rope is a great exercise for girls. Grinding mill daily, filling water from wells etc. were also a means of exercise in the work of women in villages. Sports like hockey, football, kabaddi, kho-kho etc. are also very good means of exercise. Yoga practice has become very popular in India these days.

Yoga is directly related to different parts of the body. Many types of asanas have been given in it. Each posture is related to different arms of the body. The teachers of yoga even say that through yoga there is no such disease of the body that cannot be overcome. Those who practice yoga in their own way do not even have any disease.

Unfortunately, today’s science has made everyone lazy. Exercise was on one side, today’s children do not think it is appropriate to get up in the morning. It has become today’s fashion to sleep till 8-9 pm. This is the reason why the bodies of today’s boys and girls remain very thin. He is small in stature. These people soon become diseased. There are many benefits to exercising. The biggest benefit is that the body remains healthy. This makes the mind happy. One can enjoy worldly pleasures with joy. Human intelligence is sharp. Human food is digested well. Unnecessary fat is removed from the body, getting rid of obesity is like getting rid of many diseases. That’s why it is said to adopt exercise, drive the doctor away. That is why we must exercise daily, as a rule. The useless waste of the body is destroyed by exercise, obesity decreases, body becomes well-developed. Sucking – Quickness increases work power.


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