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1 – Essay on Environmental Issues – 200 Words

First of all when we think about pollution, air and water pollution is at the top. As we know that air and water are essential for the existence of life. But both are being polluted due to human activities. Which makes the life of Jeevika sad. People using contaminated water are suffering from many chronic and deadly diseases. Air pollution gives them respiratory diseases.

Apart from this, the temperature of the Earth is increasing. Many harmful rays from the sunlight reach the surface of the Earth directly because there are holes in the ozone layer, causing many eye problems and skin problems. The waste that goes into the rivers not only contaminates the water, but also fills the river bottoms making them shallow.

So we should worry about this particular issue which will prove to be more dangerous in future. Systematic planning and appropriate initiative will be more effective with the participation of every individual. If we are not deeply concerned about this, there will be an increase in natural disasters that can make entire living organisms extinct. Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting, increasing the amount of water in the ocean and oceans. Which warns for coastal areas.

We must therefore think positively on environmental issues and create appropriate arrangements and training programs for individuals to reduce activities that pollute the environment. The government and media should talk openly with the people and create awareness among the people.

2 – Essay on Environmental Issues – 300 Words

Rapidly increasing population and economic growth and uncontrolled growth in urbanization and industrialization, rapid expansion and intensification of agriculture through the use of chemicals, and destruction of forests, etc. are major environmental issues in India. Resource depletion, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity etc. are the major environmental issues.

India’s environmental problems include various natural hazards, especially cyclone and annual monsoon floods, population growth, increased personal consumption, industrialization, infrastructural development, poor farming practices and uneven distribution of resources.

The main problems related to environmental pollution and critical resources vary from local to regional to global. Air pollution is mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum in industries and motor vehicles. These gases released by vehicles and industries are harmful to humans, animals and plants, so we have to keep the air around us clean. We need to set up parks around our area and plant trees and care because they are our respiratory partners.

The two main global environmental problems are the increasing greenhouse effect, which is raising the Earth’s average temperature and also causing ozone depletion in the stratosphere. The increase of the greenhouse effect is mainly due to increased emissions of carbon dioxide and CFC and deforestation. This can cause drastic changes in the nature of rain patterns and global temperatures. Also, it can also do a lot of damage to living organisms.

These issues are a matter of deep concern for us and for all organisms to realize their duty to save the environment which is a part of this ecosystem. Love and respect for nature will bring some change.

3 – Essay on Environmental Issues – 400 Words

The environment is polluted mainly due to urbanization and industrial development. Increased vehicular traffic in major cities is the main cause of pollution. Other reasons for this are two stoke engines, old vehicles, traffic congestion, poor roads, outdated automated technology and traffic management systems.

Due to environmental pollution

The problem of industrial pollution is often serious in places where petroleum refineries, chemicals, iron and steel, non-metal products, pulp and paper factories and textile industries are located. Even small casting units, chemical manufacturing and brick making kilns pollute the air.

Slums, slums, and less ventilated and dimly lit houses and those using domestic stove, wood, coal for cooking also cause pollution. Smoked air in homes has a detrimental effect on the health of women and children. Vehicles, diesel generators, construction activities and loud speakers are other reasons for polluting the atmosphere in cities. In addition, thermal power plants are also other sources of pollution.

Environmental degradation has become harmful to all organisms. Polluted environments lead to various types of diseases. Many species of flora and fauna, valuable to flora, are at risk of extinction. As we know that nature maintains balance and the eating habits of all organisms are tied into a food chain. The balance of nature is disturbed due to environmental issues and we will have to fall prey to its fury someday.

Tips to control fury

Environmental activities should be taken from the books to the ground level. This will enable the surrounding communities to become environmentally conscious and take necessary steps in this direction. People at large should be taught to use solar powered table lamps, flashlights, mobile chargers, solar cookers, solar cars, bio gas plants and nurseries etc. and cardboard boxes and cloth bags.

The government can make the community aware by understanding the current possibilities for manufacturers, creating guidelines to manufacture the least harmful products to the environment. The media can play an important role to communicate posters and slogans and communicate with people through advertising.

The conclusion

Environmental problems such as pollution, climate change, global warming etc. are causing humans to rethink about their lifestyles and now the need for environmental protection and environmental management is important. Today we need to make the general public and educated readers aware of the issue of environmental crisis.

