Top 15 Footwear Brands/Company in India 2023

op 15 Footwear Brands/Company in India 2023: There are many options, but we will explain you many types, and you will choose the ones that will fit your style. Shoes are an important part of your outfit, they not only complement your style, but they say a lot about you. Years ago, it was okay to pair your clothes with any brand, but today’s generation wants the look, style and comfort.

List of 15 best footwear brands/company in India 2023

Sl. No. Company Establishment Headquarter
1 Bata 1894 Lausanne, Switzerland
1 Vans Shoes 1966 Costa Mesa, California, United State
2 New Balance Shoes 1906 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
3 Lacoste Shoes 1933 Troyes, France
4 Adidas Shoes Adidas9 1949 Herzogenaurach, Germany
5 Common Projects Sneakers 2004 New York
6 Puma Shoes 1924 Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany
7 Asics Shoes 1977 Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
8 Converse Shoes 1908 Malden, Massachusetts, United States
9 Saucony shoes 1898 Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
10 Y-3 shoes 2003 Herzogenaurach, Germany
11 Nike Shoes 1964 Beaverton
12 Woodland Shoes 1992 New Delhi
13 Gucci sneakers 1980 ‎Florence, Tuscany‎, Italy
14 Under Armor shoes 1996 Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A
15 Reebok shoes 1958 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

Top 15 Shoes/Footwear Brands / Companies in India 2021

1. Bata

Bata is counted among the most trusted footwear company in India and is similar to ‘Old is Gold’. Along with comfort and style, Bata is offering a wide range of latest shoes for men and women. Bata is one of the few Indian footwear companies listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange). He also has thousands of outlets in India and abroad.

2. Adidas Shoes

And it is that, in addition to being a veteran, Adidas has reached an impressive level of quality in recent years. Competition with many other companies has inspired them, and they do not stop producing excellent shoes, which of course, you should take advantage of. Those better remembered will remember his collaboration with Kanye West to create hits like Superstars, Stan Smith and Gazelle. And yes, you have solid choices between those models. But these days, your attention should turn to Ultra Boost, whose design and comfort took the world by storm. And that’s not all, as they are experimenting with 3D printers, to take advantage of a new method of making sneakers with web unit covers. So, you can’t remember them.

3. Common Project Sneakers

Of all the brands already mentioned, Common Projects stands out for one reason: they are elegant and classy, ​​but not elite or exclusive. These shoes are made of leather (brought from Italy), hand-sewn, and sealed with golden numbers, indicating the model number, its shape, and color. This design, though perhaps somewhat simple, is added to thin and long toe shoes to create a sophisticated result. But as we said before, it does not make them shoes for special occasions, quite the opposite. You can wear them with jeans and sweatshirts, and they will still look good. Therefore, go to the store, and check them.

4. Puma Shoes

Unlike the Adidas shoes, the Puma is not in such good shape. But not for lack of creativity, but because he opted for a different strategy: reviving the old school. By this, we mean that Puma is currently focused on remodeling their older models. This is to revive old successes and make those models more accessible to new generations. But beware, Puma’s new shoes have also surfaced. From strong and athletic running shoes with attractive colors (electric thunder models), and to stylish models, with neoprene covers (sugi models).
Van shoes

5. Vans Shoes

Launched in the sixties, the van is characterized by a quiet style, simple yet striking and timeless design, resistant durability and variety of colors. For years, it was a brand that is liked by skaters. Aside from catching the trot, they have a style that appeals to the youngest. But these days, you can see adults and celebrities wearing them. From rock stars to hip-hop singers, Vans brings undeniable style and charisma to your costume. Its 3 most popular models are Old School, Classic and Authentic. Try all 3, and choose your favorite.

6. New Balance Shoes

If you think the van was old, it’s because you don’t know it. Shoes New Balance has more than 100 years of bringing slippers to market. But far behind, they have managed to renew themselves and retain their relevance. Apart from making models with attractive designs, their sports shoes are the most comfortable and resistant in the market. They have the necessary material to support you in your exercise, so that you look good. And most of their shoes are made on American soil. So, if you are not involved in the Chinese workforce, or you are an American who wants to take advantage of your country’s workforce, then they are perfect for you.

