Top 10 Tyre Brands in India – Best Tyres Companies 2023

Top 10 Tyre Companies in India or it’s Contact No.

SL. No. Brand Name Establishment Year Head Quarter Toll-Free number
1 J.K.TYRES 1974 New Delhi, India 011 2331 1112
2 CEAT 1924 Mumbai, India 1800-22-1213
3 MRF TYRES 1946 Chennai, India 1800 419 4888
4 APOLLO TYRES 1972 Gurugram, Haryana 1800-212-7070
5 MICHELIN 1889 Clermont-Ferrand, France 1800-103-6424
6 BRIDGESTONE 1931 Tokyo, Japan 1800-367-3872
7 CONTINENTAL 1871 Hanover, Germany 1800-443-6629

Good Year

1898 Ohio, United States 1800-266-6767

Pirelli Tyre

1872 Milan, Italy 1800-120-4246

TVS Tyre

1993 Madurai, India +91-45-2 24-43300

Never compromise on quality when you plan to change the tires of a car or bike. Here are 7 top tire brands in India that vow to keep your journey safe and fast. Let’s have a look:

J.K.TYRES – The number 1 position on our list of the top 7 tire brands in India is a company founded in 1974 under the patronage of Kamalapati and his father, Seth Juggilal. Being a part of the JK organization, this tire brand holds the honor of being one of the top 25 manufacturers in the world and a leader in India when it comes to the automobile industry.

They have their own setup in Delhi, India, with production of around 20 million tires per year. It provides tires for both as well as four wheel vehicles.

Manufacturing units are found in Mysore, Chennai, Benmore and Kankroli. With a separate research and development unit, this tire company is contributing about 22% of the tire export margin in India.

CEAT – Second place goes to a company whose business is flourishing in more than 150 countries and has R&D facilities in 26 countries of the world. It is a sister company of RPG Group. Its original name is Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino, but we all know this company as CEAT. He started his journey from Turin, Italy in the year 1924.

The company produces an estimated 165 million tires a year. This includes making tires for two-wheelers, tractors, auto-rickshaws, buses, trucks, etc. In India, it is headquartered in the Worli area of ​​Mumbai.

With an annual turnover of 3500 crores, this company speaks about innovations and technologies in the field of automobile industry.

MRF Tyres Tracing its origins to the humble cabin in Madras, this leading tire company started as a manufacturer of rubber balloons in the 1940s. It seeks to stand out in the tire band market as customer satisfaction and continuous innovation of its technologies.

Providing in 65 countries of the world, this company not only manufactures tires, but also paints and coats, toys, motorsports and cricket training. MRF tires guarantee fuel efficiency and optimum performance for your vehicle.

This reputed tire company has its office in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. However, the company has also set up production units in the regions of Kerala and Goa.

Apollo Tyres – In the 4th position of the top 7, the tire brands in India are Apollo Tires which started in 1972 and has been a symbol of quality tires since then. In this sector, it is one of the largest companies in India. The company is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, with 69% of its revenue coming from the country alone.

In recent times it has entered into the field of distribution of tires for two-wheelers besides making various types of tires for trucks, bicycles and passenger cars.

Apollo Tires is credited for its distribution in both India and Europe and is the 7th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

Michelin – In the year 1889 in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the world’s second largest tire company was founded by the name of Michelin. The company is known for making tires for various items such as tires, aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, etc. It has approximately 112,000 employees across India with only one production site in Chennai.

The tire company has several inventions of its own including removable tires, neural and radial tires. Various tire brands like BFGoodrich, Riken, Kleber, Kormoran, Uniroyal etc. are owned by this company.

This tire company supplies its products in 170 countries and to manufacturers like Bajaj Auto, India Yamaha Motor, etc.

BRIDGESTONE – Ranked 6th among the top 7 tire brands in India is Bridgestone Corporation which was established in 1931 in Fukuoka, Japan. This company is well known for its customers’ satisfaction and quality assurance.

The tire company is spread across 24 countries and has 181 production facilities. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Employing over 1,42,000 people worldwide, this tire company has production facilities in Pune and Indore in India.

In the US, the company holds a market share of 48%. Tires and miscellaneous products are the company’s two main sources of sales in the world.

CONTINENTAL – Founded in 1871 and bringing innovation to the automobile industry, the company is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. This German automotive manufacturing company previously manufactured groove tires and specializes in brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, etc. in recent times.

It is slightly more expensive in India than Michelin and Bridgestone companies with a registered sale of Rs. 144 crores worldwide. The company has more than 200,000 employees working in 53 countries worldwide to meet mobility, transportation and processing objectives.

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle is extremely important for a smooth driving experience and ultimate comfort for a lifetime. So choose your tires wisely.

GOODYEAR –  In the year 1898, its founder Frank A. Holding the hands of Siberling, the company made its grand entry into the automobile industry. Goodyear has many achievements to talk about. From making tires for bicycles to airplanes and collaborating with spacecraft and NASA, the brand has seriously changed.

It is the largest of its kind and ranks eighth among the top 10 brands of tires in India. It is renowned worldwide for its quality and employs over 60,000 people in the industry in 21 countries.

PIRELLI TIRES This tire company was founded in the year 1872 in the city of Milan, Italy and since then no one has returned. The brand has succeeded in being the only brand to have the honor of providing tires for Formula-1 cars during the 2011 World Championships.

The brand produces high end innovative and designed technologies in the field of tire industry. It is well reputed for its quality and has an annual income of around 5.2 billion euros in 12 countries. The headquarters of this company in India are located in New Delhi.

TVS Tyres Last but not the least Indian company to make it to the list of top 10 tire brands in India which is well known for making two and three-wheel tires. With its headquarters in Tamil Nadu, the company came into existence in the year of 1982 and is now globally popular due to its high-quality maintenance and customer expectations.

The company annually produces more than 26 million tires, with revenues of approximately US $ 6.0 billion. They have a strong network and also export their products abroad.

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle is extremely important for a smooth driving experience and ultimate comfort for a lifetime. So choose your tires wisely. Happy ride!

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