Top 15 Chemical Brand/Companies in India 2023

There are a large number of companies in India which are engaged in the manufacture of chemicals in one form or the other. Some of them are large entities while many others are small, regional players.

Top Chemical Companies in India: Here is the list of the major chemical manufacturing players (NSE) based on their market cap. Simply put, a chemical company is an organization that manufactures chemicals and their derivatives.

But to understand them better, we need to go into a little more depth. Chemical companies process natural raw materials (such as air, water, petroleum, natural gas, minerals, etc.) in about 70,000 different products. These products can be primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary product is the one that is the most remote from the consumer.

Most of the products produced by the chemical industry serve as end products for the industry. Before reaching the end consumer, they require further processing. And even processing takes place in the chemical industry itself.

A single product may have different uses in this industry. Ethylene glycol e.g. Use is found as an anti-freezing agent for automobiles, a hydraulic brake fluid, and also in the cosmetics, textile and pharma industries.

What are the main products?

More than 80% of the products of chemical companies globally are made up of polymers and plastics. Companies forward these products for the transportation of corrosive materials. Most industries use chemical products in one form or the other. Globally, the chemical industry is valued at more than $ 3 trillion.

List of Top Chemical Brand/Companies in India 2023

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office
1 Atul Ltd. 1947 Valsad
2 Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. 1979 Mumbai
3 Vinati Organics Ltd. 1989 Mumbai
4 Navin Fluorine International Ltd. 1967 Mumbai
5 Neogen Chemicals Ltd. 1989 Mumbai
6 Fairchem Speciality Ltd. 1985 Ahmedabad
7 Foseco India Ltd. 1932 Pune
8 Clariant Chemicals India Ltd. 1956 Navi Mumbai
9 IG Petrochemicals Ltd. 1988 Mumbai
10 DIC India Ltd. 1947 Kolkata
11 Chembond Chemicals Ltd. 1975 Navi Mumbai
12 Seya Industries Ltd. 1990 Mumbai
13 Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd. 1992 Mumbai
14 Balaji Amines Ltd. 1988 Solapur
15 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd. 2003 Noida

Top 15 Chemical Brand/Companies in India 2023

1. Atul Ltd.

Atul Limited has a huge customer base of over 4,000, spread across 30 countries globally. It has established subsidiaries in various countries so that they can serve customers more effectively. The 73-year-old company produces over 1,300 products and is ISO 14001 certified.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 18,301.73

2. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.

This public limited listed company came into existence in 1979. It makes amine derivatives, aliphatic amines and other related chemicals. With more than 12 production plants, the company is a stable supplier of chemical products, supported by continuous research and development.

Market Cap (Rs. Cr.): 6,870.32

3. Vinati Organics Limited

Since 1989, Vinati Organics Limited (VOL) has been manufacturing specialty chemicals and related intermediaries. The company is among the global leaders in the production of Isobutyl Benzene & Acrylamido Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid (ATBS). The company has received certifications for strict adherence to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, and ISO 18001: 2007 quality control, health and safety, and environmental standards. The company is present in 22 countries.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 10,360.43

4. Naveen Fluorine International Limited

The company’s main products are inorganic fluoride, refrigeration chemicals and specialized fluorochemicals. New fluorine is also under contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) for the synthesis of fluorine-containing compounds. These products find use in industries like pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals etc. The company’s high-tech manufacturing plants conform to all required regulations.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 10,153.49

5. Neogen Chemicals Ltd.

Founded 30 years ago, Neogen Chemicals Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of bromine derivatives, lithium slots and grignard compounds in India. It also has a strong presence of alkylation, acylation, coupling chlorination, etc. A host of competent staff facilitates the production of the best quality chemicals that are sold domestically and also exported to more than 25 countries.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 1,642.64

6. Faircham Specialty Limited

Fairchem is a well-known company engaged in the manufacture of aroma chemicals, nutraceuticals and oleochemicals. Fueled by continued research and development, many world-class production plants manufacture grade A grade chemicals that have gained the trust of their large customer base over the years.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 2,187.51


With a wealth of over 75 years of experience, Fosco India Limited is a globally reputed name in manufacturing consumables for the founding industry. Apart from India, it has a solid presence in more than 30 countries and major manufacturing facilities in seven countries. The company ensures the highest level of customer service by offering the best possible products supported by rigorous research and development.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 798.31

8. Clariant Chemicals India Limited

Clariant is counted among the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals. It offers a wide range of industries with customized and innovative solutions. Manufacturing processes and product specifications also take into account energy efficiency, emission reduction, and optimal use of resources. The company’s focus areas are in care chemicals, natural resources and catalysis.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 6.30

9. IG Petrochemicals Ltd.

IG Petrochemicals Limited is a leading manufacturer of Phthalic Anhydride from its world class production facilities. In fact, the company boasts one of the largest single-location production capacity with a combined production capacity of close to 40K MTPA. The company also produces melic anhydride and benzoic acid.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 761.09

10. DIC India Ltd.

DIC India is a part of DIC Corporation, Japan. The Japanese unit is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printing inks and allied products. DIC India occupies a premium position in India in the publishing, printing and packaging sectors. For over 73 years, the company has earned the trust of its customers due to the dedicated service and reliability of its products.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 350.18

11. Chembond Chemicals Ltd.

Kembond Chemicals has been in business for almost 45 years. It produces a variety of special chemicals such as:

Cnstruction Chemicals
Water treatment chemicals
Industrial Biotech Products, etc.

The production facilities are equipped with the latest technology, which is operated by competent personnel. The company is engaged in regular R&D to improve production and product qualities.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 22.6.81

12. Seya Industries Limited

Seya Industries is a rapidly growing organization engaged in the manufacture of chlorinated processed benzene-based products. It is also into the manufacture of acid and pigment intermediaries. The company is actively into exports and is making its presence felt in both domestic and international markets as a customer-centric company, which sets service standards above everything else.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 180.69

13. Jayant Agro-Organics Limited

Jayant Agro Group offers the largest range of castor oil-based and specialty chemicals not only in India but worldwide. It is continuously engaged in research and development to enhance the quality of castor oil based derivatives. Hard work, team effort, and dedication to customer service are the driving force of the company.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 294.15

14. Balaji Amins Ltd.

ISO 9001: 2015-certified Balaji Amines Limited is a specialist manufacturer of methylamines, ethylmines and pharma additives. Established in 1988, it is one of the leading manufacturers of aliphatic amines in the country. The company aims to provide customers with the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality or service standards.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 2,915.77

15. Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.

Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited started its journey in 1983. Today, it has carved a niche for itself as a leading and diversified business group with its presence in chemicals, textiles and consumer products. In the chemical segment, the company is a major producer of soda ash used in industries such as detergents, glass, and ceramics, and also sodium bicarbonate. The company’s production capacity is close to 1 million MTPA.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 1,569.62

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