7. Lacoste Shoes

Yes, that iconic crocodile not only produces shirts, but has also been in the footwear market for years. Compared to other brands, Lacoste shoes may appear simple in design. But they make up for it with vivid and intense colors, good durability and enough comfort. All that, with the classic crocodile logo. And beware, they are ideal to combine with your polo shirt. So, you can give crocodiles a try.

8. Asics shoes

These types of shoes, like many other companies, began with the production of running shoes. And well, it still remains a favorite for men and women who specializes in sports. But over time, it managed to diversify its products, and earned more space than “another sports shoe company”. Their designs make street shoes back so popular with skaters, but with softer colors, and sporty features, such as durability. Padded soles. This may sound like a strange mixture, but when you try them on, you will see that Asics shoes work.

9. Converse Shoes

With over 100 years of experience, Converse shoes are the most popular in the world, and for additional reasons. Because despite being a great variety, his Chuck Taylor All-Star model, with or without high tips, has shattered all sales forecasts and remains in collective memory for generations. We mean, for shoes made in 1917 to lead sales in various countries, they must have done something right. Maybe this is due to its unique design. Maybe because they come in all colors and sizes, so you can add them as you wish. For whatever reason, the conversation achieved untouchable status. So, if you don’t have them yet, what are you waiting for?

10. Saucony Shoes

Let’s use shoes for a moment too, because we want to mention a brand that deserves more popularity in our opinion. Saukoni has a retro style, with soft colors that, in the end, give him a remarkable aesthetic in the market. In turn, these have resistant rubber soles, which support your practice trot and provide you with some cushioning. But they also offer shoes with absorbent qualities. So, they are perfect for any athlete.

11. Y-3 Shoes

Born in a collaboration between Adidas, and Japanese designer Yohiji Yamamoto, the Y-3s are quite different models from the others I’ve mentioned. They are thin and pointed, but with thick, shiny soles. This can be very strange for some. But it has managed to appeal to many buyers, so you can try it. As a curious fact, his name epitomizes the work of Yamamoto and Adidas. Y represents the name of the creator (Yamamoto), 3 represents the adidas three-time logo, and the dash represents the link that unites the two.

12. Nike shoes

Although Adidas shoes are doing their best, Nike will always be a tough competitor to defeat in the market. Not only because of its products, but because of its reliability and history. Nike shoes are still the most preferred by many athletes in the world. And, whether for women or men, Nike has kept its promises, and offered unforgettable products. With a history of Air Max, Air Force 1, Nike Air and Air Jordan (all with substantial variations in their designs), and technological innovations, Nike has an unbeatable location. Also, he is the one who made the shoes of Back to the Future 2 come true. How can we not love this company?

13. Woodland shoes

One of the most prominent shoe names in the world, Woodland has a history where a lot of shoe lovers do not recognize. For nearly 25 years Woodland has been a manufacturer of some of the most rugged and stable men’s shoes. Woodland now has a huge range of sneakers and boots. But which has started an avalanche effect, G-0092, the first shoe launched by the Woodland Company for the Indian market, is the most famous. Longevity is undoubtedly one of the main selling points of woodland. Such shoes will last for five to six years, including heavy use. A decade of discovery and fun with forest shoes can be expected with little focus. Woodland shoes dedicate themselves to a greener and more environmentally conscious world. Woodland boots are manufactured by processes that minimize environmental impact.

14. Under armor boots

Now let’s get athletic shoes back because I have one last brand to recommend you: Under Armor. Under Armor shoes are ideal for any physical activity. Not only for their durability and resistance but for the comfort they provide. They also have thick and resistant rubber soles. Whether it is running, jumping, playing basketball or hiking, they are perfect for the athletes of the world.

15. Reebok shoes

Last but certainly not least, another one that cannot be missed. Founded in the UK, and now a subsidiary of Adidas, Reebok is one of the giants in the market. He has achieved countless successes thanks to the retro design of his shoes, which have changed to become iconic. Yes, Reebok was not in his best years. But little by little they are recovering. And today, if you’re not one of her retro sneakers, then you’re none. His club (which offers elegance and class), classic (which has become popular with hipsters) and workouts (made for athletes, and nostalgic very attractive colors) are currently dominating sales. Even if they are not at the Adidas level, Reebok shoes should be an option for your outfit.

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