Top 10 Tomato Ketchup Brands/Companies in India

Here is a comprehensive list of the best ketchup brands in India. You will definitely find your favorite brand here. There is no denying that almost everyone likes to eat tomato ketchup. It is often eaten with snacks such as burgers, chips, pakoras, pizza and samosas. There is a huge demand for ketchup in India which has given rise to many companies promoting their brand in this industry. Here’s a look at the ten best ketchup brands in India.

10 Best Tomato Ketchup Companies in India

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office
1 Everest Ketchup 1986 Meerut
2 Tops Ketchup 1984 New Delhi
3 Smith and Jones Ketchup 1996 Mumbai
4 Maggi Sauce 1897 Gurgaon
5 Delmonte Ketchup 1953 Oak Road Contra Costa Centre, California, United States
6 Kissan 1934 Mumbai
7 Cremica 1978 New Delhi
8 Heinz 1869 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
9 Ching’s 1996 Mumbai
10 Sil 1934 Pune

Top 10 Tomato Ketchup Brands/Companies in India 2023

Everest Ketchup

Everest Ketchup is counted among the most popular brands in India. This company was started in the year 1968 in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an ISO 22000 certified brand. It is a tomato ketchup company made entirely in India. She manufactures 40MT every day. The company offers pouches, glass bottles, pet bottles, and ketchup in pouches. The company is committed to providing the best in terms of quality. Vinegar, preserves, pickles and hot sauce are some other products made by this brand.

Tops Ketchup

The brand has changed its products to suit Indian tastes. Ketchup produced by this brand is very tasty and is very popular in an Indian household. The brand has many items such as tomato sauce, shezwan sauce, sweet chili sauce, instant soup and Thai noodles. The taste of tomato ketchup from this brand will definitely attract your attention.

Smith & Jones Ketchup

The brand is owned by Capital Foods and makes a wide range of foods. The brand makes a variety of ketchup and it makes a great dip with Indian snacks. The good thing is that the company manufacturers have created a separate category of ketchup which does not include garlic or onion, this is done for customers who follow Jainism. Ketchup is made from spices, herbs and ripe tomatoes. It goes well with Indian snacks like pakoras, samosas, cutlets, and bajjis. Pizza Ketchup, Chili Sauce, Hot and Sweet Sauce, and Garlic Sauce are some other varieties of sauces available from this brand.

Maggi Sauce

Maggi sauce is a very popular brand in India and the ketchup made by them is tasty and exquisite for the Indian public. The Maggi brand actually belongs to Nestle which is listed on the stock market (NSE and BSE). The brand manufactures a spicy sauce that goes well with fried and grilled foods. This sauce is slightly thinner than normal but tastes fantastic. The other type of chutney produced by the brand is traditional ketchup. The company sells its sauces in glass bottles, which help maintain flavor for a longer period of time.

Delmonet ketchup

Another well-known brand in India, the name is on everyone’s lips and for good reason. If you are an avid sandwich lover, this is just the product for you. The company-initiated packaging is very impressive as it makes the sauce easier to squeeze. It is a perfect match for grilled and fried food. You can also try it with foods like kachori and samosas.

It should be said that the packaging also makes it easy for children to use it. You can never go wrong with this.


You can always depend on the farmer looking for good ketchup. The taste is quite prominent and unlike other brands, it is not thin at all. The brand is known for making ketchup using fresh tomatoes and can be consumed with main course and snacks. Since it is not spicy, children will like it too. It is made from completely organic pulp extracted from tomatoes. It can be eaten with foods like pizza, pasta, dumplings and samosas.


The brand offers superior ketchup, making it a household name in India. This ketchup has a prominent tangy taste which is liked by millions of people in India. The chutney is very spicy and also contains garlic. Crimea has always maintained its quality. The brand also has various other products such as confectionary filler, snack dips, chocolate syrup, mayo sauce, and spreads for sandwiches. The company is known for its sustainability.


Do you want value for money when choosing tomato ketchup? Then this ketchup will definitely not disappoint you in any way. The taste is quite good and tastes good, even children will not have difficulty eating it. It is suitable for Western and Indian snacks. The packaging is very impressive because it is safe for children.


The company makes products to cater to the tastes of Indian consumers. This ketchup can be consumed with a variety of snacks. The company uses natural ingredients to make this sauce. Millions of consumers prefer this brand only because the quality is the same.


The brand started its journey in the year 1952. Since 19991, the brand gained considerable fame in the Indian market. Sill is known to produce foods that contain a lot of nutrition.

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