UP Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana 2020 – Check Nabard Subsidy for Gobar Gas Plant & Cost India

UP Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana 2019-20: Hello friends, today we will talk about “UP Biogas Plant Subsidy Scheme”. Let us tell you that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is again considering a plan to generate energy from cow dung and waste. Energy will be produced in 30 districts of the state under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. Biogas plants will be prepared from compost manure and adsorption pits at the village panchayat level. In Uttar Pradesh, “Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana” has been operated by the government to use livestock waste as energy. There are about 4 lakh 80 thousand livestock in the state from which about 1200 lakh tonnes of waste material is estimated to be produced. Mosquitoes, moths, moths, etc. are produced due to these waste materials not being fully utilized by the villagers. Which causes environmental pollution.

At least 50 kg / day of dung is required to set up two cubic meters of biogas plant for making two time meals for a family of five members and for lighting a lamp for 4-5 hours. In which, in addition to cow dung animals, feces, chickens’ beets and crop residues (waste) are also used. These waste materials are used by the villagers for cooking. Despite this, a large part of cow dung is wasted. The use of livestock waste as a biogas plant also produces energy as well as organic food. Which serves as the best food for the production of crops. Farmers, dairy organizations, poultry farm operators etc. can avail the benefits of “Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana”. Come, complete information about the plan.

What is Biogas Plant Subsidy Scheme?

According to the order of the Directorate of Panchayati Raj, beneficiaries will be selected in the Gram Panchayats for the implementation of the scheme. In this only those beneficiaries will be selected, who can spend 40% of the total cost themselves as contribution. The remaining 60 per cent will be provided under the scheme. It is worth mentioning that a plan has been started to set up a dung gas plant for energy in Benti village adopted by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The utility of Gobar gas plant is very important in the lives of farmers. It is used as fuel, cow dung, and fertilizer. Till now farmers keep cow dung in the open, which is scattered in the fields when it is dry. Due to this, many kinds of diseases are spread in the fields of the farmers because many kinds of insects are planted in the dried dung. Which are harmful for crop and field.

Amount of Uttar Pradesh Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojna

Under the scheme, the grant amount is provided by the Ministry of Renewable Energy for setting up biogas plant as per the map approved by the Ministry of Renewable Energy. Which is as follows:

  •     A biogas plant of 2 cubic meters capacity can be set up by consuming around 50 kg / day of dung from 5 cattle. It costs Rs 22 thousand to set up this plant. Out of which Rs 9 thousand subsidy is provided by the state government to the general caste beneficiaries and Rs 11 thousand to the scheduled caste applicants.
  •     Running a generator from a 2 cubic meter capacity biogas plant can burn a family of 5 persons with both meals and a lamp for about 5 hours. Additionally, 6 tonnes of organic food can be obtained annually.
  •     At the same time, a biogas plant of 85 cubic meter capacity can be established from cow dung derived from 150 animals. With which a biogas generator of 10 kW capacity can be run. With this, 267 tons of organic food is received along with 100 units of electricity every day.
  •     For this, subsidy amount of Rs 40,000 is provided in the first phase and Rs 30,000 in the second phase.

Eligibility for UP Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana

For the biogas plant subsidy scheme it is necessary to have the following eligibility:

  •     It will be mandatory to be a resident of Uttar Pradesh to take advantage of this subsidy scheme.
  •     The applicant should have an annual arrangement of 18.25 tonnes of dung according to more than 5 cattle or at least 50 kg of dung per day.
  •     There should be 25 feet of additional space along with a 13-foot dome. So that after setting up the biogas plant, it can be arranged to keep the biogas slurry coming out of it.
  •     The Gaushala or dairy institution is eligible to avail the scheme.
  •     State poultry farm operators can also apply for the benefit of the scheme.

Application for UP Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojana

Applicants have to contact the office of UPNEDA (Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency).

  •      On meeting the condition of the scheme, the inspection is done by the officer of UPNEDA department.
  •      Subsequently, the department grants approval for setting up the biogas plant.
  •      Under Biogas Plant Subsidy Yojna, the amount of subsidy is received by the applicant.

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Raw Material For Bio Gas Plant

At least 50 kg / day of dung is required to set up two cubic meters of biogas plant for making two time meals for a family of five members and for lighting a lamp for 4-5 hours. In which, in addition to the dung of cow dung, feces, chicken beets and crop residues (waste) are also used.

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