What is Consumer Protection Act 1986 ? How to Complain in Consumer Court ?

What is Consumer Protection Act 1986 ? How to Complain in Consumer Court ?:The Consumer Protection Act came into force on 24 December 1986, it was created to protect the interests of consumers in India, today every person is a consumer, whether buying an item or acquiring a service. Despite this, consumer culture is being seen in the era of increasing marketism, but there is a lack of awareness among consumers. The rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 begin with rights between sections 14 to 19 of the Constitution of India. The Right to Information Act, which has brought an openness in the governance process in our country and also now has far reaching implications for consumer protection.

Consumer Right 
Consumer Protection Act, 1986 ke anusar consumer ko 6 adhikar diye gaye hai,

  1. Right to Consumer Education.
  2. Right to Choose.
  3. Right to Safety.
  4. Right to Heard.
  5. Right to Informed.
  6. Right to seek Redressal.

Who is the consumer: –

According to the consumer protection act, any person who has bought a good or service for use or consumption is a consumer. When a seller sells an item or service with false information or takes a price higher than the value of the printed item, or the item or service does not live up to his knowledge, the consumer buying it is a consumer. Can complain

In such a complaint, he can change his product or take the price of that product from the seller. All kinds of services come under this law, which a customer buys by paying money whether it is government or non-government. For example, if we are traveling on the railway or on a plane, then that service also comes under this Act. Any telephone service or buying any goods from a shopkeeper or taking any kind of service in exchange for money, all these laws and regulations.

How to complain: –

You can make a complaint under section 12 of the consumer protection act, you can complain by yourself or your lawyer in the district, state or national consumer forum.

  • Name and address of complainant and Opposition parties on a plain paper
  • Complaints Factors
  • Documents in support of complaints and allegations
  • Relief being sought by complainant
  • Complainant’s signature
  • An affidavit stating that all facts are true
  • Court fees according to that state

Time limit for filing the case: –

According to the section 24A of the consumer protection act, the complainant should file the case within 2 years, even then the case may be filed with the reason of delay.

Where to complain: –

In the District Consumer Forum for goods worth less than Rs 20 lakhs and in the state commission consumer court for goods worth more than Rs 20 lakhs but less than Rs 1 crore and for more than one crore rupees, you can call the National Consumer Commission ( NCDRC)

In how many days the complaint can be resolved ?:

According to the consumer protection act section 13 (3A), the complaint should be settled within at least 3 months and maximum of 5 months after the notice of the opposite party, but as you know it does not happen because the court has enough All the cases are pending and the work category of the court is such that it takes 1 to 3 years. But even then, by applying the application in the court under this section, you can apply the application to settle your case quickly and pressurize the court.

Compensation and Punishment in the case: – According to the consumer protection act section 27, the court can sentence the convicts from 1 month to 3 years as well as fine from 2 thousand to 20,000 and by using their special power Can also increase the fine and under Section 25 can also seize the movable and immovable property of the culprits.

Does the consumer protection act apply to doctors ?:

A consumer protection act is applied to a doctor or hospital, the doctor or hospital is also covered by the Deficiency in service and unfair trade practice Act and can become a case of medical negligence. Today, fewer shops have opened in the hospital and treatment has also become a source of money collection. If you complain, a case will be made on the Authorized Doctor by the court and the patient will have to pay compensation by the doctor and may have to go to jail. You can also contact the medical council about the doctor and get the doctor’s license canceled.

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