What is Appendix ? Why does appendix happen and what causes appendix

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Appendix is ​​one of the various internal organs of our body, it is a piece of intestine found on the right side of the stomach in the human body, which is like a tube, it is between both the small and large intestine This tube has two ends, out of which one end is closed and the other end remains open, if food goes into the appendix from this open end, then it is not able to come out again, due to which infection starts in the appendix, due to which slowly the stomach Inflammation and pain starts on the right side of the abdomen and this leads to the disease of Appendix, this disease is called Appendicitis in the medical language.

Do you know what is appendix by eating and what is appendix, then appendix is ​​more for people of 10 to 30 years, it is a disease related to our stomach, which causes unbearable pain in the stomach, this pain is severe when the stomach The stool does not come out and the appendix gets blocked. Due to which there is pressure on the appendix due to blockage and pain starts in this organ and blood flow is also affected, if it is not treated in time, then it can also burst due to which infection can spread in the abdomen.

So if you also want to get complete information related to Appendix, then for this you have to read our post from beginning to end, only then you will be able to know about what should not be eaten in Appendix and what should be eaten in Appendix. This post of ours will be useful for all of you and you will definitely like it.

What is Appendix ?

Appendix It is a thin tube found on the right side of the stomach in the human body, which is located near the meeting place of the small intestine and the large intestine. This tube is about 4 inches long. The appendix lies between the small and large intestine, with one end of this tube closed and the other end connected to the large intestine. The reason for the occurrence of this disease is wrong eating habits and lifestyle. Being associated with the large intestine, it can increase the problem of the growth of other diseases in our body, sometimes due to delay in treatment, this disease takes a serious form, so it should be treated in time.

It can be easily detected by CT scan and MRI scan. Because of this, during surgery, the appendix is ​​taken out as a useless part of our body. But it is believed that the appendix acts as a good storehouse for bacteria that strengthen our digestive system after diarrheal diseases.

Why does appendix happen?

Appendix is ​​a disease related to the stomach, which is called appendicitis in medical language. Appendix is ​​a small part of our intestine, which has two ends, in which one end is closed and one end remains open, if food goes into the appendix from the open end, then it cannot come out again, due to which infection starts in the appendix. Gradually, swelling and pain starts on the right side of the abdomen and to avoid this pain, people resort to the operation, which you have to bear a lot of pain while getting it done. Appendix is ​​a disease.

Hopefully, according to the information given by us above, you must have come to know about Appendix Meaning in Hindi or Appendix Kya Hai and why Appendix happens, now next we will tell you about the symptoms of Appendix Bimari and the prevention of Appendix:

Symptoms of Appendix

So let us now know about what are the symptoms of Appendix Bimari.

  • Back pain
  • Pain in the rectum, back and abdomen
  • Body trembling with cold
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and dizziness
  • Having diarrhea or constipation
  • Pain while urinating
  • Gas failure

Protection against Appendix – Home Remedies

So if you also want to know about Appendix Se Kaise Bache, then we have brought some home remedies to prevent Appendix for you, let’s know about them.

  • Spinach: You all know how good spinach is for our body, the appendix is ​​in the middle of the intestine of our body, to avoid this, eat spinach soup or vegetable daily.
  • Ginger: Ginger is the best source to relieve the pain and swelling of the appendix, after drinking ginger tea twice daily, you will see the difference in a few days.
  • Tulsi: You will find Tulsi in every house of India, Tulsi is most beneficial for our stomach, drinking Tulsi tea daily does not cause stomach related diseases, if you want, you can eat Tulsi every morning after chewing it, you will get relief in the appendix.
  • Buttermilk: There is also a home way to get relief from this problem, adding Kala salt in buttermilk daily and drinking it, you can get relief from the pain of the appendix, due to this the dirt accumulated in your body gets out.
  • Rock salt: People related to this problem should pay special attention to their food and drink, cutting a tomato and adding rock salt to it 1 hour before the meal will give relief in stomach pain and swelling in no time.

What to Eat in Appendix ?

A healthy diet can go a long way in treating the appendix and reducing its risk. The person suffering from appendix is ​​asked by the doctor to eat some special foods and there are some foods whose consumption can make the disease more serious. .
So let’s know which foods are beneficial for health to consume in the appendix.

  •     Take a spoonful of honey after waking up in the morning
  •     Drink warm water and fresh lemon juice
  •     eat fruits with nuts
  •     Vegetable, Salad and Sprouted Seeds
  •     Carrot, Cucumber and Beet Juice
  •     fresh fruit and vegetable juice
  •     fenugreek seed tea

What not to Eat in Appendix

It is advised to avoid some foods to reduce the problem of appendix and even after surgery, then let us know which foods and drinks should be avoided during appendix.

  •     High-fat food such as egg, meat, milk, cheese, chocolate, ice cream, fried food, butter etc. should not be consumed.
  •     High sugary ingredients like sweets, cakes, ice cream etc.
  •     Packaged foods and juices
  •     Liquor
  •     spices and pepper
  •     bakery items
  •     Vegetables made from gas such as beans and cruciferous etc.

Types of Appendix

There are mainly two types of appendix, so if you also want to know about the type of appendix, then let’s know about it.

  • Acute Appendix

Acute appendix grows very fast, sometimes it arises in 2-3 hours or in a few days, at the time when it is born in the body, then many symptoms are seen like- constipation, vomiting etc. Recognize these symptoms. You can get it treated in the initial days.

  • Chronic Appendix

This type of appendix is not much and its symptoms which are less visible, it can end on its own after some time.

Appendix Treatment

Appendix is ​​treated by the doctor in two ways, so let’s know about how the operation of the appendix is ​​done.


This surgery to remove the appendix, called an appendectomy, can be included in all cases of appendix treatment. Appendectomy is widely used for the treatment of appendix. With the help of appendectomy, the doctor can make a large cut in the abdomen or Laparoscopy (use a camera to see inside by making a small hole in the abdomen) In this, some antibiotics are given before surgery. If it breaks and spreads in the abdominal cavity, it is dangerous for our life, this condition is called peritonitis.


In some cases, the appendix can also be treated with antibiotics. Studies have found that in some patients, antibiotics have significantly improved the condition of the appendix, but antibiotics are not effective in treating the appendix.


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