4 – Essay on Environmental Issues – 500 Words

The environment is the total unit of all physical, chemical and biological factors that surround an organism or ecological population and determine their form and life. Biological components of the environment include everything from microorganisms to insects, animals and plants and all biological activities and processes associated with them. Whereas inorganic components of the environment contain inanimate elements such as: mountains, rocks, river, wind and climate elements etc.

In general terms, it is a unit that includes all bio and abiotic elements, facts, processes and events that affect our lives. It pervades us and every event in our life depends on it. All actions by humans directly and indirectly affect the environment. Thus, there is also an interdependent relationship between an organism and the environment.

Due to environmental degradation

After the Industrial Revolution machines were invented, those gases were harmful gases in the environment. The fuel used in them releases harmful gases like carbon mono-oxide, sulfur di-oxide and methane. When dissolved in rain, these gases become acid which can contaminate monuments and old buildings. The effect of acid rain can also be seen on crops and flora. Gases mixed in air are harmful to the respiratory system and people will suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, TB etc.

Other essential natural resources for life, water is also being polluted by the waste of cities and factories. It is not only affecting human life, but has also proved harmful to aquatic life.

In the race for urbanization many trees have been cut down to settle a human colony or a manufacturing unit. It seems right that areas are stripped of forests to meet the need of the people. But think, won’t it harm the environment, won’t it disturb the wildlife system, or the entire ecosystem.

Environmental pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. The percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing due to various factors, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the earth all around. This is known as global warming.

Glaciers are melting at high altitudes due to global warming which increase the amount of water in the oceans and oceans. It is a danger for people living in coastal areas to flood or shrink land in the sea.

The conclusion

All the above environmental issues are very important for us to realize our duties towards nature. No institution or joint association can solve the problem. There have been efforts for a long time. But we have to think on a broader level that we have to find a way to control in a natural way. Otherwise humans have started buying drinking water, a day will come when humans will run to buy oxygen.

5 – Essay on Environmental Issues – 600 Words

With the passage of time and the use of natural resources as a widespread scale, we have reduced our planet to dangerous levels. Its environment is prone to various diseases. We have seen many changes over the course of time. The summer sun’s temperature pattern is breathtaking, while the uneven rainfall pattern affects agricultural practices. Many types of famines and natural disasters are being seen nowadays. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are often seen in the world. Many people lost their lives due to such incidents.

Important environmental issues

Let’s talk about some important issues related to the environment.

  • Biodiversity: Earth’s environment is made up of all living things in our planet and ecosystem. This biodiversity is an important and complex feature of our planet. From small micro-organisms to tall giraffes or giant elephants play an important role in maintaining the environment. Biodiversity is under threat due to environmental issues. Many species of animals have reached or have already reached extinction levels. Decay of forest area is the main reason for losing their habitat. It also affects their reproduction.
  • Water and water pollution: It is said that 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. But it is a matter of concern how suitable it is for human use. It is also said that only 3% of the total water on Earth is pure in the form of glaciers and ground water. With the oil spill, an abundance of plastic waste and toxic chemicals entering our waterways, we are harming our planet’s most valuable resource.
  • Deforestation: Plants and trees are the most important part of human life. Trees provide oxygen, food and medicines to all. People are felling forests for their increasing demand. Natural wildfires are a common occurrence in summer. People unjustly cut down trees to earn maximum profit. More land is required to populate the population, so trees are cut down on a large scale.
  • Pollution: Pollution is the major cause of environmental degradation. All types of pollution like air, water, soil, noise, radioactive, light and thermal pollution are deeply affecting our environment. All types of pollution are interlinked and affect each other.
  • Climate change: Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change. Human activities such as transportation and industrialization lead to an increase in greenhouse gases in the environment, increasing the greenhouse effect which eventually causes the average surface temperature of the Earth to rise.

Environmental issues impact

As stated in a recent United Nations report, without an unprecedented change in our actions and behavior, our planets will suffer greatly from global warming in just 12 years. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change, being trapped in the heat of the sun and heating the Earth’s surface.

The rise in sea level is covering the land area due to melting of glaciers. Floods, droughts and many other natural disasters affect lives and ecosystems. The rising sea water temperatures also harm aquatic life due to global warming.

The conclusion

Reduced use of motor vehicles and the use of solar energy will reduce our carbon footprint, as they will turn off electric items when they are not in use. More importantly, we need to educate the world on the effects and severity of global warming before it is too late.

There are a variety of initiatives to tackle the biggest environmental concerns – from recycling schemes to major law reforms, including awareness among the public.

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